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Denver in Decay — The End of San Francisco — Seattle is Dying

12:00 am on March 1, 2021

“Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down”

Germany’s Luftwaffe Master Interrogator that Inspired U.S. Interrogation Techniques

11:33 pm on February 28, 2021

Question For Karen

In Yo, Karen: YOU’RE a “Careless Mistake,” one of the TSA’s insufferable shrews scolds passengers, If you own a firearm, you need to know where it is at all times…”

Steve Stanek responds to this harangue by asking,

… if that applies to air marshals and FBI agents and other “law enforcers” who leave their firearms lying around for anyone to find. For instance:

 In a restroom at the Denver airport; 

 In a restroom at the Houston airport; 

 In a restroom in a California restaurant;

 In a restroom in a Grand Rapids bar; 

 In a restroom at the Newark airport. 

 Steve concludes,

What stands out to me is the hypocrisy. These agents of the government seem not to lose their jobs or get arrested or heavily fined for leaving their firearms lying around for anyone to walk off with, yet they don’t hesitate to punish others.

Leviathan is nothing if not a master of double standards.

8:45 pm on February 27, 2021

If This Isn’t a Presidential Speech, I Don’t Know What Is

She has it all — poise, intelligence, vision, strict Conservative values, integrity, bravery and so much more.

Wow!! I hope to see a President Kristi Noem one day.

6:04 pm on February 27, 2021

Yo, Karen: YOU’RE a “Careless Mistake”

Bureaucrats of any stripe are despicable slime that ought to be tarred and feathered and confined to their own island, where they can harass each other until they’ve all committed suicide. But the absolute lowest of these lice wears the blue shirts and gloves of the Thieves and Sexual Assailants that infest Amerikan airports.

Some poor woman in Pennsylvania did what thousands of travelers do every year: she forgot to remove the gun in her purse before rushing to make a flight. Listen to the unspeakably smug crowing from one of the TSA’s sociopaths:

This traveler’s forgetfulness was a careless mistake that will hit her wallet because, like everyone who brings a gun to the checkpoint, she now faces a stiff federal financial civil penalty that could cost her thousands of dollars,” said Karen Keys-Turner, TSA’s federal security director for Pittsburgh International.

How handy! The Feds can recoup from unwary passengers some of the plunder their absurd COVIDCon cost them: 

Federal civil fines can start at $4,100 and reach as high as more than $13,000 depending on the circumstances.

What infuriating corruption! 

Nor was ol’ Karen—was ever a nag more aptly named?—done:

If you own a firearm, you need to know where it is at all times,” she said. … “It’s inexcusable to bring a gun to a checkpoint.”

What’s inexcusable is that this two-bit bloodsucker lectures her betters. What’s even more inexcusable is that we haven’t risen en masse to rid ourselves of these mini-Stalins.

5:04 pm on February 27, 2021

What Most ‘Experts’ Aren’t Telling You During Black History Month

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

It’s progressive when Joe does it.

12:13 pm on February 27, 2021

One Hazard of Fascism

Mr. Anonymous has recently begun new employment; he writes,

WalMart takes itself waaaaaaaaay too seriously.

I have to take WalMart training for this … job (b/c Walmart contracted with a third party company to provide the service).

Hmmm. Wonder if they’re teaching him how to greet shoppers.

The first module was about using a cleaner.

Guess not.

They actually tell you to turn the nozzle so the spray will come out.

The exhaustive, detailed minutia is just mind-numbing.

These people think like bureaucrats.  No wonder they are joined hip to hip with the federal government.  They complement each other very well.

11:46 am on February 27, 2021

Kevin Shipp: Iran Contra – The Untold Story

Kevin Shipp, former CIA Officer and Antiterrorism expert, held several high level positions in the CIA. He was assigned as a protective agent for the Director of Central Intelligence, a counterintelligence investigator, team leader protecting sensitive CIA assets from assassination, manager of high risk protective operations, lead instructor for members of allied governments, internal staff security investigator and a polygraph examiner tasked with protecting the CIA from foreign agent penetration. He is the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards and a Medallion for overseas covert operations. Shipp is the author of From the Company of Shadows. 

Concealed Documents referred to in the video.

11:39 pm on February 26, 2021

Nutty New JFK Assassination Conspiracy Book

Former CIA director James Woolsey is a prominent neocon. He has co-authored a nutty new conspiracy theory book on the JFK assassination. Woolsey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and graduated from Tulsa’s Central High School in 1963, the year JFK was murdered.

Jacob Hornberger, in Woolsey’s Silly Conspiracy, has pointed out exactly the fatal flaw in this nonsense.

