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Astronaut Diversity

The European Space Agency (ESA) isn’t content with more women in space. “Globally, 65 of the more than 560 people who have explored space were women, most of them Americans.” A new recruitment drive aimed at more astronaut diversity has resulted in 24% of the applicants being women. The “ESA specifically sought out people with physical disabilities, for a first-of-its-kind effort to determine what adaptations would be necessary to space stations to accommodate them.” What’s next, the first transsexual in space?

8:36 pm on June 24, 2021

Grab the Popcorn: Falsi May Fry!

Not only are geeks hacking road signs in Miami to read “ARREST FAUCI” (thanks to Bill Martin for the link), but  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is sponsoring legislation “to fire Dr Anthony Fauci for misinformation with regards to COVID-19 and for covering-up the origin of the virus. The Fire Fauci Act will bring Fauci’s salary to $0 and require Senate confirmation to fill his position.”

May I propose a friendly amendment to that bill? Tar and feather him and ride what’s left out of town on a rail.

6:33 pm on June 24, 2021

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory From 12 Years Ago – And It’s All Come True

1:28 pm on June 24, 2021

Biden ‘Confesses’ – There Was No Insurrection!

12:45 pm on June 24, 2021

How’s That Again?

After reading Congrats, Patriots!, Adrian Day chuckled about the nonsense from one of aviation’s unions:

In a piece of somewhat twisted logic, the Air Line Pilots Association welcomed the extension of the TSA’s rule, counter-intuitively claiming that it would “ensure the safety of passengers and crew from unruly passengers” upset about the TSA’s rule.

Say that again:  if passengers are upset about the TSA’s rule, then the TSA’s rule will protect crew from passengers upset about the rule.  I can’t follow it.

Good! I’d worry about anyone who could.

11:40 am on June 24, 2021

More Covid Craziness

A woman in Alabama faces felony charges for taking a prescription drug while pregnant. Meanwhile, the government is pushing pregnant women to get the Covid vaccine.

10:43 am on June 24, 2021

Abusing Artur

You may think his arrest and that of his brother after cops forced them to kneel on a wet Canadian highway is the worst persecution that brave lion of the Lord, Artur Pawlowski, has endured.

You would be wrong.

An article Dave from Canada forwarded to me reviews the horrific crimes committed against our brother:

The Pawlowski family has been subject to extensive harassment and even criminal activity in the months since Pastor Artur’s daunting roadside arrest. Beyond the brutal treatment endured by Pastor Artur during his arrest and the time he spent in jail, potentially the most dramatic experiences have come at the hands of fellow citizens. Pastor Artur has repeatedly stated that Premier Jason Kenney, Health Minister Tyler Shandro and the mainstream media, among others, are responsible for stoking the hatred that has led to these acts of violence, and his wife Marzena agrees.

The discrimination commenced with acts of vandalism at Pastor Artur’s church, including nails, garbage, horse manure and dog feces being spread throughout the church parking lot, in addition to an alleged attempted break-in at the church. Soon after, a fire was started at the Pawlowski residence in the middle of the night. One week later, Pastor Artur was shopping with his daughter at a grocery store when he was allegedly assaulted.

Most recently, the Pawlowskis informed us that they suspect that someone loosened the bolts on their truck.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but all of the bolts on one wheel came off at once, very suspiciously. Marzena also relayed that police suspected the tire may also have been slashed. This apparent act of extremely dangerous vandalism occurred one day prior to the March for Jesus in Calgary, and Marzena would have been driving with her children on Sunday had a friend not happened to have taken the vehicle to wash it for her prior to the march.

Our God is a God of details! He has every twist and turn, significant or insignificant, of our lives in His hands.

…We obtained footage of the Pawlowskis’ encounter with police when they visited the scene to investigate. The officers repeatedly asked what Marzena wanted them to do, which was rather alarming considering the string of targeted attacks against the family. Marzena asked them to do their jobs and open an investigation. The police keep saying, “we are just doing our jobs” when they are arresting pastors — ostensibly this is not the case when the Pawlowskis call.

Proving yet again that the State is not only useless but immensely harmful. It sicced their neighbors on the Pawlowskis but now pretends impotence when Mrs. P asks them to do the job her taxes subsidize. 

