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The Banana Wars

See also The Panama Canal — The Little Known Backstory Wall Street’s Panama Canal Conspiracy (Amazon book list); and Smedley Darlington Butler (Amazon book/DVD list).

Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC retired:

I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914.

I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

8:23 pm on June 14, 2021

Mencken’s Day Has Arrived

“On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” ~ H. L. Mencken

7:23 pm on June 14, 2021

German-Soviet Military Relations, 1918-1941 That Led To WWII

The Birth of the Nazis: How the Freikorps Blazed A Trail For Hitler, book by Nigel Jones


Germany–Soviet Union relations, 1918–1941 — Wikipedia

Feeding the German Eagle: Soviet Economic Aid to Nazi Germany, 1933-1941, book by Edward E. Ericson III 

The dramatic story of Hitler and Stalin’s marriage of convenience has been recounted frequently over the past 60 years, but with remarkably little consensus. As the first English-language study to analyze the development, extent, and importance of the Nazi-Soviet economic relationship from Hitler’s ascension to power to the launching of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941, this book highlights the crucial role that Soviet economic aid played in Germany’s early successes in World War II. When Hitler’s rearmament efforts left Germany dangerously short of raw materials in 1939, Stalin was able to offer valuable supplies of oil, manganese, grain, and rubber. In exchange, the Soviet Union would gain territory and obtain the technology and equipment necessary for its own rearmament efforts.

However, by the summer of 1941, Stalin’s well-calculated plan had gone awry. Germany’s continuing reliance on Soviet raw materials would, Stalin hoped, convince Hitler that he could not afford to invade the USSR. As a result, the Soviets continued to supply the Reich with the resources that would later carry the Wehrmacht to the gates of Moscow and nearly cost the Soviets the war. The extensive use in this study of neglected source material in the German archives helps resolve the long-standing debate over whether Stalin’s foreign policy was one of expansionism or appeasement.

Devil’s Bargain: Germany and Russia Before WWII, article by James C. Corum

On A Field of Red: The Communist International and the coming of World War II, book by Anthony Cave Brown

During the 1920s, the WWI allies treated the Soviet Union as a diplomatic leper in reaction to the flagrant interference of the Comintern in western domestic political affairs and the increasingly brutal and antidemocratic character of the Soviet government. Germany, on the other hand, was defeated, friendless, economically prostate, and saddled by the Versailles Treaty with oppressive reparations payments and severe limits on German military power. Not surprisingly, these conditions drove the Germans to seek rapprochement with the other outcast, the Soviet Union. The 1922 Treaty of Rapallo provided the basis for the secret rebuilding of German military strength on Soviet territory and, quid pro quo, for German training and organization of the Red Army. Despite Rapallo, the Comintern continued to agitate for the proletarian revolution in Germany, undermining the Weimar government, and leading to the rise of Hitler.

A Century of Conflict: Communist Techniques of World Revolution, book by Stefan T. Possony

Double Lives: Spies and Writers in the Secret Soviet War of Ideas Against the West, book by Stephan Koch

Professor Stephen Koch meticulously details the manipulation by the Soviets’ master propagandist Willi Munzenberg of thousands of European and American progressive intellectuals in the inter-war period of the 1920s and 1930s by his vast publishing network and interlocking front organizations under the covert direction of the Communist International (Comintern) and the Soviet secret services of the NKVD and the GRU.

He particularly concentrates upon the intellectual elite that fell under Munzenberg’s sway in this cultural war against the West.

This includes such persons as Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Andre’ Malraux, Andre’ Gide, Pablo Picasso, Dorothy Parker, George Grosz, Lincoln Steffens, John Dos Passos, Bertolt Brecht, Lillian Hellman, Dashiell Hammett and Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

This volume shatters myth after historical myth of this critical period. It is one of the most important books I have ever read.

Münzenberg, Koch states, “developed what may well be the leading moral illusion of the twentieth century: the notion that in the modern age the principal arena of the moral life, the true realm of good and evil, is political.” 

The notion that – the ethical is the political – and that the highest form of ethical expression was “anti-fascism,” – with the Soviet Union as the publicly-identified, ideologically most dedicated opponent of fascism, thus holding the moral high ground.

This myth was actually built upon the basest of lies.

As Koch demonstrates, from the earliest days of the National Socialist regime in Germany, beginning with the Reichstag Fire less than a month after Hitler became Chancellor, a sinister covert relationship existed between Nazi secret intelligence and their Soviet counterpart.

