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7:53 am on July 13, 2024

The Century of Forgotten Vaccine Hot Lot Disasters

A Midwestern Doctor writes, “How the mantra of ‘safe and effective’ has shielded countless compromised products from scrutiny and led to the same disasters continuously repeating.”

  • “Producing a vaccine has many opportunities for error or contamination. Because of this, disasters continually occur from ‘hot vaccine lots’ being unleashed onto the public. Remarkably, as the years have gone by, there has been less and less accountability for this (e.g., previously public investigations were held and people went to jail whereas now government tends to keep the hot lots on the market and deny there is a problem).
  • “In 1967, an eminent bacteriologist wrote a book detailing many forgotten vaccine disasters under the belief (he shared with many of his anonymous colleagues) that unless his profession was honest about the dangers of vaccination, the mistakes which led to those disasters would keep on repeating.
  • “Many of the disasters he detailed related to an excessively dangerous vaccine lot being released onto the market. Remarkably, many of the disasters he detailed mirrored what occurred in the decades that followed (e.g., this article discusses the documented DPT and anthrax hot lots which caused a tsunami of injuries in infants and veterans).
  • “One of the largest problems with the COVID-19 vaccines were the deadly hot lots that were released onto the market. In this article, I will cover everything we know about those lots and show their remarkable parallels to the century of hot lot disasters which preceded them.”

Why does this continue? The author adds:

  • “…many (myself included) believe the vaccine industry concluded it wasn’t possible to completely clean up their production process while maintaining the economic viability of the vaccines, so they instead focused on getting the Federal government to exempt them from liability for their hot lots under the argument that ‘vaccines were essential for our national security’ so a certain number of people being injured by defective vaccines was an acceptable trade-off to maintain this ‘vital’ national resource.”
  • “…Presently, we believe the best option is to allow for independent third-party testing of vaccines and for those results to be published—as if that data is available, manufacturers will be forced to produce cleaner products if they want to stay in business. In turn, my sincere hope is that the COVID vaccine disaster will begin to create the political will to bring about that change…”


Click to read the article.

10:28 pm on July 12, 2024

Bravo Bobby! “Revenge is Sweet”

(Remember This Little Story When You Hear of “Outraged” Reporters Angry About Their Broadcast Voices Being Included in the New Robert F. Kennedy Campaign Ad After They Have Repeatedly Lied About and Vilified Him for Years. “Revenge is Sweet.” Just Tell the Inglorious Media Bastards/Bitches to Read Section 315 of the Federal Communications Act. – See Below)

The Shocking Campaign Ad That Put a Third-Party Candidate on the Political Map,
Time Magazine

In January 1979, America was in a bad state. The excitement of down-home Georgia governor Jimmy Carter’s election as president three years earlier—and the hope that it would move America past the fissures opened by Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, the end of the wretched Vietnam War, the fall of Saigon in 1975, and the busing crisis of the ’70s—had disappeared. Islamic revolutionaries’ overthrow of the Shah in Iran had caused an oil crisis, driving gas shortages and spiking prices in the U.S. that would soon result in another round of mile-long gas lines. In the aftermath of this turmoil, creeping unemployment and inflation would both reach double digits.

The coming months would also bring the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the American boycott of the Summer Olympics in Moscow, and the 444-day captivity of fifty-two hostages from the American embassy in Tehran by the followers of Iran’s new leader, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. That summer of 1979, Carter would deliver a speech to the nation in a cardigan sweater about the malaise he saw at the heart of America’s national soul, which only made him look weaker and more pathetic. It would pave the way to the White House for the sunny former actor and tough-talking Republican governor of California, Ronald Reagan, who called America “a shining city on a hill,” promised to bring the hostages home from Iran, and urged Americans to believe in themselves and their country again.

Before all that happened, though, on one snowy Saturday night in late January 1979, four friends and I decided over dinner to start a new national political party.

We began to assemble, more by instinct than by design, the basic building blocks of a party. We needed a candidate for president—someone whose stature would give our new party instant credibility, who shared our convictions, and who could make our case to the American people.

We had only two men in mind: Barry Commoner and Ralph Nader.

Commoner had the public stature we needed in our candidate. He was a household name, widely respected, and very popular. TIME had splashed him across its cover in 1970, calling him “the uncommon spokesman for the common man.” A Harvard PhD in biology and a professor of environmental science at Washington University in St. Louis, he spoke with the authority of a scientist. Barry declined and offered instead to help recruit Ralph Nader. This was no false modesty. He genuinely believed Nader would be our strongest choice.

A few weeks after Commoner turned us down, we took Ralph to dinner at a Thai restaurant near the White House and tried to persuade him to be our candidate. Even after all these years I can still hear Ralph’s voice careening down Pennsylvania Avenue into that spring evening, full of what he thought was self-knowledge and certitude, as he declared, “ I will never run for president!” He would, of course, go on to run for president five times over the next thirty years, most disastrously in 2000, when his quixotic campaign took just enough votes away from Democratic vice president Al Gore to hand the presidency to Republican governor George W. Bush of Texas. Ralph and I were friends, but I haven’t spoken to him since then. Sometimes, I don’t even wear a seat belt.

Hearing that Nader had turned us down, Commoner jumped in as a full partner and our natural leader as if he had been with us from the first. We had no illusions that we could win the election in 1980. Our goal was to get at least 5 percent of the vote, which would qualify us for several millions of dollars in federal funds for the 1984 election. We would use it to build an enduring party: the Citizens Party.