Pray with me for the Lord’s continuing protection of these martyrs and for the destruction of the utterly wicked Canadian government. Meanwhile, all the USSA’s serfs who fear to stand against Marxism should look to the north: Canada has always been about five years ahead of Americans in its imposition of this Satanic philosophy. If you fail to defy Our Rulers now, this sort of persecution awaits you, too. 

You can contribute to the Pawlowskis’ legal fund here. 

10:28 am on June 24, 2021

Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc, by Jack Posobiec

2:09 am on June 24, 2021

J P Sears

10:02 pm on June 23, 2021

John McAfee R.I.P.

John McAfee has been found dead in a Spanish prison of “an apparent suicide.”

7:33 pm on June 23, 2021

Congrats, Patriots!

Reports of verbal abuse, non-compliance with the federal mask mandates, and assault from airline passengers are on the rise. 

Since the beginning of the year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recorded 3,000 reports of unruly passengers. 

Outstanding work, folks! Especially because 

Most of the cases are related to passengers’ refusal to wear masks on board, which the Biden Administration mandated earlier this year. 

So Our Rulers have only themselves to blame. But of course they won’t: instead, they’ll pretend that we’re at fault. And so “[a] democratic senator from Rhode Island has plans to introduce legislation ‘that would cover abusive passenger behavior on board flights’ and against TSA officers” while “[o]ne airline union leader says a TSA self-defense course for flight attendants should be part of their mandatory training.”

Were that “union leader”  truly interested in his members’ welfare, he’d tell his political cronies to repeal their absurd “mandate.” Anybody care to take that bet?

Kudos to each of you who has meted out to the airlines and the TSA a bit of the torment they routinely hand us. But my best advice to all passengers remains, “Don’t fly.”

5:40 pm on June 23, 2021

A Little Freedom Comes to Connecticut

The governor of Connecticut just signed a bill to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The legislation “will allow people 21 and older to possess 1.5 ounces of marijuana on their person, and up to 5 ounces stored at home, or in the trunk or locked glove box of a motor vehicle. Come July 2023, people will be able to keep three mature and three immature plants at home for personal use, up to six of each per household.” It takes effect on July 1.

Rhode Island will be next.

2:42 pm on June 23, 2021

Today’s Two Heroes

Here are a couple of brave souls who give us hope for our sorry race after all. 

First up is “Clive Palmer, a mining magnate and former federal MP” in Australia. He “dropped off anti-vaccine leaflets across the country over the weekend,” according to an article Bill Martin forwarded to me. 

Predictably, Mr. Palmer’s earned Marxists’ ire even as normal Aussies praise his efforts to save lives.

Then there’s Tatiana Ibrahim in Carmel, New York:

She stood up at a school board meeting and gave the board members what-for because the teachers in her children’s school district are bringing Marxism to the classroom in the form of Critical Race Theory (CRT), defund the police lessons, and other leftist concepts.

If you need encouragement today as much as I did, thrill to her “what-for”! She repeatedly defies the mushy-mouths on the board; for example, when they try to silence her by claiming she’s violated their “policies,” she demands, “Who sets your policies? You? We never voted on them. And why should I obey them? I don’t work for you, you work for me.” A Masked Moron on the board retorts that she’s an unpaid volunteer, which may be true but misleading. Ms. Ibrahim doesn’t let her get away with it: “We pay for the chair you’re sitting in and the lights overhead,” she fires back (forgive my paraphrase; it doesn’t do Ms. Ibrahim justice). 

The only thing disturbing about this video is the passivity of the other parents in the room. They should be applauding her wildly. Instead, they sit there…

And that passivity is large part of the reason we’re in this current mess.

Pray God He raises more defenders of civilization as courageous as Mr. Palmer and Ms. Ibrahim against the barbarians at the gates.

2:13 pm on June 23, 2021

Freedom Of Press? US Govt. Seizes Dozens Of Foreign News Websites

12:45 pm on June 23, 2021

Look for Our Rulers To Start Hopping, Given Their Kangaroo Courts 

As part of its unprecedented investigation of the January 6 disturbance at the U.S. Capitol, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has arrested and is holding hundreds of “political prisoners” in a dedicated jail under “harsh almost solitary confinement conditions” while denying them bail and the constitutional right of a speedy trial. 