This new Woolsey book is nothing new but just regurgitates 1964 “conspiracy theories” of the assassination.

The one which immediately comes to mind is Marxmanship in Dallas, by Revillo P. Oliver, published in the John Birch Society’s American Opinion magazine in February 1964. Oliver was a longtime close friend and colleague of William F. Buckley Jr,, was at Buckley’s wedding, and an early contributor to National Review magazine until Buckley broke off contact because of Oliver’s overt anti-Semitism and other nuttiness. Eventually the Birchers had enough and broke with him too. Oliver was interviewed by the Warren Commission because of his article.

Today I came across another article which castigates Woolsey and his book for different reasons than Hornberger.

Move over Gerald Posner.  You have a serious rival for wacko-in-chief on this topic.

6:38 pm on February 26, 2021

We’re All Bozos On This Bus

1971 Flashback from Firesign Theater.

“How can you be at two places at once, when you’re not anywhere at all !”

5:35 pm on February 26, 2021

Simple Solution

How to prevent, treat and get rid of maskne for good: Experts dive in,” proclaims a headline in the New York Post.

I’m no expert, thank God: their advice in the accompanying article revolves around expensive cleansers, creams and serums.

Nonetheless, I offer my two cents: ditch the diaper.

End of maskne. For good.

4:01 pm on February 26, 2021

Why Has The Fed Unleashed A Whirlwind of Inflation?

1:30 pm on February 26, 2021

Mt. Etna, “Survival of the Fittest,” and World War II

Lew, the recent eruption of the Mt. Etna volcano on Sicily needs to be placed in mega historical context.  We find in analyzing the growth of modern geology and biology in relation to the Darwinian Revolution in evolutionary science, how these theories were twisted, perverted, or distorted in three decisive ways: (1) “Survival of the Fittest” Race – leading from Ernst Haeckel to Heinrich Himmler to Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust in Germany; (2) “Survival of the Fittest” Individual – leading to Social Darwinists William Graham Sumner in the U.S. and Herbert Spencer in the UK and their prescriptions for laissez-faire capitalism and opposition to the emerging welfare state; and finally, (3) “Survival of the Fittest” Class – leading from Karl Marx to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Marxist-Leninist Socialism in the Soviet Union. All three of these distortions of Darwin clashed in a minor little conflict called World War II.  These distorted theories later provided the ideological basis of the Cold War confrontation between East and West, the Soviets and their hegemonic empire versus the United States and its hegemonic empire.

11:18 am on February 26, 2021

Happy Black Democrat History Month

I just read that Amazon Prime quit streaming a documentary on Clarence Thomas.  It’s Black Democrat History month, so we can’t have any of that.  Black people apparently have still not been convinced by their Democrat party plantation overseers that they, and they alone, are incapable of independent thought.

10:25 am on February 26, 2021

Believe It Or Not, There’s One Lawyer Who’s a Godsend!

That would be “John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre [yep, it’s Canadian] for Constitutional Freedoms” who’s defending a Christian martyr about whom I reported last week. Pastor James Coates still languishes in a cage because he obeyed God rather than government when the latter ordered him to cease his church’s services. 

Mr. Carpay recently published a column in the Western Standard, “an independent source of news and commentary fighting for a strong and free Western Canada, committed to the truth even when it hurts, and forever pledged to refuse government funding.” Let us thank the Lord not only for Esquire Carpay but for these brave and principled journalists! (The publisher, Derek Fildebrandt, opines in his latest editorial, “The man who asks ‘Is there a rate of transmission or fatality that you feel would support these actions?’ should instead ask himself, ‘Is there any liberty that you would not take away to support the government’s actions?’” Fans can email him at; I’m sure he endures the same scorn that an American publisher defending freedom would.)

Back to Mr. Carpay, who castigates the nauseating hypocrisy of Canada’s rulers from the first sentence of his op-ed:

While Pastor James Coates was locked up in an Alberta prison, Premier Jason Kenney posted this on Facebook: “Best wishes to Christians across Alberta and around the world as they begin the penitential season of Lent on this Ash Wednesday.”

From there, our hero rips the government’s flouting of science, concluding, “Pastor Coates is following the science. Jason Kenney is not.” Then he returns to the premier’s galling duplicity:

Responding to the public outcry over Alberta jailing a pastor, Premier Kenney stated: “So I want to be absolutely clear: Alberta’s government will always respect and protect the fundamental freedoms of religion and worship, period.”

That is, except when pastors are put in jail for refusing to comply with unscientific health orders.

Love it! “Lawyer skewers Canadian premier, indeed, as phrased it!

