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Israel Makes it Easier for Jewish Women to Get Abortions

In response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade, lawmakers in Israel have now made it simpler for Jewish women to get an abortion. Said Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz: “The move by the U.S. Supreme Court to deny women control of their bodies is a backward move, oppressing women and setting back the leader of the free and liberal world by 100 years.”

So why does something that happened in a foreign county concern us here? I post this because some conservative Christians have the idea that the government of Israel (which recognizes “gay marriages” from other countries and allows “gay pride” parades) is a special government that should never be criticized instead of an evil corrupt government like we have in the United States.


2:24 pm on July 4, 2022

Scott Ritter at RPI Houston: ‘Two-Front War: Biden’s Mouth is Writing Checks the US Military Can’t Cash’

2:10 pm on July 4, 2022

Tom, Here’s Your Answer

Tom, Here’s Your Answer to your question concerning the Cheneys.

9:37 am on July 4, 2022

Save the Date

Don’t forget to mark August 16 on your calendar to drink a toast to Liz “Miss Piggy” Cheney being primaried in the Wyoming primary.  She and her father are notorious chickenhawks who weaseled their way into government to instigate as many senseless wars as possible (and undoubtedly, to become wealthy as shills for the military/industrial/deep state complex).  The Devil’s handywork, in other words.  Miss Piggy is currently 30 points behind her challenger, so good riddance.  Even another neocon could not be worse.  What’s wrong with the people of Wyoming, anyway, in sending these creeps to Washington in the first place?  Will they let the neocon Democrats, and only the neocon Democrats, count all the votes like so many Republicans did in 2020?

7:26 am on July 4, 2022

On This Day in 1826 . . .

. . . the two men most responsible for the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, both died, exactly fifty years to the day since they had issued the Declaration.  Pastor Chuck Baldwin calls this “God’s exclamation point” to the American Revolution.

6:37 am on July 4, 2022

Cold War CIA Experiments On Children Exposed

The Anti-Fed Challenge

So Fed Chairman Jerome Powell admits that he doesn’t really understand inflation.  Who knew that counterfeiting trillions of dollars might cause price inflation and malinvestment?  Who knew?

Having taught university economics for four decades, I was especially amused by this, which reminded me of the little Fed-worshipping game that our monetary central planners play with college students.  It’s called “The Fed Challenge.”  Every year economics undergraduates compete as team members representing their colleges and universities in a competition run by Fed bureaucrats.  The bureaucrats sit before them pretending to be omniscient Soviet-style central planners peppering them with questions about how to become central planners like themselves.  The winning teams get nice little trophies and a mention in the school newspaper.  The bureaucrats never admit, as Jerome Powell has, that they have no idea what the hell they are doing.  It’s all a big farce, in other words.

Some years ago one of my students, a good Ron Paul follower, attempted to organize a counter competition called “The Anti-Fed Challenge.”  It was a great idea, but he could not get adequate support.  It’s still a good idea and would be fun and educational, unlike the Fed’s phony “Fed Challenge.”

6:43 am on July 2, 2022

Powell Admits The Fed Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing

It’s rare, but politicians and central bankers sometimes (accidentally) tell the truth. This week, Jerome Powell claimed The Fed, which unconstitutionally counterfeits trillions of dollars, has little understanding about inflation. They’re apparently ‘surprised’ that counterfeiting trillions caused prices to skyrocket. Central planning always fails. We desperately need to use sound money again.

12:34 pm on July 1, 2022

“He Said Whites and Blacks Were Not Equal, . . .

. . . cracked jokes about not wanting to marry a ‘negro wench,’ insisted that he never favored political or social equality of the races, and proposed to leave slavery intact until the 20th century if the South would just come back in the Union.  He also said that if whites didn’t like blacks, they could just ship the blacks out of the country.”

The “social justice” snowflakes have apparently discovered the real Lincoln.  Heads have been exploding for the past week among the “Straussian” wing of the centralizing, warmongering, neocon cabal.

10:44 am on July 1, 2022

Biden: High Gas Prices For ‘As Long As It Takes’ To Defeat Russia

1:20 pm on June 30, 2022

The Next Time You Go on a Cruise with Your Spouse . . .

. . . I recommend that you refrain from having a “threesome” with strangers while your spouse is napping or playing the slots at the casino.  I can’t speak from experience, but it is bound to turn out bad.