“This is a political persecution against Trump supporters,” said Julie Kelly, a senior contributor for American Greatness. Having provided extensive investigative reporting on this issue over the past several months, she spoke with candor on the Mark Levin Show this past Sunday.  

Despite the repeated mantra from Democrats and the mainstream media that the January 6 disturbance was an “armed insurrection” of “white supremacists,” Kelly clarified that “not one person has been charged with carrying or using a firearm inside the Capitol building that day.” On the contrary, “the only person who used a weapon, a firearm, inside the Capitol building, was the still-unidentified Capitol Police officer who shot and killed an unarmed female veteran, Ashley Babbitt.” 

Typical Marxist abuse of dissidents. Meanwhile, what a stain on the rest of us, that we not only pay for but permit this horrific persecution.

8:45 am on June 23, 2021

Who Are These ‘Faith Leaders’?

More than 300 “faith leaders” and heads of prominent religious organizations signed a letter sent to Senate leadership backing statehood for Washington, D.C. The District’s lack of voting representation in Congress is “sadly rooted in racial discrimination,” they argued, insisting “the historical record is replete with those who opposed voting rights for D.C. residents for explicitly racial reasons.”

7:49 am on June 23, 2021

CDC Libertarians and the Election

The one thing that CDC libertarians believe more strongly than that face masks helped to stop the spread of Covid-19 is that there was absolutely no fraud in the election.

7:42 am on June 23, 2021

Yay! We’ll Fall Short of The Usurper’s Goal!

I am never happier I neither watch nor own a TV than when I read such drivel as comprises this article that David Mueller forwarded:

The Biden administration planned to concede Tuesday that it will likely fall short of President Joe Biden’s goal of partially vaccinating 70 percent of American adults by Independence Day, but insist it has “succeeded beyond our highest expectations” in returning the nation to a pre-pandemic normal.

Yo, Usurper and all those peddling his propaganda: “President Joe Biden” did not “return” any of us to a “pre-plandemic normal.” Many of us never left it, so far as it was within our power. And those who did—yeah, I’m looking at entire populations in the People’s Democratic Socialist Republics of Michigan, Californiastan, Illinois, New York and Joisey—escaped thanks to their own initiative.

Isn’t it infuriating that the political class shrugs off all responsibility for locking us down, ruining the economy, and murdering residents of nursing homes? No, “the pandemic” committed all those crimes. But serfs rebelling against idiotic dictatorship—then we’re to credit politicians with “returning us to normal.”

“We always intended July Fourth as a moment to take stock and celebrate the progress we’ve made. But by no means was it an end point,” a senior administration official said. “What really matters is what the country feels like and what Americans are safely able to do. …”

Isn’t that typical of Marxists? Reality doesn’t matter: how we “feel” is far more essential. And when they couldn’t meet their goals, they moved the goalposts. 

Oh, wait: 

The official … denied that the administration was moving the goal posts…

My bad. Naturally, when habitual liars say they aren’t doing precisely what they’re doing, we believe them rather than our own eyes and ears. 

In a prime-time address in March, [Biden] set a more modest goal — that if Americans continued to follow safety protocols and ultimately got vaccinated, it was likely they could host modest gatherings by the holiday. “That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together,” he said.

Newsflash, you senile old coot: the Deep State will suffer pangs of conscience before I ask you to approve the number of guests at my “gathering.”

“We have built an unparalleled, first-of-its-kind, nationwide vaccination program. And as a result, we have successfully executed the most complex, logistical task in history — administering 300 million shots in 150 days,” [Jeffrey] Zients[, the head of the White House Covid-19 response team,] is to say [in a forthcoming announcement].

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of America’s past—let alone the world’s—smirks at such mind-boggling ignorance and hubris. What about Benedict Arnold’s march to Quebec? What about Washington’s evacuation of the Continental Army in August of 1776? What about D-Day? What about the building of the Pyramids? What about Hannibal’s trek across the Alps? What about— Oh, never mind. There may be a greater waste of time than quibbling with outright morons, but I’m danged if I know what it is.

…the administration has begun to increasingly warn of the risk of contracting the more contagious and potentially deadlier delta variant in pushing Americans to get their shot.