But we faced two suffocating realities in 1980 that doomed our hopes of Commoner winning 5 percent of the vote: the independent candidacy of John Anderson and the power of the media to frame the race. I understood the first, but the second still makes my head spin.

Barry Commoner’s candidacy hardly existed, because TV didn’t consider him a “story.”

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Commoner wanted to avoid the traditional campaign’s emphasis on images and symbols. He wanted to focus on substantive issues. He wanted to offer the voters intelligent choices about critical policies and to debate them with other candidates. He had been campaigning for months, but it wasn’t working, and he was increasingly irritated with his lack of media coverage. In particular, it plagued him that the stubborn practices of the media deprived the voters of a debate on the central issue of the time—renewable energy—because he knew more about it than any of the other three candidates did.

With five or so weeks to go before Election Day, the Citizens Party had no money to buy advertising and was generating no news, but Bill Zimmerman, who was running the campaign, had a plan. He called Commoner and me to my apartment and pitched us a radio spot he had dreamed up while driving down the Santa Monica Freeway the previous weekend. It begins with some restaurant noise, the tinkle of a glass, and then a man says, “Bullshit!”

“What?” a shocked woman says.
“Carter, Reagan, and Anderson: It’s all bullshit,” the man says.
 The restaurant noise fades away, and Barry Commoner comes on and says, “Too bad people have to use such strong language, but isn’t that how you feel too?” Then he goes on to make the case for the Citizens Party.

I loved it. Barry didn’t. It violated his whole idea of a campaign run on the issues. It offended his sense of dignity.

Commoner finally agreed to make the ad, provided he wouldn’t have to say the repellent word himself. Bill got an actor to say it instead. Our $700 bought one spot on CBS radio to run right before the national news came on 350 stations across the country. Bill waited for the check to clear before he sent the tape. As expected, he got a call right away, telling him, “We can’t run this. It uses a word CBS doesn’t allow on the air.”
“Let’s not argue,” Bill replied. “Ask your general counsel to read Section 315 of the Federal Communications Act and call me back.” He knew that in 1934 Democrats had prohibited networks from censoring political ads in an attempt to keep Republican-owned stations from using their muscle in campaigns.

The ad ran on October 14.

“The result was spectacular,” Commoner recalled later. “In two days, the Citizens Party received more news stories and broadcast time than it had received in its entire history.” Revered CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, the Today Show, and Good Morning America all did pieces. Nearly every major newspaper in the country carried stories.

But Commoner’s reaction was more bitter than sweet. The stories were, after all, not about issues. They were about the impudence of saying “bullshit” on the air.

To some, using that term was no big deal. In his op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, Lawrence Weschler wrote about his own “unscientific random sample of public sensitivity” about the ad’s profanity. He called “at random twenty telephone numbers and asked whoever picked up to fill in the blank: ‘The presidential election campaign so far has been mainly . . .’ Three people hung up; five used words like ‘boring,’ ‘confusing,’ and ‘exasperating’; and twelve said ‘bullshit.’” But to others, including Commoner, it was a cheap stunt. He complained that the Detroit Free Press had not carried a word about his plan to revitalize the auto industry, but it had run a front-page story about the commercial. The irony hurt.

Zimmerman hustled to keep the story alive by holding press conferences that featured a rented bull. Of course, these pranks wore thin, like a joke told too many times, and ultimately had little effect. On Election Day, Barry Commoner got 234,294 votes. John Anderson won 5,720,060, almost 7 percent of the total—enough to qualify for federal funds, just as we had hoped to do.

Reagan, meanwhile, trounced Carter, carrying forty-four states and ushering in a new era of conservative leadership.

Adapted with permission from Being Dead Is Bad for Business by Stanley Weiss (Disruption Books), available Feb. 28, 2017.
47 U.S. Code § 315 – Candidates for public office

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 Presidential Campaign Ad

9:42 pm on July 12, 2024

Great New Book on the State’s Psychological Warfare Against the American People to be Published in September

By Robert and Jill Malone.

1:35 pm on July 12, 2024

Jimmy Stewart Gave Us a Different Kind of War Movie Icon in This Classic

(One of my all-time favorite films of all time. Powerful performances, terrific cast, and superb storyline. This is the true, untold story behind the wrenching divisive conflict of the War for Coercive National Unification – popularly known as the “Civil War.”)

Jimmy Stewart Gave Us a Different Kind of War Movie Icon in This Classic


  • Shenandoah showcases Stewart’s versatile acting in a Civil War drama, combining Western elements with dark themes.
  • Shenandoah refrains from taking sides in the conflict.
  • Stewart’s character in Shenandoah remains committed to non-violence, standing out from traditional Western heroes.

If there’s one star from the Golden Age of Hollywood who is distinct enough to carry nearly any role while never straying too far from his particular brand, it’s Jimmy Stewart. Despite his works in classics like It’s A Wonderful Life and Rear Window, the movie star was most often known for his role in Westerns like The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Broken Arrow. But sometimes Stewart shifted genres ever so slightly, so that, on the surface, you might think you were watching a Western when in reality you were enjoying a dark historical drama. No, we’re not talking about Strategic Air Command of the Cold War era, but rather his Civil War epic Shenandoah. If you haven’t seen this picture, brace yourself for one of Stewart’s best.