Mr. Carpay “skewers” the lockdowns as well:

What Mr. Kenney describes as “safe and reasonable guidelines” are joy-killing, coercive laws that force people into isolation and loneliness by banning the necessary social interactions that we need for our physical, mental, spiritual and financial well-being. Lockdowns (whether full or partial) produce anxiety, stress and depression even amongst those who have not been pushed into unemployment, poverty and despair.

There is nothing “safe” about cancelling medically necessary surgeries, like the pace-maker surgery needed by Jerry Dunham, who was killed by lockdowns – not by COVID. There is nothing “reasonable” about forcing businesses into bankruptcy, often destroying the life savings of honest, hard-working people. There is nothing “safe” about taking away sports, recreation, social interactions and recreational pursuits from children and adults, forcing millions to experience life primarily through a two-dimensional computer screen.

Mere “guidelines” are not enforced with $1,000 fines and imprisonment, if one cares about honesty when using the English language. These are coercive laws, not “guidelines.” Moreover, none of these laws have been approved by a vote of the members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta; instead, laws are announced on the fly at press conferences and imposed on us by the Kenney-Hinshaw duo, contrary to the constitutional requirement that democratic law-making be carried out by the legislature.

If you need a pick-me-up as badly as I did this morning, refresh yourself with this scathing critique of quackery, sanctimony, and dictatorship!

10:20 am on February 26, 2021

Real Leadership

Thank goodness the US has a president who reminds 300 million + Americans to “wash your hands.” Leadership!

Says Biden: “I want to make something really very clear: This is not a time to relax. We must keep washing our hands, stay socially distanced and for God’s sake—for God’s sake, wear a mask.” Then he walks off stage looking like he can’t keep his balance and is about to fall over … not wearing a mask. Watch Kamala Harris when her eyes pop out of her head and she reminds Mr. Dementia to get his mask.


7:57 am on February 26, 2021

Faith-Based Science

It is rather obvious that Facebook has built a brigade of pedestrian “science believers” who never paid any attention whatsoever to any science before March 2020.

The whole campaign on social media to turn folks with 9th-grade reading and comprehension abilities into deniers of skepticism was promoted by the mass media and Big Tech for the purpose of politicizing scientific themes and promoting a mob-rules mentality to invalidate and stigmatize anyone who would dare to deny the entirety of The Covid Narrative. Thus the dumbing down of science is now complete.

7:50 am on February 26, 2021

Senile Joe’s First Mass Murders?

If so, I wonder what took him so long.  “We” are reportedly bombing and killing Iranians and Syrians.

7:59 pm on February 25, 2021

A Kernel of Wisdom from the Web?

A friend sends me a twitter quip that seems to be on to something:  Leftists oppose allowing doctors to prescribe hydroxychloriquine, zinc, and a z-pac for early-onset “COVID” despite testimonials from doctors who have treated thousands of patients in this way around the world, but demand that children be allowed to be given puberty-blocking drugs with sometimes horrific side effects.

7:42 pm on February 25, 2021

Glenn Greenwald: VIDEO: Trending as a Transphobe and Bi-Phobe

VIDEO: Trending as a Transphobe and Bi-Phobe, by Glenn Greenwald

What drives online mob campaigns, and what does this new Gallup survey of the U.S. LGBT population highlight that merits further examination and investigation?

6:47 pm on February 25, 2021

The Resurrection of the Third Reich

In Amerika .  Not by “white supremacists” but by white leftists in the Demo-Nazi party.

6:34 pm on February 25, 2021

PS on the PO

And still more anecdotes and complaints about the incompetence, inconvenience and expense of the USPS!

Jean Carbonneau spent 33 years at the PO—-um, that was his job; he wasn’t waiting in line—, but he never joined its union (the PO is an “open shop,” surprisingly enough. Or perhaps not: once again, the Feds grant flexibility to their own enterprises that they deny to private ones).

Now that he’s changed from employee to customer, I asked Mr. Carbonneau what changes he’d appreciate:

first thing I’d like to see happen is eliminate Saturday letter mail and periodical deliveries.  (I’d still want them to do package delivery.)  Most letter mail and periodicals  are junk mail anyway, and most of that gets tossed, but people do love getting their packages. In fact, the carriers letter cases on Saturdays would be full of mail that had to be delivered on Monday.  In other words, they took out less mail than what they received.   That will probably not happen due to the letter carrier union.  

A friendly amendment: abolish the USPS entirely, not just Saturday’s mail.

He also testified to the PO’s ineptitude: 

…on a particular April 15th, the main office here in Portland ME, which is the busiest office in the entire state, had only 1 clerk working for the entire day.  No wonder people now file electronically.  