“The new variant will leave unvaccinated people even more vulnerable than they are a month ago,” Biden warned Friday as he touted 300 million vaccination doses administered since he took office. “But the good news is, we have the solution. The science and the data are clear: The best way to protect yourself against these variants are to get fully vaccinated.”

No, the best way to protect ourselves is to turn off the Idiot Box. Short of converging on Washington with pitchforks, of course.

12:58 pm on June 22, 2021

It’s About Time! Congress Votes To Repeal Iraq War Authorization

12:35 pm on June 22, 2021

CDC Libertarians Have a Warped View of Libertarianism

CDC libertarians, who never tire of telling us that private businesses have the right to require that their customers wear masks, social distance, and get the Covid-19 vaccine, have a warped view of libertarianism. When we denounce these things, their refrain over and over again is: private businesses have the right to set the rules for entrance to their property. Yes, they certainly do. No one is disputing that. But just because we denounce masks, distancing, plexiglass shields, and the vaccine doesn’t mean that we want the state to prevent businesses from requiring these things. There is nothing unlibertarian about pointing out the folly of these things, trying to get businesses to change their policies, or refusing to patronize businesses that require these things. And there is certainly nothing unlibertarian about pointing out that it is only because of government propaganda that businesses even think about requiring these things in areas where there are no mandates for any of these things anymore. This is something that CDC libertarians are strangely silent on.

9:23 am on June 22, 2021


“Variants.” A last ditch effort save the pyramid of lies. You know you have arrived at the crowning moment of “science” when you are told that these “variants” are going to “find you” and “pick you off.”

At a Monday news conference, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, said Delta has the potential “to be more lethal because it’s more efficient in the way it transmits between humans,” according to CNBC.

He said the Delta variant “will eventually find those vulnerable individuals who will become severely ill, have to be hospitalized and potentially die.”

“This particular delta variant is faster, it is fitter, it will pick off the more vulnerable more efficiently than previous variants, and therefore if there are people left without vaccination, they remain even at further risk,” Ryan added, according to CNBC.

8:31 am on June 22, 2021

Virus fraud props up the rent-seeking medical dictatorship complex

Hopefully, the next house of cards to collapse will be the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex’s decades-long fraud of virology and microbe hunting. The State, by using the fearmongering powers of virus threats, has managed to build an entire kingdom of fear via lies and pseudo-science. And of course they have the masses safety-begging for a larger, more invasive government to “protect them” from these constantly-evolving boogeyman threats. Because, you see, a “virus” is something that no individual can control. That means you can’t “health your way out of it” or avoid it. Remember – you can’t hide from a virus, so the ‘Rona is gonna get you no matter what. So then, the only alternative becomes the Medical-Elite-Governmental Oligarchy that encases us in plastic, plexiglass, gloves, masks, rules, and lockdowns, that is, until the Pharmaceutical Heroes can come along and rescue us with their glorious and profitable vaccinations and pharmaceuticals.

Virus Mania Scientism, built on a one-dimensional virus theory that allows for no skepticism or detractors, has – during CovidScam – utilized the media machine to smear, discredit, “debunk”, and censor all those who should dare to offer views or questions that deviate from the standard script. Thanks to alternative media sites popping up in response to the censorship from tyrants, the truth is able to be rescued from Big Tech’s insatiable appetite for control.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to understanding the false premises of virus mania. Dr Andy Kaufman on viral isolation, genomic sequencing, and variants.


8:17 am on June 22, 2021

Masculine men are “sheep”

I can’t stop laughing at this article written by an “unbiased” feminist.

“Women are, on average, intellectually superior to men. This intellectual maturity allows them to have a greater hold on their emotions when faced with confrontation. In comparison, the fragility of toxic masculinity creates an atmosphere where men feel the need to prove themselves as an “Alpha”, resulting in extreme aggression and physical confrontation. This reaction is enhanced when levels of testosterone are increased in the male body through physical fitness.

… Unfortunately, castration is not an option for humans at this point in time due to the lack of research in the field of synthetically engineered sperm which is necessary for procreation.”