Jimmy Stewart Stands His Ground in ‘Shenandoah’

Shenandoah follows Charlie Anderson (Stewart) and his large family of mostly boys and one daughter (as well as a daughter-in-law) living in the Shenandoah Valley in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Set in 1864, near the end of the American Civil Warthe Andersons find themselves surrounded as the Union encroaches from the North and the Confederacy from the South. Despite the danger, Charlie and his boys refuse to join or aid either band of soldiers, which often means they find themselves in trouble with both sides. As this is happening, Charlie’s youngest son, Boy Anderson (Phillip Alford), is taken prisoner by the Union Army when they mistake him for a Confederate due to his grey garb and hat. This sets Charlie off, and he and his boys (and his daughter Jennie, played by Rosemary Forsyth) set out to find him.

An age-old tale of both rescue and revenge, Shenandoah refuses to pick sides in the conflict. While the Andersons inadvertently help the Confederates on more than one occasion (and it’s worth noting that Jennie eventually marries one), they just as strongly oppose slavery, and are happy when local boy Gabriel (Eugene Jackson, Jr.) is pronounced “free.” But that doesn’t mean that the Andersons are free from any loyalties at all. Charlie is ultimately loyal to his children and the memory of his deceased wife, whom he promised on her deathbed that he would raise their children as good Christians. Despite that, their tardiness to Sunday worship is a consistent struggle, as is the old adage, “Love thy neighbor.” But in Charlie’s eyes, part of raising his young adult children in the faith means forsaking all worldly conflict, which comes back to bite him pretty quickly.

To Charlie, there are actually three sides to the American Civil War. There’s the Union and the Confederacy, both of which offer him significant compensation for his services, and then there’s his family, whom he remains devoted to above all others. Since he lords over his children with gentle wisdom, honor, and respect, they obey their father implicitly, even when they have their questions. (Jennie is the exception here, as she rides with her father and brothers to rescue Boy.) His own armed unit, the Anderson family ride into battle only for the sake of their own, though their failure to pick a side in the war doesn’t sit well with those they encounter along the way. While most war movies, and especially those depicting the Civil War, offer some sympathy to one side or another, Shenandoah refuses to do so, hoping that the audience will be able to make up their minds for themselves who they ought to support.

Jimmy Stewart’s ‘Shenandoah’ Has a Brutal Ending

But we cannot fully escape the world around us, and Charlie Anderson learns that to varying degrees. Initially, he forbids his sons to take arms and join either the Union or Confederacy, though eventually allows them the option to go and fight if they so choose. He struggles to let his daughter marry a soldier, yet gives Sam (Doug McClure of The Virginian fame) his blessing anyhow, even going so far as to prepare their honeymoon suite once they’re reunited. Near the end of the film, he loses a son to a Confederate sentry, only to refuse to kill the sixteen-year-old soldier, hoping instead that the sentry might one day spare someone else’s son in return. Charlie Anderson is a man who wants more than anything to remain neutral in America’s bloodiest war, yet he cannot seem to make up his mind about what exactly that means.

The paradoxical actions of Charlie Anderson speak strangely to the time at which Shenandoah was made. In 1965, the Vietnam War was only halfway over, and wouldn’t end officially until the fall of Saigon a decade later. While the United States didn’t remain neutral during this conflict (the U.S. had supported South Vietnam while the communists in China and the Soviet Union aided the North) Charlie Anderson’s clear-cut isolationist stance concerning the North and the South fails miserably. Instead of losing just one son (who is returned to him by the end of the film), he loses two, as well as his daughter-in-law Ann (Katharine Ross), who leaves behind an infant daughter. But just because Charlie’s pseudo-isolationism fails, don’t let that fool you into thinking that Shenandoah is a pro-war picture. It certainly doesn’t glorify the conflict.

If anything, this drama speaks clearly about the horrors of war, and how refusing to fight might just as well come back to haunt you in the end. Like Charlie, Shenandoah refuses to take a clear stance on the international conflict at the time. Instead, it opts to highlight the fallout of war in general, perhaps in hopes that those in the audience might continue to resist the overseas conflict. Of course, this interpretation only goes so far when you consider that it’s Charlie’s refusal to engage in the conflict initially that gets so many members of his family killed. On the other hand, had he and his sons remained home, the scavengers who killed James (Patrick Wayne) and Ann wouldn’t have made it very far in the first place. It’s possible that, had Charlie stuck to his isolationist guns and disavowed the war entirely (even after losing his son to the Union), his family may never have been broken up in the first place.

‘Shenandoah’ Wants to Be a Western

12:35 pm on July 12, 2024

Non-American Voters? What’s Going On With “Our Democracy”?

America’s Founders didn’t create a democracy; yet here we are with “our democracy.” John Adams explicitly said: “Remember, democracy never lasts long…There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” American citizens are finding out that anyone who crosses the border can vote. Proof of citizenship not required. Is America fulfilling the very point that John Adams was making?

12:15 pm on July 12, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 Presidential Campaign Ad

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 2024 Presidential Campaign Ad


11:22 am on July 12, 2024

Exploding the Spanish Flu Myth – Part 1

Probably the most unquestioned “Epidemic” is the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920.

But was it really a “Bug-Caused-Epidemic” that people caught from other people? What else could have caused it?

And…here’s the big one…what if the historical facts point to No Contagion at all – but rather a perfect storm of multiple contributing causes?

Recently, the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) published a thorough investigation of this historic disaster, adding to the case that there is no ‘it’ in the form of a claimed influenza virus.

Dr Sam Bailey presents an excellent video HERE which presents HFDF’s findings which destroys one of Germ Theory’s treasured myths.

I urge you to watch this and to share it with others (27min).

***And please look out for Part 2 of this series when I’ll address the elaborate attempts to prove there was a “causal bug” they assumed existed, but failed to find.

