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Stunning Performance As Always, USPS

A member of my immediate family died in 2018. My cousin, who lives just under 300 miles away, sent a condolence card.

It arrived yesterday.

5:49 pm on September 25, 2021

“…This Is Not Medicine. This Is Not Care. These Policies May Actually Constitute Crimes Against Humanity”

Over 3,300 physicians and medical scientists worldwide have published a “Declaration” accusing Covid policy-makers of potential “crimes against humanity” and “hundreds of thousands of deaths,” by preventing physicians from providing life-saving treatment for their patients and suppressing open scientific discussion.

The number of signatories had increased to “over 3500” “as of 11am ET on 9/25.”  Here’s a sampling of these brave souls; perhaps the folks behind this “Global Covid Summit” will eventually publicize the full list of doctors affixing their John Hancocks to the “Declaration” so that those needing an honest physician can patronize them.

Thanks to Vinnie Terranova for alerting us to this resource.

3:01 pm on September 25, 2021

Bill Gates: Covid Fearmongering to “Climate Change” Hysteria?


2:39 pm on September 25, 2021

James Burnham: American Machiavelli and Consigliere to the Power Elite

Cynthia Chung’s exploratory essay. The Great Reset: How a ‘Managerial Revolution’ Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon, was an excellent introduction to one of the most influential intellectual voices (but little known to many persons, particularly today), James Burnham. By his crucial writings, sheer force of personality, and long term strategic vision, first as a Trotskyist communist, (the man who prompted George Orwell to write Nineteen Eighty-Four), OSS/CIA researcher, and head of the Political and Psychological Warfare division of the Office of Policy Coordination of the Central Intelligence Agency, key organizer of the CIA’s Non-Communist Left operation, titled QKOPERA, of CIA front organizations, and later as the most important intellectual influence upon CIA agent William F. Buckley, Jr. and the development of National Review magazine and the CIA’s modern synthetic conservative movement. Burnham was the first Neoconservative and bête noire of Murray N. Rothbard.

Here are four essential articles on this important shaper of geopolitical reality and the chaotic world in which we live:

American Machiavelli: James Burnham Reveals How Our Oligarchy Rules;

Old Right, New Right

The Power of James Burnham; and

Neoconservatism and the CIA

Burnham, the modern Machiavelli and consigliere to the Power elite, wrote The Machiavellians, The Defenders of Freedom (.pdf), which skillfully analyzed the classical exponents of elitism and power dynamics such as Niccolò Machiavelli, Gaetano Mosca, Georges Sorel, Robert Michels and Vilfredo Pareto. It is an excellent handbook on Realpolitik, how political power really works, and not the ideological façade and mythology exposited and drilled into the masses then (in 1943) or today.

Just as there are the Ten Commandments concerning how one lives an ethical and Godly life in accordance with the scriptures, there are also thirteen observations concerning the reality of political power taken from James Burnham’s brilliant little book, The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom. Knowledge of these dictums will dispel any political naiveté and illusions concerning how the real world of power operates.

1) It is possible to study politics scientifically. This requires neutrality in regard to any specific goal or value until the analysis is complete.

2) The primary study of political science should be the struggle for social power among men.

3) Words cannot be taken at face-value. They must be compared to the corresponding social facts.

4) Logical or rational action plays a significantly smaller role in political action toward change than non-logical action does. Non logical action is a result of environment, impulse, and instinct whereas logical action is a deliberate and conscious movement.

5) Social process and a proper understanding of it must be found in a study of the interaction of the elite and non-elite in society.

6) Historical and political science is primarily the study of the elite, its structure and composition.

7) The primary goal of all elites is the maintenance of power.

8) The rule of the elite is based upon deceit and force.

9) Social structure is founded on a political formula that is correlated with a religion, ideology, or myth.

10) The elites’ rule will coincide more or less with the non-elite at different times.

11) The elite is always in tension between a) aristocratic tendencies which seek to compose the elite continually from within their own ranks and descendants, and b) democratic tendencies where new members enter, or force their own entry, into the elite from below.

12) Democratic tendencies always prevail in the long run and the ruling class’s structure then changes.

