They’re Only Following Orders So Shut Your Mouth

That’s the message many of the conservative, police state-loving conservatives are saying about FBI bureaucrats.  It’s only a few bad apples at the top that is the problem, they say.  But the bad apples never, ever have any problem getting 30 or more of their underlings to engage in criminal activity, such as breaking into the former president’s home and ransacking it, even going through his wife’s underwear drawer.  Were Melania’s panties mentioned on the search warrant?  We may never know since the FBI goons did not let Trump’s lawyers keep a copy of the warrant, as reported last night on FOX.  The FBI “apples” are ALL rotten and stink to high heaven.  The cowardly and useless Republicans won’t even hold a press conference demanding that the head of the American Stasi appear before one of their committees to explain himself, so in love are they with anything related to “policing” and “law enforcement.”  They are therefore just as complicit as the ARMED bureaucratic goons who broke into Trump’s house.


6:00 am on August 10, 2022