6:47 pm on July 11, 2024

The Claim Vaccines are the World’s Best Studied Product Dies

Aaron Siri on his Substack “Injecting Freedom,” presents incredible news.

We just saw the legacy media narrative about Biden being “sharp as a tack” evaporating overnight after the disastrous Trump-Biden debate. Siri is now reporting a similar seismic shift in the vaccine field:

  • “Wow. After decades of Dr. Stanley Plotkin and his vaccinologist disciples insisting vaccines are the most well studied products on the planet, they just penned an article admitting precisely the opposite.
  • “They just admitted vaccines are not properly studied—neither pre-licensure nor post-licensure. They admitted, for example, “prelicensure clinical trials have limited sample sizes [and] follow-up durations” and that “there are not resources earmarked for postauthorization safety studies.”


All this is in a New England Journal of Medicine article. Link to NEJM article.

As one of the major litigators in the adverse effects of vaccines. Siri gives the background:

  • “For decades, the medical community insisted vaccines are the most thoroughly studied product ever”
  • “For decades, parents of vaccine injured children, vaccine injured adults, and other stakeholders contested these claims only to be shunned and attacked by the medical community and health agencies.”


Siri notes the dilemma and the duplicitous solution:

  • “…there are no proper safety studies. So, there is no safety data to add to the FDA package inserts, and hiding harms by removing them from CDC inserts doesn’t make them go away. Parents and other adults don’t simply stop believing what they have seen with their own eyes because CDC, WHO, the Gates Foundations, etc., won’t acknowledge them, or worse, they attack them.
  • “…Plotkin and his disciples realize they can’t cast voodoo on the public. They can’t hide the truth. So, their only option is to try and co-op the truth they have lied about for decades by now admitting that the studies to show vaccines are safe do not exist. But in making that admission, they conveniently fail to admit that for decades they lied, gaslit, defrauded (and I don’t use that word lightly) the public by claiming that vaccines are probably the most thoroughly safety tested products on the planet and that people should rest assured, no stone on vaccine safety was left unturned.
  • “…Don’t be fooled. Their real agenda is plain, and it is not to study vaccine safety, but rather to confirm that which they already believe. This is crystal clear from the fact that, while their article admits the studies have not been done, they write in the same breath that serious vaccine harms are ‘rare.’ But if the studies have not been done, how do they know that? The answer is, they don’t, and they don’t care to know the truth. Their goal is to protect the products they have spent their careers defending and worshipping and that have brought them fame and riches.”


While Siri is going to email the four authors on this paper to request a meeting to review existing science and design studies mutually agreed upon, he warns in the previous paragraph:

  • As is transparent from their article, the only reason they even pretend to care about vaccine safety is that they want to avoid reduction in vaccine uptake – not actually assure safety.


Click here to read Siri’s article.

2:59 pm on July 11, 2024

The Hilarious Conundrum that Demo-Communist Party Donors Find Themselves In

Joe Biden is a classic example of a politician who got into politics for one and only one reason: to  collect bribes.  He’s done it for 55 years.  But now there are headlines about how the Demo-Communist party’s “donors” (aka bribe payers) are “frozen” because, well, the lying media scum scam to hide Brandon’s senility from the public is over and it is not clear who they should be bribing.  Hilarious!

7:06 am on July 11, 2024

The Heroic Dr. Robert Malone Promotes the Mises Institute and the Writings of Murray Rothbard . . .

. . . in his substack article today.

3:04 pm on July 10, 2024

My letter to the NY Times re: Monetary Aggregates Contradict the Myth of a Booming US Economy

Dear Sirs:

Please allow me to contradict your contention that Britain’s new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rachel Reeves, should follow America’s supposedly successful formula set by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. In January 2020 the US Monetary Base was $3.4 trillion. In May 2024 it was $5.7 trillion, a $2.3 trillion increase. The Monetary Base is the so-called “foundation” of the money supply, upon which the banks pyramid bank credit money. In January 2020 M2–checking, savings, and short-term CDs held in the banking system–was $15.4 trillion. In November 2023 it was $21.0 trillion, a $5.6 trillion increase. In the first quarter of 2020 GDP was $21.7 trillion. In the first quarter of 2024 it was $28.3 trillion, a $6.6 trillion increase. It is clear that America’s so-called boom is nothing more than money printing by the Fed and credit expansion by the banks. Expect worst numbers this year, since the federal budget deficit, which will be funded primarily out of money printed out of thin air, will exceed three trillion dollars.

Patrick Barron

20 McMullan Farm Lane

West Chester, PA 19382


9:07 am on July 9, 2024

America’s Attitudinal State of Mind

7:51 pm on July 8, 2024

Words of Wisdom from America’s Top Public School Educator

National Education Association president Becky Pringle showcases her gift of oratory.

3:33 pm on July 8, 2024

A Little-Known Episode in Hidden History

Soviet Apologist Corliss Lamont Ignores How Father’s Wall Street Bank Aided Bolshevik Revolution

Thomas W. Lamont, senior partner of J. P. Morgan & Company was the nation’s leading Wall Street investment banker. His son and author of the book, You Might Like Socialism; a Way of Life for Modern Man, Corliss Lamont became a key figure in the Communist front organization Friends of the Soviet Union (FSU). In 1943 FSU was restructured under the name National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, with Lamont as its Board Chairman and chief incorporator. He is pictured with his father in the photograph below.