13) The composition of the elite at certain points in time changes very rapidly, as in social revolution.

And we may add a final observation:

14) Elites seek to discourage scientific analysis by painting its proponents as “conspiracy theorists,” “traitors,” “seditionists,” “isolationists,” “racists,” “revisionists,” “pacifists,” “appeasers,” and “anti-intellectuals.”

2:53 am on September 25, 2021

Yet Again With “For Thee, Not Me”

You might think New York City’s “vaccine mandate inspectors”—yes, in über-bureaucratic Gotham, there really is such a beast—would not only have received the Jab but eagerly brag about it while brandishing their “vax cards.”

Au contraire:

I received a tip from a New York CIty [sic] venue who was inspected by the city for vaccine mandate compliance and had a simple request of the inspectors: show your vaccination card before entering, like any other person who enters. The inspectors had a simple reply: no. The venue was written up for “denying access” and presumably will face some kind of fine by mail.

These were just inspectors on a power trip, right? I contacted the Mayor’s “Office of Nightlife” chief Ariel Palitz, who told me:

“Inspectors are not required to be vaxxed because their presence is for a ‘quick and limited purpose.’ Exactly like unvaxxed patrons who are dining outside may go inside to use the bathroom or pick up food with a mask on.”

But as any establishment in NYC with a food service permit knows, city inspections can sometimes take hours, the inspectors are in people’s faces, putting their grubby hands all over things, and wandering into private areas, and is simply not the same risk as one who enters to use the bathroom and then leaves.

Wonder whether these goons also forgot their masks.

12:19 pm on September 24, 2021

LAST, Do No Harm

The new unofficial motto of the American Medical Association.

I got a good laugh recently when a physician said to me that you know, in countries like Mexico medical care is unregulated and therefore very dangerous.   Unlike hyper-regulated U.S medical care where one of the top causes of death is being in a hospital.  And besides, medical care is “regulated” in such countries — by the free market.  If a Mexican physician who does a cash business is successful in treating his patients the “regulation” of the free market will send him more patients and he will prosper.  If he fails to treat his patients in a satisfactory manner he will go bankrupt.

By contrast, once you get that government-approved medical license and obey the AMA/FDA/CDC Industrial Complex, you can proceed to kill far too many of your patients, give them bad advice (like staying away from ivermectin if they have COVID), and live a long and very, very prosperous life.

12:10 pm on September 24, 2021

A Perverse, Elemental Truth Our Culture Has Ignored To Its Eternal Shame and Detriment

Richard Corliss wrote in Time magazine, “From start to finish, Heston was a grand, ornery anachronism, the sinewy symbol of a time when Hollywood took itself seriously, when heroes came from history books, not comic books. Epics like Ben-Hur or El Cid simply couldn’t be made today, in part because popular culture has changed as much as political fashion. But mainly because there’s no one remotely like Charlton Heston to infuse the form with his stature, fire, and guts.”

9:48 pm on September 23, 2021

The X-Rated D-Train

As a very reluctant passenger on New York City’s dirty subways, I can testify that the filth extends from the physical to the mental realm. The ads that line the cars and stations are almost always suggestive, even when publicizing products as innocuous as candy or dental implants.

I tired of the trains’ noise, crowds and pornography long ago; if I can’t reach a destination on foot or on my bicycle, I stay home rather than endure execrable “public transit.” Not surprisingly, the ads have only degenerated in the years since I adopted this policy.

But one heroic woman did something about the obscenity. When she saw posters promoting “Pan-sexuality” on the D-train, she ripped them down while asking her fellow commuters whether they approved of children’s seeing such poison. She also denounced the communism behind other ads touting “social justice.” A gentleman helps her in this outstanding task while another woman thanks her and announces, “This is what bravery looks like: saying ‘No!’ to propaganda!”

Equally courageous: neither our champ nor her male friend are wearing masks!

Thanks to Bill Martin for introducing us to this worthy lady!

5:44 pm on September 23, 2021

Teacher Who Received 3 Pfizer Shots and Required Masks in His Classroom Hospitalized with COVID

Now recovering from COVID pneumonia in Oklahoma.

