What Will 90,000 More IRS Agents Do?

Last year record taxes were collected by the 70,000 or so IRS bureaucrats.  The Stalinists who run the federal government are proposing to hire almost 90,000 more, and equip 70,000 of them with guns and ammo.  They are obviously not needed for mere tax collection, so what’s up?  My guess is that they want this to be the kill shot for the First Amendment.  Free speech for business people has long been suppressed because of implicit threats of tax audits or regulatory extortion.  (Milton Friedman once wrote an article entitled “Free Speech and Free Markets” making this point).  Criticize the regime and it will come down on you “six different ways from Sunday,” as the odious and corrupt New York tyrant Chuck Schumer once said.  This will now be used against anyone who criticizes the Stalinists, not just business executives, starting with audits and threats of audits, and eventually visits by your friendly neighbor IRS goon armed with an AR-15.


5:46 am on August 10, 2022