In 1936, Corliss Lamont helped found and subsidized the magazine Marxist Quarterly. When the Dewey Commission reported in 1937 that the Moscow Show Trials of Leon Trotsky and other purged Soviet leaders were fraudulent, Lamont, along with other key left-wing intellectuals, refused to accept the Commission’s findings. Under the influence of the Communist Party’s Popular Front, Lamont and 150 other left-wing writers endorsed Stalin’s actions as necessary for “the preservation of progressive democracy”. Their widely published letter warned that John Dewey’s work was itself politically motivated and charged Dewey with supporting reactionary views and “Red-baiting”.

Lamont remained sympathetic to the Soviet Union well after World War II and the establishment of satellite Communist governments in Central and Eastern Europe. He authored a pamphlet entitled The Myth of Soviet Aggression in 1952. He later became president emeritus of the American Humanist Association and in 1977 was named Humanist of the Year.

The Stalinist Lamont never discusses in this book or in his other published works, the hard facts later revealed in Antony C. Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution concerning how his father’s firm was instrumental in providing crucial financial support to Lenin’s Bolshevik regime and funneling illegal Bolshevik gold into the U.S.

Elite senior partner of the Wall Street Morgan banking firm, Thomas W. Lamont, the chairman of J. P. Morgan and Company’s board of directors, later described his circumspective exploits in his 1951 book, Across World Frontiers, a rare volume of which I have a copy.

Antony Sutton was the author of the monumental three volume series, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930; Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1930-1945; and Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1945 to 1965. He later wrote National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union; and The Best Enemy Money Can Buy; concerning how the United States and its NATO European allies essentially built the Soviet Military Industrial Complex, their undeclared enemy and Cold War adversary.

Corliss Lamont (March 28, 1902 – April 26, 1995), was a socialist philosopher, and advocate of various left-wing and civil liberties causes. As a part of his political activities, he was the Chairman of National Council of American-Soviet Friendship starting from early 1940s. He was the great-uncle of 2006 Democratic Party nominee for the United States Senate from Connecticut, Ned Lamont.

Dr. Lamont was born in Englewood, New Jersey and graduated first from the elite prep school Phillips Exeter Academy in 1920, then magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1924. He did graduate work at Oxford and at Columbia, where he received his Ph.D. in philosophy in 1932.

He was a director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) from 1932 to 1954. Then, until 1995, he was chairman of the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC), formerly known as the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC), declared by congressional investigatory authorities as a Soviet front. He was nevertheless portrayed by the mainstream elite media as a leading proponent of individual rights under the Constitution. He won famous court decisions over Senator Joseph McCarthy and the CIA. In 1965 he secured a Supreme Court ruling against censorship of incoming mail by the U.S. Postmaster General.

Dr. Lamont had long been associated with Humanism, authoring the first edition of “The Philosophy of Humanism” in 1949. It has since become the standard text on the subject. He taught at Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard Universities, and at the New School for Social Research. Corliss Lamont was the honorary president of the American Humanist Association (AHA) at the time of his death in 1995.

The video clip shown to the right (on Amazon’s Corliss Lamont Page) is of Corliss Lamont and the internationally acclaimed Communist folksinger Pete Seeger being interviewed by Jonathan Heap, filmmaker and grandson of Corliss Lamont, on the occasion of the 1992 WESPAC (Westchester People’s Action Committee, now known as WESPAC Foundation) Festival, held on the Lamont Estate in Ossining, NY in 1992.

Wyoming: Thomas W. Lamont and son Corliss Lamont at Artist’s Point in Yellowstone National Park. Thomas W. Lamont is the Senior banking partner of J. P. Morgan. | Location: Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA.

9:25 am on July 8, 2024

In The Old Days Life Was So Much Simpler

thomas lamont_john d. rockefeller, jr.

In the old days life was so much simpler. If you were an attentive reader of select publications of the Old Left (George Seldes’ In Fact newsletter) and the Old Right (the Chicago Tribune), you knew exactly who stood at the pinnacle of the power elite. This elite was composed of two financial-industrial blocs of the northeastern seaboard Establishment. They were the J. P. Morgan bloc and the Rockefeller bloc.

This central fact was clearly stated by economist and historian Murray N. Rothbard at the beginning of his chapter, “From Hoover To Roosevelt: The Federal Reserve and the Financial Elites,” found in his A History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era To World War II, Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2002:

“This (analysis) is grounded on the insight that American politics, from the turn of the twentieth century until World War II, can far better comprehended by studying the interrelationship of major financial groupings than by studying the superficial and often sham struggles between Democrats and Republicans. In particular, American politics in this period was marked by a fierce struggle between two major financial-industrial groupings: the interests clustered around the House of Morgan on the one hand, and an alliance of Rockefeller (oil), Harriman (railroad), and Kuhn, Loeb (investment banking) interests on the other. “

Above we have a rare revealing photo publicly capturing this dynamic of the rival two blocs. There is John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (far left) and the principal Morgan banker Thomas Lamont, the chairman of J. P. Morgan and Company’s board of directors (center). They are both attending a dinner banquet of the Associated Canadian Organization of New York on June 18, 1941. 

Ah, Bloods and Crips together at last!

Actually the elite would meet covertly in the building below, the Harold Pratt House in New York, headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations. All discussions and meetings were secret and off-the-record, governed by what was described as “Chatham House Rules.” 


While the Round Table (the Milner group), the British elite’s counter-point to the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, would meet at Chatham House, in London:


Steve Sailer’s article posted on LRC, “Carroll Quigley’s Conspiracy Theory: The Milner Group,” is an excellent summary of the important influence in world history played by the imperialist Cecil Rhodes and his Anglosphere heirs. In the Preface to his book, The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, Quigley noted:

I have been told that the story I relate here would be better left untold, since it would provide ammunition for the enemies of what I admire. I do not share this view. The last thing I should wish is that anything I write could be used by the Anglophobes and isolationists of the Chicago Tribune. But I feel that the truth has a right to be told, and once told, can be an injury to no men of good will. Only by a knowledge of the errors of the past is it possible to correct the tactics of the future.