4:06 pm on September 23, 2021

The Jab of the Beast

Many of us fighting the plandemic realized from the start that it was spiritual warfare. But if you’d like the word of a “professional” on this, here’s the testimony of a Greek Orthodox “priest-monk” who submitted to the Jab despite the Lord’s warning him (“God obstructed me with many signs before taking the vaccine … As I was heading towards the vaccination center, right before I was getting into the queue I felt something was obstructing my approach. As I approached, I felt [smelled] a stench that surprised me”) and who immediately regretted his disobedience to that “still, small voice”:

As I was leaving I was unable to wear my Kalimafi (priest hat).

I felt a great shame within myself, and left holding my kalimafi in my hands. …“Arriving home, I went to the bathroom to wash my face. Upon looking at the mirror, I was frightened at my face due to the expression I had.

The next day I went shopping at the supermarket and since it was still the period after Pascha, … I would normally greet the shopkeepers with “Christos Anesti (Christ is Risen!)” or respond “Alithos Anesti (Indeed He is Risen)”. … I was surprised to discover that I was very ashamed to say “Christo Anesti” to the shopkeepers. This greatly overwhelmed me. …A day later I went and attended a divine service at a local church, but not to liturgize the service as the priest.

Upon entering the Altar I felt as if I was dead. …

I found that this pain in my conscience was relentless and was deepening further within me. After that day forward I was in a deeply troubled state which lasted 13 days. I could not sleep or quiet down.

Now allow me to explain the most terrible part. Day and night I constantly saw Satan in front of me, his face 20mm distance from mine.

I went to sleep at night, and felt him hugging me, and I would get cold all over…”

Thanks to Vinnie Terranova for alerting us to this somber admonition.

1:23 pm on September 23, 2021

Support The Troops? Biden Demands Dishonorable Discharge For Vax Refusers!

12:51 pm on September 23, 2021

Deal on the Deck

Robert Mihaly is “a 30+-years-long-professional artist who loves Lew Rockwell…” He also loved Mike Carl’s suggestion on the blog a few days ago about a deck of cards featuring “Marxist terrorists, or maybe it could be boldly labeled domestic terrorists, i.e., the real ones” in elective and appointed office. Mr. Mihaly advises:

Custom playing cards aren’t too expensive to manufacture. Could probably write a check myself after designing them. I’d say we need a great, well-thought-out list of the 52 top perps. Fauxi, Gates, Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Psaki, Xi Jinping, Rochelle Walensky, Cuomo brothers, Gavin Newsome, WHO Director Dr. Tedros, Satan, Paul Offit, Gain-of-Function-Covid-Engineer Ralph Baric, PhD, UNC… I love Trump, relative to other presidents in my lifetime, I don’t guess he hates the country like most of the other presidents,

Yep, I appreciated that about him as well.

but I must admit his vaccine support probably makes him a viable candidate for the deck, perhaps a joker?

Agree again!

 … [And] Elizabeth Warren, for sending a letter to Amazon, demanding bans on books peddling “COVID misinformation.” This even pissed off my life-long Democrat sister. …

I imagine dark, artistic, comic-book-like caricatures …

Eff’ ’em. We did not declare war. They declared war on us and our families. Time to point ’em out, in all their disgraceful, blemished, smudgy, evil, dirty, frightful, dishonorable shame. Just sayin’. But in a good, playful way, of course, ha!

Wonder what the deck might be called? “The Evil Vaxxers”? “The Vaxxholes”? “The Vaxxers”? “The Jabbers”? “The Death Jabbers”? “The Dark Jabbers Deck”? Wouldn’t you just love to see their faces in this manner? Has the world not waited long enough for their execrable, ignominious, contemptible, black, vile, foul mugs to be properly set out for all?

And here’s where LRC’s readers come in. Mr. M asks,

help me come up with the best 52 solid names, and I’ll do it … 52 caricatures. There should be a good little blurb on each of them, so the cards are educational! … But I do not want to put in the effort without an extremely stellar, comprehensive list. Before beginning, I would like the help of a few serious, well-informed brainstormers to help construct an extremely well-chosen list.