This clandestine cooperation continued throughout the decade: Hitler’s massacre of Ernst Rohm and his S. A. leadership in the Night of the Long Knives; Stalin’s terror purge of CPSU party members, feckless intellectuals, military officers (most notably Field Marshal Tukhachevsky’s betrayal by documents forged in a Gestapo laboratory), and the murder of tens of millions of ordinary Soviet citizens, reaching its culmination in the Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact of August, 1939.

Publicly the Soviet Union and their international Popular Front network (of what were secretly designated “useful idiots” or “Innocents’ Clubs”) preached “anti-fascism.”

Covertly Stalin sought accommodation, appeasement, and eventual alliance with Hitler.

But there was something else sinister going on in this same period


3:33 pm on June 14, 2021

Critical Race Theory


2:59 pm on June 14, 2021

US Judge To TX Hospital Workers: ‘Get The Shot Or Get Fired!’

12:49 pm on June 14, 2021

“Even North Korea Was Not This Nuts” About Communism

Says a young Korean woman who escaped the totalitarian hell of North Korea by walking across the Gobi desert at age 13, referring to her experiences at “prestigious” Ivy League Columbia University.

Send your child to an Ivy League School; pay $60,000/year or more for four or five years; watch him turn into an ignorant, slogan-chanting, incapable-of-rational-thought communist.

11:58 am on June 14, 2021

Glenn Greenwald: The Enduring False Narrative About the PULSE Massacre Shows the Power of Media Propaganda

The Enduring False Narrative About the PULSE Massacre Shows the Power of Media Propaganda, by Glenn Greenwald

Politicians and activists should stop ratifying the fiction that Omar Mateen was motivated by anti-LGBT hatred. It dishonors the victims and obscures the real motive.

11:05 am on June 14, 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu: False Prophet

I see that Benjamin Netanyahu is out as Israel’s prime minister. He was a false prophet. Back in 2006, he said that the president of Iran was another Hitler and that Iran would get a nuke and threaten the world within five years. It is now 2021.

11:05 am on June 14, 2021

Jack Posobiec – Inside the Black Bloc – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice

“American political activist and author Jack Posobiec joins Michael Malice this week for a discussion on what Antifa is and why we should care, how a Polish person can be against an “anti-fascist” organization, who Antifa was formed to target and why they consider them social fascists, how questioning the validity of the corporate press is a great first red pill to take, how talking points during the Benghazi attack were written by the CIA, how the black uniforms come in many colors, the story behind the cover of Jack’s new book, who in the corporate media is running interference for Antifa, how Ulrike Meinhof got her start as a left-wing journalist, plus what conservatives don’t understand about the nature of the Antifa movement and so much more!”

Three valuable books to consult on this topic are Posebiec’s The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc, Andy Ngo’s  Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, and Stephen Koch’s Double Lives: Spies and Writers in the Secret Soviet War of Ideas Against the West. Here is my Amazon review on the importance of Koch’s brilliant and essential volume.

Jack Posobiec talks to Brett R. Smith about his new book, The Antifa: Stories From Inside The Black Bloc

Above is the egregious and despicable Lincoln Project ad lauding the vicious contemporary anarcho-communist thugs of antifa by comparing them with the valiant allied troops who heroically fought and died fighting the murderous National Socialists of the Third Reich in World War II. See my earlier LRC blog, MSNBC’s Brian Williams Bears an Unmistakable Equivalence to His Predecessor, Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels in Spreading This Vicious Blood Libel.

8:50 am on June 14, 2021

A Stately Spawn

The Original Parson Goat? prompted Scott Evans to write:

…Any “church” that is named “Church Of …”, followed by the name of a temporal nation, is NOT part of the Body of Christ. Rather, it is a political creation, a skinsuit made to serve the (usually blasphemous and/or demonic) ends of the temporal ruler who created it. The original model, created by the gluttonous, adulterous tyrant King Henry VIII of England, was a “middle finger salute” to the pope who wouldn’t grant Henry a divorce from his first (and only Scripturally legal) wife. No doctrinal disputes with the Catholic church, no spiritual inspiration to challenge the heresies of Rome. Just pure spite and manipulation for vain, self (and Satan)-serving ends. Thus has it been ever since with every other monarch that has created his own “national church.”

Are there devout Christians in the Anglican Church? Absolutely. I fellowshipped with them when I joined one Reformed Anglican church as well as when I subsequently attended another (which couldn’t slam its doors fast enough last March. Bah!). Ditto for other “national” churches. But on the whole, especially given the shenanigans among mainline Episcopalians, Scott’s devastating critique stands.