1:16 pm on June 30, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough on Anthony Fauci Getting COVID Twice (6.29.22)

Anthony “The Science” Fauci, after 4 COVID shots, double masking, and Paxlovid, gets COVID a second time. He is now on a second round of Paxlovid despite no evidence of its effectiveness against rebound infections. Apparently, The Science is ignorant of science. Should take HCQ or IVM, according to McCullough. Not happening, Peter.

1:20 am on June 30, 2022

Eduardo Bolsonaro: More Guns Produced Less Crime in Brazil (6.29.22)

Largest drop in the murder rate since 1980.

1:14 am on June 30, 2022

Republican Sellouts

Here are the Republicans in the House and Senate who voted for the Democrat’s new gun-control bill.

The fourteen House Republicans who voted for the bill are: Steve Chabot (Ohio), Liz Cheney (Wyo.), Brian Fitzpatrick (Penn.), Tony Gonzales (Texas), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Christopher Jacobs (N.Y.), David Joyce (Ohio), John Katko (N.Y.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Peter Meijer (Mich.), Tom Rice (S.C.), Maria Elvira Salazar (Fla.), Michael Turner (Ohio), and Fred Upton (Mich.).

The fifteen Senate Republicans who voted for the bill are: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), along with Roy Blunt (Mo.), Richard Burr (N.C.), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), Bill Cassidy (La.), Susan Collins (Maine), John Cornyn (Texas), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Rob Portman (Ohio), Mitt Romney (Utah), Thom Tillis (N.C.), Pat Toomey (Pa.), and Todd Young (Ind.).

4:44 pm on June 29, 2022

‘Chaostan’ And How to Restore The System Of Liberty – With Guest Richard Maybury.

12:06 pm on June 29, 2022

Crock Pot Anarchy

I love and use crock pots and Instant Pots. Every day I learn something new that I didn’t know about the day before. This morning I joined an ‘Anarchist Crockpot’ Facebook group, and I discovered that the Instant Pot is considered the minarchist of crock pots.

1:48 pm on June 28, 2022

G7 Leaders Pledge Endless Money To Ukraine – ‘As Long As It Takes’!

12:39 pm on June 28, 2022

Rush Limbaugh was Right

Rush Limbaugh coined the word “Femi-Nazi” to describe, in his words, women who seem to have the primary goal in life the maximization of abortions in American society.  They are not “pro-choice” but pro-abortion.  That’s why all of them were all on board with forced government injections of Pfizer chemical cocktails, and acted hysterically, of course, in response to anyone who objected to it.  Perhaps they always believed Bill Gates when he announced in his famous pre-“covid” Ted Talk that “we” can reduce the world population of “we do a really good job” with “vaccines.”

They desperately want to continue the mass murder of babies, and some of them are even now admitting it on television.  If such people are not possessed by the Devil, then no one is possessed by the Devil.  Some are eugenicists like the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger; some are Malthusian environmentalists who believe that more human beings = death of “the planet”; some are just evil, miserable people who hate and despise other humans, who they believe are “deplorable” and the cause of their own failures and shortcomings (including failing to be elected president in 2016).

Rush Limbaugh was apparently chastised by his corporate sponsors about his perfectly legitimate label for these cretins because he quit using it for the last several years of his show.  That’s a shame, for it may have quickened the public’s realization of just who these people are.

7:06 am on June 28, 2022

On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald

Among the most heinous criminal acts ever committed on American soil is the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. When accused gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was himself shot to death two days later while in police custody, Americans were denied hard answers to a brutal and bewildering mystery.

ON TRIAL: LEE HARVEY OSWALD recalls all of the surviving witnesses to determine the guilt or innocence of the man believed to have murdered JFK. First broadcast by the Showtime cable network in 1986 to mark the 23rd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, ON TRIAL: LEE HARVEY OSWALD is a daring, one-of-a-kind experiment with the goal to heal a nation. Features prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi and defending attorney Gerry Spence, two of the most publicly revered legal minds of the 20th century. The program is five and one half hours long and is divided into four segments.

1:09 am on June 28, 2022

Biggest Fake News Story of the Year

I know the year isn’t over with yet, but this has got to be the biggest fake news story of the year: “Nearly 20 million lives were saved by COVID-19 vaccines during their first year, but even more deaths could have been prevented if international targets for the shots had been reached.” The number comes from a new modeling study published in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases.