How about it, Brainstormers? Mr. Mihaly ideally seeks “70 great names we could pare down to 52”; please email your suggestions to him. To start those creative juices flowing,

Here is a list of some of the sicko vaxholes with their pics.

Go for it! Perhaps we can turn Mike Carl’s vision into reality:

… get 100 million [decks] out there among, anti-vaxxers, Trumpsters, gun owners, so-called Conservatives, and libertarians. Have the website keep a tally of sales for all to see. The agenda? To get the political hacks out of government, to get the money launderers and pedophiles in jail, to change the course of politics in this country.

12:40 pm on September 23, 2021

A Shot in the Arm We Can All Applaud!

Watch and be inspired as a fierce lover of liberty named Audra Morgan defies San Diego’ Board of Supervisors! In her first remarks, she humorously chides them for “trying to throw me off.” But there’s nothing funny about the rest of her speech with its thrilling demands for freedom!

Ms. Morgan castigates the Board for destroying “every one of our civil rights.” Then she dramatically turns the podium away from them and towards the audience to illustrate her point that living free is up to us: if we don’t refuse to “play their game,” the plandemic with its decimation of our lives and liberties will rage unabated. At one point, she’s near tears—and you will be, too.

The “supervisors” repeatedly interrupt and harass her to “stay on topic,” as if their enslavement of us isn’t the topic of the last 18 months. They also send their Masked Moron of a sheriff to stand directly behind Ms. Morgan. But none of their tricks intimidate her as she urges folks to rebel.

If you need encouragement to continue fighting the communism engulfing our country, Ms. Morgan’s your gal. Thanks to Kevin Taylor for alerting us to this magnificent heroine!

11:17 am on September 23, 2021

Mainstream Conservatives to the Left: “Please, Eat Us Last!”

Michael Anton, former Trump national security official and essayist, nails mainstream conservatives (once again) in a new interview by Mark Granza, the publisher of

“The Right is obsessed with self-policing to such a degree that even parking infractions are cancellable by our own side. Nobody is worse on this than the clowns and the sissies at National Review. They think that the most heroic act of the 20th century was Buckley purging the Birchers. They just spend every day searching through what people on the Right write for some little minor thing they can disagree with so they can accuse them of being evil, racists, etc., and oust them from the conservative movement. They do the left’s bidding for the left. It’s such disgraceful treason that these people pat themselves on the back for it and think that it’s high morality….

“When Jonah Goldberg tries to say ‘This is anathema and you should be canceled,’ he’s basically saying to those on the left and in the power centers, ‘Please like me, I’m a good guy!’ Or at least, ‘Eat me last.’ It comes down to this hunger, this deep hunger for mainstream elite respectability.”

5:27 pm on September 22, 2021

Isn’t Soliciting Minors a Crime?

Wayne General Hospital claims it is “[d]edicated to providing quality health care for residents of Wayne County and surrounding areas of Southeast Mississippi and Southwest Alabama.” That would explain its hosting of a

Student Tik Tok Contest  for persons between the ages of 12-19 … to encourage them to become vaccinated against Covid-19. To participate, contestants must submit a Tik Tok video showing themselves getting vaccinated or include a creative message explaining why they were vaccinated and why others should be vaccinated.

Yep, the sociopaths have plumbed new depths. I don’t know which is more infuriating: their preying on teens whom the Jab will ruin for life, or their harnessing these gullible kids to propagandize others.

Said sociopaths are also cheapskates whose picayune prizes resemble Krispy Kreme’s measly donut more than they do Ohio’s munificent $1,000,000: “Three winners will receive: 1st place $100, 2nd place $50, 3rd place $25.

Yo, “Persons”: tell ‘em it ain’t enough.

Or, in the words of Anthony Powell, who forwarded this execrable story, “Our local hospital is participating fully in all the stupidity. They are ignorant, misinformed and misguided, but they will still ultimately be held responsible for this wickedness.”

Break out the nooses.

5:22 pm on September 22, 2021

Glenn Greenwald: New Proof Emerges About the Hunter Biden Laptop: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media Fraud

4:12 pm on September 22, 2021

Biden’s Border Bungle: Immigration…Or Invasion?