From Sweden, Henrik testifies to the ease of receiving correspondence and packages when the central government doesn’t monopolize their delivery:

…I haven’t seen a post office in years. We get packages delivered to the grocery stores, which hand them out at a special counter. Or at the tobacco stores. If you have to wait for a minute or two during the busiest hours, no need to stand in line, as you take a number.

When you order something online from a business, such as the pharmacies which were privatized in 2009, you have the option to have it delivered by the postal service to one of these outlets, or by a private firm, and you can always choose a location in your town. Some of the locations are boxes at malls, where you type in a code to open the box with your package, with no counter to deal with.

The postal service still has buildings for private post boxes that you can hire permanently, though I don’t know why you would have one. For your business, I guess. …

As a side note, every American, Canadian or Briton who comes to Sweden for studies or work is a leftist. Unlike e.g. Chinese students. The Anglos have all heard of the socialist paradise. Sweden’s economic prosperity was never created by monopolies, it was created by great inventions in private businesses like Volvo and IKEA, Astra and Electrolux. The English speakers who move here must be disappointed, or they will just tell themselves that society works because of the social democrat government, not despite of it. The universities are as leftist as in the U.S., which is no coincidence; all the “sociology” textbooks and similar are written by U.S. professors, except for some local knockoffs who use the same propaganda words and thinking peddled by American universities and Hollywood. It is the U.S. that is the center of leftism in the West, not Sweden.

There may be more tragic sentences than that last, but you’d search long and hard to find them.

Finally, the PO and the White House are joining their diabolical forces for a scheme so monumentally foolish and wasteful it sounds like a parody:

President Joe Biden said Tuesday the White House will “probably” move to send face masks directly to Americans as the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

I don’t know about you, but I am always the only shopper without a mask; clearly, none of the Morons have any trouble procuring diapers. Meanwhile, the nation is how many trillions in debt? And the Usurper hopes to waste another $2 trillion of our stolen dollars on UBI–sorry, “direct payments to most Americans” and—of course—special interests.

Yet none of these considerations even appear on Our Rulers’ radar, let alone have power to slow this train-wreck.

[This absurd mailing is] a plan originally proposed by health officials during the Trump administration but was blocked by the former President.

Yet another debt we owe Trump, along with his war on Critical Race Theory and his preventing Hildebeast from reigning over us: thank you, Mr. President-in-Exile! Or, as David Mueller, who sent me this story, scoffed,

Can you imagine just how dumb that conversation was in the White House which came up with the idea of sending everyone a face mask?

Instead of something useful such as Vitamin D3 and zinc, ‘Ol Sniffer hit on the profundity of a face mask.  

I think millions of those things are going to get sent right back to the dog house. 

Toss some rabies in the package while you’re at it.

2:54 pm on February 25, 2021

Systemic Maskism

Should he have left when asked? Yes. But the important talking point here is the madness that ensued over – omg! – a human being not having his breathing holes covered *and* the absolute wickedness of the reaction to his non-compliance. The compliance aspect is going to determine your future, and at its very foundation it’s all been forcibly imposed by government for evil purposes, backed by endless propaganda, lies, and fear-baiting.

Thus I am referring to this as “Systemic Maskism.”

2:40 pm on February 25, 2021

Harbinger of plandemics

Does anyone ever stop to wonder why the media is full of threatening headlines stating, “Bill Gates warns……”?

It’s so amazing that these global elites know exactly when pandemics will start and end, and {what} and {when} the next major crisis will commence. But so many people refuse to understand, at the most basic level, that these are events that are fully planned and prepared for, and years in advance, in order to enforce political agendas with the least resistance while seizing a horrendous amount of power.

I still have many, many smart friends who believe this planned scamdemic is a real pandemic. 12 … months … later.

2:38 pm on February 25, 2021

Whiter than Snow

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the whitest looking person in this picture on her congressional website. Does she not represent any white people in the Bronx and Queens?

1:41 pm on February 25, 2021

Doomsday Scenario

I’m not much for forecasts or speculations: rulers give us so much actual evil that I can’t keep up, let alone worrying about the “what ifs” and “mights.” So pardon me for launching into sheer speculation here, but Monnie forwarded a column that propounds a terrifying thesis constructed from these facts:

  1. Biological warfare’s holy grail is infecting the enemy with a disease that will not wipe out your own population. 

Ahem: rulers are such sociopaths that I doubt they worry about killing anyone, even their own tax-slaves (and the universal lockdowns this past year prove that in pursuit of total power, these criminals will forego plundering us. So why would they scruple to slaughter us?).