Although his book was written in 1949 it was not published until after his death in 1981. Ironically Quigley was correct concerning the contents of his expose’. As Murray N. Rothbard pointed out in his semi-autobiographical masterwork, The Betrayal of the American Right, the Midwestern voice of Old Right non-interventionism, Colonel Robert McCormick’s Chicago Tribune, published a contemporaneous series of hard-hitting muckraking articles in 1951 attacking what Rothbard described as “the Wall Street-Anglophile Establishment”: “Rhodes’ Goal: Return U.S. to British Empire,” “Rhodes Ideals Slant State Department Policies,”Rhodes’ Wards Hawk Global Scheme in U.S.,” “Rhodes Grads Influential in Eastern Press — Aid British, Global Propaganda,” “Even Congress Not Immune to Rhodes’ Ideas,” and “OWI Propaganda Linked to Rhodes Men.” Here are my reflections concerning Carroll Quigley’s later seminal volume, Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. Quigley was the author of two other books, The Evolution of Civilizations: An introduction to Historical Analysis; and Weapon Systems and Political Stability: A History.

9:00 am on July 8, 2024

Remember When PCR Tests Detected “SARS-COV-2” in Motor Oil, Ice Cream and Healthy People?

When you see news stories telling you that people are “testing positive” for the bird flu, dengue, monkeypox, bubonic plague and other “variants” of “SARS-COV-2” etc.,

…just remember how PCR Tests work – and do NOT work…

To kearn more about the tricks they’re trying to play on you AGAIN please take a look at this from Mike Stone at , HERE.

Highly Recommended.

1:22 pm on July 7, 2024

Rockefellers Created Climate Change

Elizabeth Nickson has a Substack on the Rockefeller influence on creating “climate change.” Her subtitle: “Every time you hear a “climate change” scare story, that person was PAID. He is a Rockefeller stooge. He may not know it; but his profession has been entirely corrupted” 

Nickson had a ring side seat on the creation. She held senior positions at Time Magazine and LIFE magazine, and has been published in many other legacy media companies. But her historical grasp of the billionaire class and its influence on public policy is honest and hard-hitting.

She starts, “In the climate change arena, the Rockefellers call the shots. The whole thing was their idea, they took a silly but interesting theory and amped it up with hundreds and hundreds of million of dollars. They founded institutions and linked the survival of those institutions to promoting climate change and population reduction. They adopted one likely politician after another.”

She describes how they work: “The seduction of great wealth is pretty much irresistible. Everyone falls. The last time I was ‘in society’ was at a wedding hosted by the Bostonian Cabots – so ancient they arrived in the New World in 1498. Famously, ‘The Lodges only talk to the Cabots and the Cabots only talk to God.’ That’s how grand they are. Their wealth spread out that weekend was like entering heaven, everything so beautiful, so absolutely perfect in every detail. It was a lush sinking feeling, utterly seductive to the ego. Any Clinton, Gore, Obama, Kerry, Bush, any impoverished scientist, any ambitious university administrator, every fundraiser, every marginalized military man, would just fall over like an ambitious 20 year old faced with her first billionaire. Take me I’m yours.”

This is an excellent high-level introduction, with brief mentions of noxious Rockefeller influence on art, architecture, and scientific research.

Her final comments are encouraging: “Evil has a human face, but despite the billions thrown at the people of the earth, fewer and fewer of us are falling for it. This latest Facebook-hysteria-the-sky-is-falling post from NASA’s Climate Change Center, received 5,600 reactions. 5,300, including mine were laughing emojis. And the top comment cited Torecelli, with one man’s work refuting every single flatulent government propaganda machine theory. Facebook, remember, is controlled speech and still, the people win.”

To learn more, click here.


12:49 pm on July 7, 2024

A Moldovan Take on Putin

James Delingpole, the delightfully British journalist, wrote a very funny post on his trip to Moldova.

He came for a conference held by fellow dissidents of the New World Order. The organizer of the conference, Iurie Roșca, is now under a big law fare attack in Moldova.

The organizer discussed Putin with James. James writes, “There is a temptation among Awake people in the West to imagine that somehow Vladimir Putin is a White Hat alternative to the encroaching New World Order. But Putin really isn’t, as Roșca explained to me in one of our chats. Putin talks the talk and says things – on Wokeism, on Christianity, on tradition – that the Red Pilled like to hear. Unfortunately, he was handpicked for the role some time back by Henry Kissinger, and is a puppet of the Khazarian Mafia which has been running Russia since the era of the Bolsheviks.”

IMHO, this is only partially correct. Putin is a Russian nationalist. He has seen the Soviet Union collapse, and is shrewd enough to recognize that pure communism is a disaster. Putin’s first job was with the KGB. I don’t think he is a traditional Christian, or an anarchocapitalist. But Putin is like a 19th Century monarch. His personal life may be corrupt, many of his decisions may be corrupt. But he recognizes the need for the people of his nation to support traditional moral codes.

James final comment was, “When I flew out of Moldova only a few weeks ago, I remember flirting with the notion of what an idyllic place it would be to hide out in during the coming globalist tyranny: lots of based, practically-skilled people, many of whom refused to take the jab; no shortage of food. But it was, of course, a delusion. There really is no place to hide. Poor decent Iurie Roșca is just a bellwether. There but for the grace of God go we all.”