12:50 pm on September 22, 2021

Ideas Continue To Have Consequences

For almost five decades I have been fascinated with the origins of ideas, particularly ideologies and cosmologies, both religious and secular. It is a theme I have elaborated upon numerous times at LRC (e.g. here, here, here, herehere, here, and here). And while I have had numerous guides in my quest through this linguistic labyrinth, perhaps the most insightful has been Murray N. Rothbard.

In the last decades of Rothbard’s life, he developed an important interpretative framework in understanding American history. This was prodded on by his careful study of the emerging “new political history” which was reinterpreting the dynamics of the ebb and flow of ethnocultural and ethnoreligious groups. This bold synthesis became the central focus of some of his greatest scholarly endeavors, particularly when it came to understanding progressivism as a secularized version of this postmillennial religious zeal.

In his brilliant book, The Progressive Era, (which I believe to be his greatest work) Rothbard provided the Rosetta Stone to understanding the origins of the welfare state in America: the role of postmillennial Protestant pietistic intellectuals and activists born in the crucial decade surrounding the Civil War who, because of the seductive allure and influence of the evolutionary naturalism of Darwinism, came of age increasingly secularized, but who did not forsake their faith in statism and elitist social control.

Interested LRC readers should further delve into the excellent authoritative text, Gnostic America: A Reading of Contemporary American Culture & Religion according to Christianity’s Oldest Heresy, by Peter M. Burfeind. The subject of gnosticism is one of the most important and impactful areas of study in world history, with tremendous consequences both ancient and modern few non-initiates can fathom.  It has fascinated a wide range of dedicated scholars with which LRC readers are familiar such as Eric VoegelinJames BillingtonMichael BurleighMurray N. RothbardHenri de LubacThomas Molnar,  John GrayTerry Melanson, and F. A. Hayek.

8:54 am on September 22, 2021

Ideas Have Consequences

I would like to call your attention to a virtually unknown little book, The Lost Literature of Socialism, by George Watson, Fellow in English at St. John’s College, Cambridge and editor of the New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. As the publishers explain on the back of this book: “In this hard-hitting and controversial new book, the author examines the foundation texts of socialism to find out what they really say… and the result is blasphemy against its canon of saints. This study, the first review of socialist literature since 1945, reveals how closely socialism was linked to conservative, racist, and genocidal ideas. As a literary critic the author’s concern is to pay a due respect to the works of the founding fathers of socialism, to attend to what they say rather than to what their modern disciples wish they had said. The book forces the reader to abandon long-standing assumptions in political thought, enabling a genuine debate to be revived.”

In this brilliant work examining the foundation texts of socialism, Watson provides a powerful indictment of their reactionary, racist and genocidal ideas. There is a direct line from Marx and Engels to Hitler and the Holocaust; to Lenin and Stalin and the liquidation of the Kulaks and the extermination of the Ukrainians; to Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald and Auschwitz, and to Kolima, Vorkuta and Karaganda.

What distinguishes “socialism,” the political/economic ideology, and its ideological twin, “sociology,” the social science, are their common inheritance and origins from backward, reactionary ideas (anti-individualism, collectivism, anti-capitalism) and thinkers (Hegel, Comte, de Bonald, de Maistre, Southey, Saint-Simon). Scholars such the sociologist Leon Branson, The Political Context of Sociology, and Nobel Laureate F. A. Hayek, The Counter-Revolution of Science, have thoroughly traced and documented this non-liberal lineage. These horrific ideas were explicitly formulated and conceived against those of classical liberalism, individualism, and free market (laissez-faire) capitalism. But today, according to established authorities in academia and the media, they are the height of “progressive” thought. How did this all come about?

Here is how Murray Rothbard put it in his magnificent For a New Liberty:

“(W)e must first remember that classical liberalism constituted a profound threat to the political and economic interests — the ruling classes — who benefited from the Old Order: the kings, the nobles and landed aristocrats, the privileged merchants, the military machines, the State bureaucracies. Despite three major violent revolutions precipitated by the liberals — the English of the seventeenth century and the American and French of the eighteenth — victories in Europe were only partial. Resistance was stiff and managed to successfully maintain landed monopolies, religious establishments, and warlike foreign and military policies, and for a time to keep the suffrage restricted to the wealthy elite. The liberals had to concentrate on widening the suffrage, because it was clear to both sides that the objective economic and political interests of the mass of the public lay in individual liberty. It is interesting to note that, by the early nineteenth century, the laissez-faire forces were known as “liberals” and “radicals” (for the purer and more consistent among them), and the opposition that wished to preserve or go back to the Old Order were broadly known as “conservatives.”