          2. The search for such a disease, the author maintains, has proceeded for years and is ongoing. Indeed, Faux-chi’s excuse for “gain-of-function” research with coronavirus was defensive: he hoped to discover a cure or vaccine should another nation develop such a weapon. (Yeah, right, and I have a bridge to Brooklyn for sale.)

3. “Ordinary vaccines we have lots of experience with, such as measles, the flu shot, mumps and similar do not carry a risk beyond that of natural infection and cannot be weaponized because they produce the exact same antibody response as a natural infection.  If you have had either the measles or the shot you will have antibodies but an antibody test will not tell you which since they’re not distinguishable.”

         4. COVIDCon’s “vaccine” is really gene therapy. And in fact, some of the jabbed have contracted COVID. Does the shot increase your susceptibility to the germ? 


due to the way these mRNA shots work — they are not actually a vaccine at all in that they do not “mimic” natural infection but rather cause your cells to produce the spike protein that the virus has and that elicits an immune response — that the antibodies produced by those jabs would be distinct and distinguishable from natural infection. …

An adversary that develops a virus (e.g. another modified/mutated bat virus, for example) that selectively targets ADE [where antibody presence potentiates the infection instead of protecting against it] in people with the specific antibodies from vaccination, which are distinct from natural infection, could easily kill every single person who was vaccinated and not harm or only make mildly sick those who either had Covid-19 naturally or who were uninfected and unvaccinated.

Americans, stupidly obeying their rulers as usual, are lining up for “gene therapy,” becoming sick, and dying—and  another coronavirus hasn’t even “escaped” from the lab in Wuhan yet. Meanwhile, China’s “domestic effort” to produce its own antidote-–one which is an actual vaccine instead of gene therapy—for inoculating its serfs “is intensifying.” In a war of weaponized COVID, the Chinese Army won’t sicken and die—but Americans will.

Beginning to understand why the Usurper now infests the White House?

12:59 pm on February 25, 2021


12:40 pm on February 25, 2021

From the Dentist’s Mouth

Michael Hargadon is a dentist with an MS in Microbiology. Prior to opening his dental practice, he worked as a clinical microbiologist at Baltimore Cancer Research Center in Reverse Isolation and laminar Air Flow clinical settings.

Given those credentials, his opinion on masks should carry a ton of weight:

Surgical masks have been worn by health professionals, to protect against cross contamination of Blood-borne viruses, not Respiratory viruses. 

Having worked as a microbiologist, or a dentist, throughout my professional career, I am very familiar with wearing a disposable surgical mask. I wore one to minimize the cross contamination of body fluids or tissues. This has been a concern due to blood-borne viruses. 

Some people ask, “If masks don’t work, then why do medical personnel wear them?” 

Blood-borne viruses (BBVs) are transmitted by blood or other body fluids containing virus. This happens when the blood or fluids enter into the body or onto the mucosa of a susceptible person. I had never worn a mask with the intention of minimizing respiratory viral infections because they have been proven to be ineffective against respiratory viruses. Viral respiratory infections (VRIs) include colds, the flu and bronchiolitis. Respiratory means something that affects the lungs and airways (breathing passages). VRIs may cause coughing, sneezing, runny noses, sore throats or fever in a healthy patient, and more serious complications in patients with a weak immune system or co-morbidities. 

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus. Ben Swann does a thorough literature review on scientific data, which supports this conclusion.

I don’t mean to minimize Dr. Hargadon’s observation here; as his wife told me, “We have listened to lots of alternative views and no one seems to make this distinction regarding masks.” But doesn’t that difference seem elemental? Shouldn’t anyone with some medical training understand that masks mitigate infection only from BBVs? Why then have quacks and charlatans like Faux-chi dominated the last year while tens of thousands of medical professionals acquiesce to their patent lies?

How do those professionals sleep at night? Faux-chi is a sociopath, so I don’t wonder that his non-existent conscience doesn’t trouble him. But what about other doctors, nurses, and dentists? Good gracious, I recently visited a cousin who’s an infectious-disease nurse; she gently chided me for not wearing a mask. Doesn’t she understand they guard against BBVs, not VRIs? Ditto for cousins on my mother’s side: they’re doctors who refused to include another relative at Christmas dinner unless he diapered up. He wrote me, very hurt over their snub; why did they so cruelly wound him over nothing?

11:25 am on February 25, 2021

How Can A Global Conspiracy Work?

Excellent concise “must-see” presentation by James Corbett. I have addressed a variation of this question in the past here at LRC and listed authoritative sources. As Corbett perceptively alludes to in his remarks, the truth is out there for the attentive reader/viewer who seeks open documentation, substantiation, or verification of these truths.


2:58 am on February 25, 2021

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