7:38 am on June 22, 2021

The Day Slavery Finally Ended in New Jersey, the Last Slave State

January 23, 1866, not “Juneteenth.”  (About 90,000 New Jersey men participated in the U.S. government’s invasion of the Southern states with some 6,300 being killed and several times that number being wounded.  Some were conscripted after Lincoln’s conscription law was imposed in January of 1863.  One wonders what they thought they were fighting for).

7:27 am on June 22, 2021

Breakthrough on the Lies

Breakthrough cases” –> I guess they weren’t vaccinated hard enough?

The CDC called off the dogs on “testing” gene-therapied people so that the fraud of the testing would not be revealed, but that isn’t stopping people from being tested. Amazingly, after 16 months of non-stop facts and figures on PCR (polymerase chain reaction), some really stupid people *still* think PCR can be used for “testing” for a virus and viral load, _in spite_ of the inventor of the test (Kary Mullis) stating, unequivocally, that PCR could not ever do any such task.

So when people ‘test positive’ there has to be another (new) story to explain that phenomenon. So they rename these positive tests as “breakthrough cases” — yet another made-up term to further confound the reality of this house of cards.

7:24 am on June 22, 2021

Not Only a Black Heart But a Crony One, Too

Regarding The Black Heart of BlackRock, Tim remarks, 

We should not forget old Larry was a longtime friend and advisor to Donald Trump.

7:00 am on June 22, 2021

Brave 9-Year Old WRECKS School Board for Pushing BLM, Racially Dividing Students

3:03 am on June 22, 2021

Congress Actually Does Something Good

I know you are just as shocked as I am. The House last week voted 268-161 to revoke the 2002 authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) that authorized the immoral, unjust, and unnecessary war in Iraq. Forty-nine Republicans and 219 Democrats voted in favor of the repeal bill (H.R.256). Only one Democrat voted against repeal, Rep. Elaine G. Luria of Virginia. This means that 160 Republican House members are still bloodthirsty neocon warmongers. I note also that the House voted in favor of repeal last year as well, but the Trump administration opposed the bill and the Republican-controlled Senate never voted on it.

8:01 pm on June 21, 2021

A National Day of Historical Ignorance

That is how historian Brion McClanahan describes the new federal holiday of Juneteenth. He writes:

Hereditary slavery did not end in the United States until December 6, 1865, the ratification date of the 13th Amendment. Slave auctions continued in Kentucky through November 1865, five months after slavery supposedly ended on June 19th, 1865. If the last slaves were told they were free on June 19th, then what about slaves sold into slavery AFTER that point? Would be news to them. Delaware, Kentucky, and New Jersey (all slave States in 1865) rejected the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, and slavery was legal in each State until December, six months after June 19th, 1865. By the way, Delaware, Kentucky, and New Jersey were technically all UNION States during the War, though Kentucky was a special case and could be considered a Confederate State as well. Only Mississippi rejected the 13th Amendment from the former Confederate States. That means THREE Union States and only one Confederate State rejected the amendment that ended slavery after the War. So much for the theory that the Union fought the war to free the slaves, even after Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

See and hear more on his website.

3:40 pm on June 21, 2021

Sooner or Later, The Dictionary Will List “COVIDCon” and “Politicians” As Two Of “Hypocrisy’s” Definitions

They’re As Phony Up North As They Are Here reminded Gary from Central Florida of the overwhelming hypocrisy that has characterized COVIDCon from the start: 

…In the same vein we see the double standard all over the country with the arenas and the ballparks now letting in people at full capacity. What happened to the Bubonic Plague? What the great unwashed need to know when they line up for their $9 hot dogs and $12 beers is that they have been had. When they were forced into losing their jobs and businesses and were not allowed by their masters to see their parents or grandkids, the rich owners of sport teams were allowed to have their teams play out their seasons. The 800-lb gorilla in the room is the TV money guaranteed to the owners as long as the games were played. No paying fans but still tons of revenue from the TV contracts. Contrast that to the destruction of small business people who can only thrive with customers being allowed into their stores. Also, …the forced shutdown of Houses of Worship while athletes were running into each other and were in close contact for 2-3 hours playing Football and Hockey. 

Truly crimes against humanity. 

Indeed. And I eagerly await humanity’s revenge.

3:36 pm on June 21, 2021