“Indeed, conservatism began, in the early nineteenth century, as a conscious attempt to undo and destroy the hated work of the new classical liberal spirit — of the American, French, and Industrial revolutions. Led by two reactionary French thinkers, de Bonald and de Maistre, conservatism yearned to replace equal rights and equality before the law by the structured and hierarchical rule of privileged elites; individual liberty and minimal government by absolute rule and Big Government; religious freedom by the theocratic rule of a State church; peace and free trade by militarism, mercantilist restrictions, and war for the advantage of the nation-state; and industry and manufacturing by the old feudal and agrarian order. And they wanted to replace the new world of mass consumption and rising standards of living for all by the Old Order of bare subsistence for the masses and luxury consumption for the ruling elite.


8:52 am on September 22, 2021

Gore Vidal, Our American Cicero

Gore Vidal was our American Cicero. He valiantly stood as our golden shield of republican virtue against the brassy sword of empire yielded by plutocratic militarists and their vulgar plebeians.

For decades he, in the noble tradition of his stoic grandfather, Oklahoma Senator Thomas Pryor Gore, eloquently spoke truth in the face of power. When in 1933, FDR confiscated the people’s gold, Thomas Gore said, “Why that’s just plain stealing, isn’t it Mr. President?” Vidal confronted every presidential rogue’s administration, from Truman to Obama, with the same damning admonition concerning our essential rights and liberties, confiscated by the National Security State.

As our most distinguished man of letters, he produced a body of work unequaled in breadth and scope.

In his last composition, Point to Point Navigation: A Memoir, which joins his earlier, Palimpsest: A Memoir, Vidal, with characteristic grace and acerbic poignancy, summed up his life, loves, tragedies, and triumphs — and that of the reckless, feckless civilization he saw dying before his fading eyes.

Once a rather conventional Left-Liberal critic of the American duopoly, Gore Vidal, in the late 1980s, metamorphed into a quixotic gentleman of the Old Right. As with his literary predecessor Albert Jay Nock, author of The Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, later-day expatriate Vidal lived much of his life abroad. This made him a more disinterested and reflective observer of the foibles and follies of American civilization, which he caustically labeled “the United States of Amnesia.”

And like his paleolibertarian forebear Garet Garrett, author of The People’s Pottage, Gore Vidal, in his brilliant essays and historical novels, cataloged the death of the American Republic and the rise of the Anglo-American imperial colossus, from the salad days of Teddy Roosevelt and Cecil Rhodes, to the Tofu era of George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Through it all, Gore Vidal remained a man of incorruptible character, conviction, and principle.

7:58 am on September 22, 2021

Angelo Codevilla, RIP

In July of 2010, Angelo Codevilla’s magnificent manifesto, “The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It” was published initially online in The American Spectator (and later in book form). It immediately went viral on the Internet and started a widespread national conversation about America’s hubristic power elite and the arrogant way they reign over the rest of us.

When Codevilla’s article appeared, I stated that it was the most important essay I had ever read. I still believe this because it is a superb synthesis of class analysis with keen insights on contemporary power elite relationships regarding today’s rulers and the ruled.

This class division of present-day America into two factions, Court and Country, has absolutely nothing to do with any Marxian view or analysis. It is a reaffirmation of the seminal insights of Bernard Bailyn’s Pulitzer Prize winning volume, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, and Murray N. Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty.

12:15 am on September 22, 2021

CDC Libertarians Upset that Booster Shots Not Recommended

Their love for the Covid vaccine never ceases to amaze me. A CDC libertarian, who just wants us to take for granted that the vaccine is safe and effective, is upset that the FDA’s advisory panel recommended against approving booster vaccinations for the general population aged 16 and above. He hopes that the “FDA overrules the panel and lets autonomous adults decide if they want to get a booster.” You see, “the FDA often tramples on the fundamental right to self‐​medicate, and it looks as if it is about to do it again.” No mention of how the federal government has been paying for the vaccines and would be paying for the boosters.