12:25 pm on July 7, 2024

From a Physician: Parkinson’s Disease Might Be Joe Biden’s BEST Diagnosis

His clinical symptoms are impossible to ignore, this physician writes. by Alex Berenson

After this morning’s article about the repeated visits by a Parkinson’s disease specialist to the White House resident medical clinic since last summer, a physician emailed me to argue that the specifics of Biden’s diagnosis matter less than the fact his symptoms are now so visible.

He consented to have his email published, on the condition he not be named. This is edited only for length and minor copy-editing fixes:

All the disturbing symptoms we all see are called Parkinsonism. That is simply a fact. They consist of motor slowing, festinating gait with reduced arm swing, mask like ‘facies’, reduced vocal volume.

In fact in medical school we watch videos of patients with Parkinsonism like Biden to illustrate to the students how this manifests.

The only question is what’s causing it. The best case scenario for him would be that this is in fact, Parkinson’s disease. There’s a lot of treatment and the cognitive effects can be variable and sometimes not that significant.

Worst case would be Lewy body dementia. This can be rapidly progressive, and the diagnosis is usually only made postmortem or based on the rapid decline.

Other possibilities include Alzheimer’s disease, though that is less likely to have Parkinsonism. And then finally vascular dementia, which definitely can present like this, and the course can be variable, sometimes plateauing for long periods of time. There are other very obscure causes of Parkinsonism that certainly could be a possibility, but much much less likely.

So the question isn’t does he have Parkinsonism; that is something that is simply observable, the question remains and the only question is what is causing this, and whether there’s likely to be significant, and or rapid decline, particularly in cognition.

The scandal is that they are hiding all this and that we are not having a public discussion about it. I did notice that [CNN chief medical correspondent Dr.] Sanjay Gupta was beginning to tiptoe into this conversation.

One last thing to keep in mind. He did have some sort of neurosurgery for “aneurysm, bleed“ and people with those sorts of bleeds to have a higher incidence of neurocognitive decline as they age.

Just so you don’t get any criticism, there is one last possible explanation for his Parkinsonism and that would be a medication side effect. But if that were true, they would tell us what the medicine was by now, and it does not explain the confusion and some of the cognitive changes.

Medication-induced Parkinsonian features is a common thing as well though typically without mental status changes and in my experience without all the vocal changes that we see with him…

Another issue is that medication for Parkinson is can have protean effects on mental status. Sometimes bizarre things such as compulsive gambling. None of these changes would you want manifesting in someone in the Oval Office.

Finally, people become very critical whenever you use diagnostic terms, so it is always important to couch. Any conversation about diagnosis is merely reviewing what is called the differential diagnosis list for people with these symptoms. This is something we teach every medical student.

So it is not rendering a diagnosis. It is merely reviewing the common causes of these symptoms. And [I] always point out the diagnosis itself requires actually evaluating the patient with the list I’ve given you.

From a physician: Parkinson’s disease might be Joe Biden’s BEST diagnosis (

7:17 pm on July 6, 2024

Differential Diagnosis on Biden’s Disturbing Symptoms

Alex Berenson actually looked at the available White House logs and found nine visits over the last year by a Parkinson’s disease specialist to the White House medical clinic.

Berenson reported an email today from a physician, discussing the symptoms Biden is showing:

  • “All the disturbing symptoms we all see are called Parkinsonism. That is simply a fact. They consist of motor slowing, festinating gait with reduced arm swing, mask like ‘facies’, reduced vocal volume.”
  • “…The best case scenario for him would be that this is in fact, Parkinson’s disease. There’s a lot of treatment and the cognitive effects can be variable and sometimes not that significant.”
  • “Worst case would be Lewy body dementia. This can be rapidly progressive, and the diagnosis is usually only made postmortem or based on the rapid decline.”
  • “Other possibilities include Alzheimer’s disease, though that is less likely to have Parkinsonism. And then finally vascular dementia, which definitely can present like this, and the course can be variable, sometimes plateauing for long periods of time. There are other very obscure causes of Parkinsonism that certainly could be a possibility, but much much less likely.”
  • “…there is one last possible explanation for his Parkinsonism and that would be a medication side effect. But if that were true, they would tell us what the medicine was by now, and it does not explain the confusion and some of the cognitive changes.”
  • “…Any conversation about diagnosis is merely reviewing what is called the differential diagnosis list for people with these symptoms….it is not rendering a diagnosis.


4:26 pm on July 6, 2024

SCOTUS Ruling the ‘Only Thing’ Preventing Former Presidents Being Prosecuted in Foreign Countries

10:14 am on July 6, 2024

The Pyramid of Power

One of the most informative and tremendously helpful online documentary mega-resources on a widespread variety of crucial subject areas/topics relating to power elite analysis is The Pyramid of Power.

It should be one of the starting educational/investigatory focal points for members of the community. It contains superb content similar to, Robert Barnes’ “Hush Hush” series at, The Corbett Report, Whitney Webb, and America’s Untold Stories with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert.

The Pyramid of Power is a brand-new 17-part documentary series focused on answering the question: Who rules the world?

Journalist Derrick Broze examines the institutions and individuals who attempt to manipulate our world for their own benefit.

Examples of Subject Areas: Big Education, Establishment Media, Big Tech, The Hollywood-Military-Intelligence Complex, Big Wireless, The Oilgarchy, Big Pharma And The Medical Cartel, Food As A Weapon, The Prison-Industrial Complex, The Foundations And The Non-Profit Industrial Complex, The Banking Cartel & The Future Of Money, The Crimes Of The Intelligence Community, The Technocratic State, and The False Flag Deception.