Christians really need to adopt the mindset that any of the vile offensiveness emanating from any of these skin suit faux churches is irrelevant to the Body of Christ, as these organizations and their human contents are not and never were part of it. The only reason most of us are concerned at all is that these skin suits deceive non-believers into thinking of them as representative of true Christianity. Unfortunately, plenty of other “mainstream” denominations that are every bit as apostate or heretical are also leading them astray. I suppose we just have to take solace in knowing that one of Our Lord’s first acts upon His return is going to be the purging of His church of the chaff and the goats, meaning a quick and painful end to blasphemous, apostate frauds like “the United Church of Canada.”

And some “Christians” eviscerate the Almighty’s righteous judgement to focus exclusively on His love! Again I shout, “Bah!”

8:07 am on June 14, 2021

Tax Nullification in Baltimore

Thirty-seven businesses in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore have stopped paying city taxes until the city government police do something about the explosion of rape, murder, shootings, theft, and vandalism there, all on the heels of a year of government-mandated lockdowns.  They also demand that the city start picking up the trash and put an end to all the public urination and defecation in Nancy Pelosi’s home town where her father was once the mayor and congressman.  It’s the right move, but I’m not holding my breath.  Baltimore’s Demo-Bolshevik/BLM political regime, which has been in control since 1967, is hopelessly stupid, corrupt, and criminal, and only cares about its own power, bribes, and kickbacks, propped up by the burgeoning Baltimore city welfare parasite and criminal classes.  They obviously have zero concern for the Fells Point business owners.

Memo to Fells Point Business Owners:  Florida is still open for business.  Jimmy Kimmel was lying when he said on his late night show that Florida is “America’s North Korea.”  His own state of California (or Maryland, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and all other “blue” states) would be a better match.

The city government sponsored a Fells Point “town hall” last Thursday to supposedly discuss all of this and the mayor didn’t even bother to show up.

9:37 am on June 13, 2021

The Politically Incorrect Guide to ____________ (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Woodrow Wilson & the Origins of Progressivism

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression & the New Deal

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Supreme Court (Starring Tom Woods & Michael Malice!)

5:54 pm on June 12, 2021

Help Pastor Shepherd

Allan Stevo writes:

Pastor Gabriel Abdelaziz of Paso Robles, California NEVER closed down.

Not on Easter.

Not on Pentecost.

Not on Christmas.

Not for a single Sunday.

You may have read that Gavin Newsom closed down the churches in California.

Definitely not this one.

No matter how tense the fear campaign became, The Revival Center kept having services every Sunday and every Wednesday.

They do not social distance, they do not wear a mask, and they have stayed open.

“Faith and fear cannot coexist together,” preaches this brave California pastor. …

The church is packed many Sundays and has come to host speakers such as Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors — all because this pastor stayed true to his calling, kept his church open, and kept preaching from the Bible.

This pastor wants to live stream. YouTube won’t let him until he has 1,000 subscribers.

If you have a YouTube account will you please subscribe to his channel.

Please forward this request to friends of yours with YouTube accounts as well.

Let’s help give this brave Pastor a voice that reaches far beyond Paso Robles, California, as he and his congregation stand up to the tyranny around him and help lead California, the United States, and the world out of this mess we’ve found ourselves in.

Let’s give this brave pastor an even more powerful platform.

It’s almost enough to make me join YouTube!

11:14 am on June 12, 2021

Conspiracy Cartoons Revisited

Here are three “conspiracy cartoons” for your enjoyment and edification. The first is Bimbo’s Initiation, a 1931 Fleischer Studios Talkartoon animated short film starring Bimbo and featuring Betty Boop. It begins with a rousing song and enthusiastic cheer such as found at an Ivy League college of the day such as Yale (hint, hint). Our hapless protagonist Bimbo is then submitted to a series of harrowing initiation ordeals and rituals by a cabal of sinister-looking individuals in disguise. Notice the repeated Skull and Bones motif throughout the film until Bimbo gains enlightenment and learns who is behind his “initiation.”

The second animation, Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool, is even more disturbing. Notice the repeated usage of Illuminist symbols of the Owl of Minerva, reference to P.M.C.V. which stands for Per Me Caeci Vident (“Through me the blind become sighted”), and “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”, the motto of the elite Bohemian Club. During their annual mid-Summer encampment the Bohemians reenact the ritualistic Cremation of Care before their forty foot statute of the Owl of Minerva on their secluded and carefully monitored  2,700-acre campground.