I think rather that “the shots have left as many as five million Americans unable to work, 30 million injured, and more than 750,000 dead,” as reported by this non-fake news story at The New American.

7:36 pm on June 27, 2022

NYT ‘Bombshell’ – CIA Massively Engaged On-Ground In Ukraine

12:35 pm on June 27, 2022

What’s Next for Conservative Christians?

Now that Roe v. Wade is no more, something that conservative Christians have been praying for and working toward for years and years, will they now turn their attention to ending the senseless slaughter of adults and children in foreign countries at the hands of U.S. troops, or with U.S. money, weapons, or backing, that has occurred for years and years? I’m not holding my breath. Conservative Christians, to their shame, have been among the biggest supporters of this slaughter. I have referred to this phenomenon as pro-lifers for mass murder.

8:45 am on June 26, 2022

We Have a New Pandemic! (“millions of people will die and many more will become blind and disabled”)

What would The Great Reset be without never-ending, so-called pandemics? Warning: This press release is not satire.

The World Health Network publishes a declaration urging immediate and effective action from country and global health authorities to prevent monkeypox from becoming a disaster.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – June 22, 2022 – The World Health Network (WHN) today announced that they are declaring the current monkeypox outbreak a pandemic given that there are now 3,417 confirmed Monkeypox cases reported across 58 countries and the outbreak is rapidly expanding across multiple continents. The outbreak will not stop without concerted global action. Even with death rates much lower than smallpox, unless actions are taken to stop the ongoing spread—actions that can be practically implemented—millions of people will die and many more will become blind and disabled.

No need to worry – our esteemed President had already said the US doesn’t need a Monkey thing quarantine because we have the vaccines to cover it.

9:58 am on June 25, 2022

More Virus Lies. CDC Lies and Gets Caught.

Excuse the encyclopedia of links, but it is essential to my thesis.

The CDC Narrative Writer, probably an intern, blew it on the Monkeypox Show. The original Narrative had floated the plot that Monkeypox was not airborne, but rather, it spread via “body secretions.” But … the CDC, in all of its rush-rush to regain control over the mask narrative, flushed out guidance for the Monkey thing by recommending that people wear masks. Many in the medical community actually spoke up and corrected this recommendation, stating, “Hey, it’s not an airborne disease!”


The CDC recommended masks for travel, then just one day later it rescinded that call for masks during travel.

Then some of the “experts” came back and said … “wait a minute … it can be airborne.” The New York Crimes noted, “An abrupt change in C.D.C. guidance underscores a little-known phenomenon: On occasion, monkeypox can be transmitted through aerosols, similar to the coronavirus.”

The latest and greatest is that “monkeypox means of transmission may have changed and scientists don’t know why.” This leaves the germ fantasy wide open for quick-and-easy changes to the fairy tale. To add to that, we now (apparently) have confusion over the definition of “airborne” — because modern science just can’t accomplish the goal of defining words. The consensus is confused.

You see, this is all one big comedy show. Pathological liars can never keep their stories straight.

9:41 am on June 25, 2022

The Big Burst

$70k for a 1/2 ton Chevy pickup. People with moderate incomes deeply in debt = a ticking time bomb.


9:07 am on June 25, 2022

Why are they blaming gay men, once again, for disease?

How does the meningococcal narrative fit in with the woke, LGBTQ narrative?

The bacteria is spread through sharing respiratory or throat secretions, such as saliva or spit. It normally takes close or lengthy contact, for example kissing or being close to someone who is coughing, to spread the bacteria.

Do people really believe that only gay and bi-sexual men can spread a bacterial “disease” when it is supposedly spread as described above? And of course, it is another “blame Florida” storyline. Take that, DeSantis! Once again, the solution is {drum roll, please} … vaccination.

Clashing Narratives happen when the stories and lies are so skewed that the Medical Mafia and criminal media machine can no longer maintain their hold on the main premise, and so the fables run amok.

9:00 am on June 25, 2022

The Great Fabrication: Viruses and Evil Bacteria

First C-Nineteen. Then came the never-ending “variants.” Then the Bird Flu. Then Monkeypox. Then meningococcal outbreaks. And the CDC recently chirped about “two new variant influenza viruses.” Now they are pushing the polio fabrication.

A recent headline reads: “Another pandemic much worse than COVID-19 is lurking in chicken farms, warns a scientist.”