Brought to you by The Conscious Resistance Network.

9:59 am on July 6, 2024

RFK Jr.: This July 4th, “Let’s Build A Bridge Across The Great Divide”

6:29 pm on July 4, 2024

The “Revolution” and Romans 13

Every year, we American Lutherans refight the so-called American Revolution from the perspective of Romans 13 and the Fourth (or for Protestants and Eastern Orthodox, the Fifth) Commandment.

I penned a few thoughts about the theology of the events leading up to, and following, July 4, 1776, and how we might understand it both legally and scripturally.

Click here if you are interested.

And if you celebrate the Independence Day holiday, enjoy the festivities!

12:55 pm on July 4, 2024

Independence Day, 2024.

12:16 pm on July 4, 2024

Don’t Take the Bird Flu Jabs

From Aaron Siri:

FDA has licensed three bird flu (H5N1) vaccines:

  1. Sanofi (National Stockpile). Licensed for adults based on trial in which only 103 adults vaccinated and 48 received placebo; worse, there were four serious adverse events in the vaccine group.
  2. ID Biomedical. In the adult trial, the vaccine group had four times the rate of new immune mediated diseases. (The trial for children, 6 months to 17 years, had only 838 children and hence was underpowered.)
  3. Seqirus. In the adult trial, 0.5% of the vaccinated group died but only 0.1% of the placebo group died. (The trial for children, 6 months to 17 years, had only 329 children and hence was underpowered.)

If you plan to get pricked, be informed.



ID Biomedical:


12:08 pm on July 4, 2024

Robert Barnes: Remembering the Revolution

  • No better expression of the meaning of the Constitution exists than the American Revolution itself. The Revolution established the principle “that all civil government, as far as it can be denominated free, is a creature of the people. It originates with them. It is conducted under their direction; and has in view nothing but their happiness.” Any government unconsented to by the people is not a “free” government.
  • Let’s start from First Principles. At the outset, each individual human may “assume among the power of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.” All legitimate power derives from the consent of the governed; any other asserted power is usurped, illegitimate and unfree. This surmises the first of the Eternal Truths we know to be “self-evident.” Of note, the appeal to conscience and the archives of Nature – God’s writing on the soul of each human and the world created – provides the first and foremost admissible evidence in support of these truths. This informs the reason “all man are created equal” and “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” The origin of government is “to secure these rights” as the only “just powers” must obtain “the consent of the governed.” Nothing better surmises the core precepts of the Revolution: respect for each human being as a human being, and the constraints on civil society and authorized governance to respect the rights of each human being.
  • Every principle and precept of the Constitution should be read in light of its purpose: “to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” The Constitution must “provide new Guards for their future security” of their “unalienable rights.” What are those unalienable rights? At a minimum, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
  • The litany and list of offenses against those unalienable rights give us further definition of what the Constitution must be a security Guard against. Refusing to “assent to laws.” The right of Representation. Distant venues of representative assemblies. Border mismanagement. No independent judiciary. Biased judges corrupted by loyalty to something other than the law and the rights of the people. A ridiculous multitude of new administrative offices that “harass our people and eat out their substance.” Standing armies. A military power above the law. Foreign jurisdiction. Mock trials that protect the politically connected. Taxation without representation. Depriving the people of Trial by Jury. Venues and vicinages of trials beyond their home. Military drafts for perfidious wars. Left defenseless against invasion. Refusal to answer petitions for redress of grievances. An unwarrantable jurisdiction of government over the citizen. In objection to this, they declared independence and swore their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.
  • These principles should form the frame for filtering any Constitutional question of today. We witness in the DC courts the recreation of “transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses.” We see in the NYC courts “a mock trial” that makes a mockery of justice. We see in the judicial denial of jury trials in a range of case the “depriving us in many case of the benefits of
    Trial by Jury.” We see in the self-aggregating administrative state a hungry bureaucracy “erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”
  • A simple refrain for any Constitutional question must commence with What Would the Revolutionaries Do? Answer that question, and the Constitution comes alive an entire new light, like the night skies of the Fourth around America.

11:08 pm on July 3, 2024

President Kamala?

12:56 pm on July 3, 2024

Infrastructure Failures and the Deep State

Murray Rothbard was famous for his willingness to consider and advocate “conspiracy theories.” As Charles Burris ably recounts on this blog, Murray engaged in detailed historical analysis, Power Elite analysis, and economic analysis before pushing a “conspiracy theory.”

Today, in our “Age of Rage” (hat tip to Jonathan Turley), every train derailment or cargo ship crash or factory fire must be due to Deep State actors. Well, let’s look at some of the data. It surprised me, perhaps it will surprise you.

For cargo ships:

  • Five times a week, a cargo ship loses power, propulsion, or steering. (Dali in Baltimore had all three.) This is based on US Coast Guard data for 22 years.
  • Worldwide, two cargo ships sunk each week in 2013. In 2021, it was one cargo ship sunk each week. It is currently running about one per week.


For US trains:

  • Current rate of train derailments in the USA is three per day.
  • Historical peak was in 1978, about 25 per day. In 2007, it was down to about six per day.


Moral of the story is to follow Murray’s example. Look at each incident, understand the engineering issues of the incident, look for who gains or loses from the incident, look for signals of possible Deep State activity, and then present your case. Landlubbers watching a short YouTube video and then going hysterical is not a good look.

Some data links:

11:48 am on July 3, 2024