And lastly the granddaddy of conspiracy cartoons reviewing cosmic events over the past two decades, I pet goat II.

There are more elaborate and arcane ruminations on cartoon conspiracies that I have not touched upon. Caveat Emptor.

10:46 am on June 12, 2021

Europe: The Home of the Vaccine Passport

“All 27 EU countries will use this digital COVID certificate program by July 1, 2021.” There goes my vacation to Europe.

7:45 am on June 12, 2021

The Original Parson Goat?

The United Church of Canada typifies the apostates mask-erading as “Christians” during COVIDCon. Oh, they masqueraded long before the plandemic, but their heresies have plunged to new and horrifying depths. Substituting “social justice” for the Gospel and pretending sodomites can marry no longer contents these sinners, so the pompous “Right Reverend Richard Bott,” “Moderator of the United Church of Canada,” has penned  “A Prayer for Putting on a Mask.” Yes. To wild applause from his fellow recreants:

Creator, as I prepare to go into the world,

Yo, Buddy: you never left it. You are patently in it and of it. 

help me to see the sacrament

I bet you think “child care” is “infrastructure,” too, don’t you?

in the wearing of this cloth – 

“It truly is a holy diaper,” sighed Doug Newman, who alerted me to this drivel.

let it be “an outward sign of an inward grace” –

If that isn’t blasphemy, it’s dangerously close.

a tangible and visible way of living love for my neighbours, as I love myself.

Ol’ Bott is big on loving ourselves; he prattles elsewhere that “the starting point of the church” is “To help people to enter into and deepen their relationship with God … How do we do that? With the most radical love that we know: a true love of Holy Mystery, a true love of ourselves, and a true love of all other parts and people in God’s creation.”

That may be the starting point for Bott’s fan club of one, but it has nothing to do with the Church Militant. Nowhere does the Bible extol self-love; at best, it recognizes that we do indeed put ourselves first in all things and radically—though not radically enough for Bott and other Marxists—commands us to exalt our neighbor to that same level. But “a true love of ourselves”? Get thee behind me, Satan.

Christ, since my lips will be covered, uncover my heart,

Oh, brother. 

that people would see my smile in the crinkles around my eyes.

Imagine wickedness so profound that it glosses over this assault on our humanity.

Since my voice may be muffled, help me to speak clearly, not only with my words, but with my actions.

Oh, those actions speak volumes, Bott, I assure you, and every one worse than the last.

Holy Spirit, as the elastic touches my ears, remind me to listen carefully –and full of care –to all those I meet.

I may barf. Notice Bott’s substitution of “being nice” for warning the unrepentant of their danger and eternal separation from God.

May this simple piece of cloth be shield and banner, and each breath that it holds,

And all the microbes and other germs, too?

be filled with your love.

Like termites, Marxists burrowed into churches and hollowed them out for decades before the plandemic. Is it any wonder that such Goats and their congregations caved completely and immediately last year?

7:28 am on June 12, 2021

What Giving Up Your Medical Freedom Is Like

9:27 pm on June 11, 2021

America’s Untold Stories with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert – CIA in Hollywood

Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert present America’s Untold Stories where we explore cultural figures and history that is often under-appreciated or overlooked. This episode is the CIA in Hollywood. Operation Mockingbird, the Cold War CIA program to infiltrate the American media is supposedly long gone. But is it really? Between 2006 and 2011, the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs (OPA) was involved in at least 22 of the U.S. entertainment industry’s projects. Some of the productions included the films Argo and Zero Dark Thirty and television shows like Top Chef and Covert Affairs.

Media Culture Wars: Engineering Consent and Obedience to Authority  (Amazon book/DVD list)

8:36 pm on June 11, 2021

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Bears an Unmistakable Equivalence to His Predecessor, Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels in Spreading This Vicious Blood Libel

On the Friday, June 4 broadcast of MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” host Brian Williams touted an ad by the Lincoln Project comparing American soldiers in World War II to Antifa.

This was an absolutely abhorrent and vicious distortion of historical memory and the truth. Contemporary cowardly antifa thugs bear no resemblance or relationship to the heroic allied forces who stormed the beaches at Normandy on June 6, 1944, enduring over ten thousand casualties in this epic assault. By airing this seditious scurrilous lie by the despicable disgraced degenerates at the Lincoln Project, MSNBC’s Brian Williams bears an unmistakable equivalence to his predecessor, Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels in spreading this vicious blood libel.