I’ve been publishing writings and medical issues for 24 years, from the science, lifestyle, *and* political perspectives. I am not new to any of this. In fact, I have grown exponentially in my readings and knowledge since February 2020.

Given the relentless hard push on invisible, undetectable, unprovable, floating viruses, why do you still think C-Nineteen ever existed? Are you even aware that there have been global pandemic simulations (practice runs) conducted around the world for 20 years? [See Bobby Kennedy, Jr’s latest book, last chapter, for the details and citations.]

How much of this Germ Idiocracy will it take to convince you that germ theory is a tool of fear with the end game of control, power, and profits?

8:42 am on June 25, 2022

Roe v Wade

In view of the US Supreme Court overturning the pernicious eugenics mandate of the federal government in Roe v Wade sanctioning the satanic murder of 63 million children since 1973, here are some vital background history which everyone should be aware.

The Origins of Scientific Racism Author(s): John P. Jackson, Jr. and Nadine M. Weidman
Source: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education , Winter, 2005/2006, No. 50 (Winter, 2005/2006), pp. 66-79

Fascinating exploration of pseudo-scientific intellectual ideas from Darwinism and the problems of heredity, the impact of Francis Galton, the Teutonic Germ Theory, the rise of Nordicism and the supremacy of Nordics, Anglo-Saxon superiority, the rise of Eugenics and race in the United States, and how these ideas impacted National Socialist Germany.

The Eugenics movement drew their greatest enthusiastic support and funding — extensive funding from America’s upper-most philanthropic sources such as from the Carnegie Institute and the Harriman railroad fortune. The Rockefeller Foundation helped develop and fund various German eugenics programs, including the one that Dr. Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz. Cereal magnate J.H. Kellogg provided funding to help found the Race Betterment Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan. They were all in league with some of America’s most respected scientists from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

Top tier social scientists, especially economists, gave their full sanction to the Eugenics project. Several feminist reformers advocated an agenda of eugenic legal reform. The National Federation of Women’s Clubs, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, and the National League of Women Voters were among the variety of state and local feminist organizations that at some point lobbied for eugenic reforms. One of the most prominent feminists to champion the eugenics agenda was Margaret Sanger, the leader of the American birth control movement. Margaret Sanger saw birth control as a means to prevent unwanted children from being born into a disadvantaged life, and incorporated the language of eugenics to advance the movement. Sanger also sought to discourage the reproduction of persons who, it was believed, would pass on mental disease or serious physical defects. Ideas truly have consequences.

The Eugenics Crusade

Margaret Sanger Interview on PLANNED PARENTHOOD

Selling Murder: The Killing Films of the Third Reich

In his book, From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany (2004), Richard Weikart explains the revolutionary impact Darwinism had on ethics and morality. Darwinism played a key role in the rise not only of eugenics (a movement wanting to control human reproduction to improve the human species), but also on euthanasia, infanticide, abortion, and racial extermination. This was especially important in Germany, since Hitler built his view of ethics on Darwinian principles.

War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race, by Edwin Black

Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, and American Economics in the Progressive Era, by Thomas C. Leonard

Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck, by Adam Cohen

White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, by Nancy Isenberg

Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law, by James Q. Whitman 

The Role of Darwinism in Nazi Racial Thought, by Richard Weikart

Darwinian Evolutionary Theory and Constructions of Race in Nazi Germany: A Literary and Cultural Analysis of Darwin’s Works and Nazi Rhetoric, by Emily M. Wollmuth

The Nazi Connection Eugenics, American Racism, And German National Socialism, by Stefan Kühl

The Racial State: Germany 1933-1945, by Michael Burleigh and Wolfgang Wippermann

Nazi Nexus : America’s corporate connections to Hitler’s Holocaust, by Edwin Black

Racism (Amazon book list)

The Murdering State (Amazon book list)

12:32 am on June 25, 2022

What Does Overturning Roe v. Wade Mean?

Judge Napolitano. 

1:32 pm on June 24, 2022

The Enviro-Commies Have Me Confused

For as long as I can remember the enviro-commies have been preaching to me that I should “conserve energy” by turning the thermostat up in summer and down in winter.  That would conserve electricity and heal the planet, they say.  But now they are telling me that I should get rid of my real car and buy a $70,000 + Tesla electric car instead that would cause me to use more electricity.

I’m a bit skeptical, however.  A relative who owns a Tesla and drove about 500 miles to visit had to stop and recharge four times.

1:28 pm on June 24, 2022