Transcript below:  (more…)

4:19 pm on June 11, 2021

Glenn Greenwald: Trump DOJ Obtained Data on Schiff and Swalwell, Two Long-Time Champions of Domestic Spying

Trump DOJ Obtained Data on Schiff and Swalwell, Two Long-Time Champions of Domestic Spying, by Glenn Greenwald

The two California Democrats join the long list of politicians who enable spying on ordinary citizens, then angrily object when they themselves are targeted.

2:43 pm on June 11, 2021

A Silver Lining

I read some place where a conservative columnist was lamenting that over 70 percent of Americans aged 17 to 24 are ineligible to join the military because of obesity, no high school diploma, or a criminal record. And that’s a bad thing if it keeps them from joining the military and dying for a lie or killing someone who was no threat to the United States?

11:40 am on June 11, 2021

How Fauci Speaks Clintonese

Professor Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Public Health described Fauci’s method of lying and deceiving last night on Tucker Carlson’s show.  He first explained how real scientists discuss scientific matters:  When citing evidence, they routinely cite published articles and books, the authors, where they are published, along with the conclusions of the research.  They do this so that others can go and read the articles themselves, or if they are researchers, try to replicate the results.  That is the scientific method.  It is how economic science is practiced in my own experience having attended hundreds of academic meetings and conventions over the years.

In sharp contrast, the way that Fauci, a lifelong bureuacrat, argues is to say things like, “nearly every scientist I know agrees with me.”  Of course, this could include only people who work for him and are therefore bureaucratic yes men.  He rarely, if ever, gives chapter and  verse of the “scientific research” that he pretends to be so worshipful of, who published it, where you can find it, etc.  He speaks Clintonese, in other words.

Any economist who defended his position about one of his research papers by simply saying that “everyone I know agrees with me” would be belly laughed out of the room and dismissed as an infantile-minded fool.  The same is true of everyone else who practices any kind of science, social or physical.

4:24 pm on June 10, 2021

SecDef Austin: ‘Start ACTING Like China Is Top Enemy!’

12:44 pm on June 10, 2021

Flying By Their Own Petard

How gratifying that the Thieves and Sexual Assailants at airports suffer the same trouble in hiring employees—notice I don’t call them “workers” because they aren’t—as the private sector. 

Thank you, Uncle Joe! Keep that welfare comin’!

10:56 am on June 10, 2021

Build Back Better from a fake pandemic

Every evil, criminal act by governments is cloaked in nonsense such as “sustainable global recovery.”

7:06 am on June 10, 2021

Glenn Greenwald: Yet Another Media Tale — Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op — Collapses

Yet Another Media Tale — Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op — Collapses, by Glenn Greenwald

That the White House violently cleared Lafayette Park at Trump’s behest was treated as unquestioned truth by most corporate media. Today it was revealed as a falsehood.

4:33 pm on June 9, 2021

Walter Block to Start New Blog/Podcast

Dear Folks:

I intend to start up a podcast and blog of my own, following in the footsteps of my friends Tom Woods and Bob Murphy. If you would like to be informed when it is ready,  please write to my assistant on this blog – podcast, Luis Rivera, at, and we will add you to the announcement list.

Best regards,



12:12 pm on June 9, 2021

Bozo the Kamala

Doesn’t even know how to pronounce her own first name, but is “essentially in charge of the United States.”

12:11 pm on June 9, 2021

Massie: ‘Fire The CDC!’ – Us: ‘Then End It!’

11:59 am on June 9, 2021

Joseph’s Coat of Much Corruption

The State demonstrated beyond any doubt its absolute destructiveness and anti-human agenda during this interminable year of COVIDCon; anyone who still believes that government is beneficial and that its “experts” have our best interests at heart is either an imbecile or profiting from Leviathan. 

Tragically, Christ’s Church augmented that despotism rather than restraining or eliminating it. And as he blithely sold us down the river, Parson Goat chirped, “Romans 13! Romans 13!”

Now, as I explained in Conversation with a Biblical Anarchist: Anarcho-Capitalism and the Bible (write me for your free copy if you haven’t already; my pamphlet explores Scripture’s vehement if subtle stance against the wickedness of the Satanic State), the Lord’s detestation of the cruelty, oppression, and corruption that characterize political government permeates Scripture. Permeates it so tellingly, in fact, that only his willful idolatry prevents Parson Goat from grasping it. 

But still…there is no Eleventh Commandment, “Thou shalt not rule thy fellowman.” And a couple of passages, such as those extolling David as king, actually seem to support the idea that God approves of potentates and coercion.


10:54 am on June 9, 2021