8:15 pm on September 21, 2021

Is This the Dumbest Idea Ever?

Lyman Stone, an an Adjunct Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which never met a defense budget that was too high and becomes less and less “conservative” by the week, is proposing that the minimum voting age should be zero, “with parents and guardians casting the vote for their small children.” And the New York Times actually published this nonsense?

7:55 pm on September 21, 2021

Hero’s Domain

Allow me to introduce those of you hankering to blast COVIDCon via bumper stickers to Justin. He advises that he

own[s] the domain

And, I will be out of a job soon due to refusing the covid vax. If you receive good ideas I could finally put the domain to good use since I’ll have time on my hands!

Send your brilliance to him at KALIDOR98@USE.STARTMAIL.COM

6:55 pm on September 21, 2021

Australia and Americans’ Abundant Ammo

Bill Martin forwarded two seemingly unrelated stories that, taken together, will hearten all lovers of liberty.

First, there’s this “Data Study: 18 Months of Ammo Sales during a Pandemic, Protests, and the Biden Presidency” from You’ve no doubt heard about or even suffered delayed orders due to the huge and surging demands for guns and bullets; this report fleshes out the exact numbers. Suffice to say we are exceedingly well-supplied for battling tyrants.

Second is this precis on the ruckus in Australia and what we can learn from it:

The vaccination passport methods, processes and procedures being tested right now in Australia are soon to arrive in the United States. Electronic check-ins and QR codes deployed to track the movements of vaxxed and unvaxxed are being tested right now in almost all states in Australia. We The People in America are only a few weeks or months away from having to make the same decisions that middle-class Victorian workers are faced with right now. This is why you should pay attention to what is happening there.

The population of Australia (26 million) is small by comparison to the U.S. (350+ million), and as a result, the dynamic will be exponentially more explosive when it arrives here.

Socially, Americans are more geographically spread out than Australia, as most of their major population centers circle the coastline. Factually, the population of Florida or Texas is essentially equivalent to the entire population of Australia. The economy of the U.S. is also substantially larger and more diverse than down-under. However, those points only emphasize how significantly more explosive the same scenarios may become when the Biden regime attempts to follow the oppressive process now being witnessed in the Melbourne region.

Do not anticipate any support from CONservative Republican politicians.

Hear, hear! Remember: the only person who can “give” you liberty is you. We must wrest it from the despots.

As we have witnessed in the past two decades, there is only one overarching ideology in the Washington DC UniParty.  They too are more than comfortable with a class society where the elites are disconnected from the laws, rules and regulations they force upon the underclass. …

…we have witnessed massive institutional manipulation.  In many ways we are already a divided nation dealing with two sets of justice as determined by your position in society.  Two sets of rules.  Two sets of standards. Two different classes for who must wear masks and when.

This corrupt and manipulated system is what generates the flames…. that heats the slow-boiling pot… we are trapped in.   Our efforts to fight or push back have been met with even more oppressive approaches by government, media and Big Tech.   Yes, the tinderbox in Melbourne Australia is very much in our future….  Take heed.

And guns and ammo.

I like our odds!

6:39 pm on September 21, 2021

Mystery Solved

Dr. LaTulippe answered his page—or at least one of them did:

I’m Steve LaTulippe, the LRC writer. Apparently, there are two of us. I’m from the midwest, and he is in Oregon. I was as surprised as anyone when he hit the news, God love him.

God love both of them! What a blessing that two such Patriots grace us!

4:51 pm on September 21, 2021

Melbourne Meltdown: Lockdowned Aussies Rise In Revolt

12:46 pm on September 21, 2021

Federal Gov’t HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

Project Veritas – Federal RN whistleblower – over 600K views on Google’s YouTube only 3 hours after posting – watch Google / YouTube scum erase it. Fortunately it is posted on Rumble per this link.

7:45 am on September 21, 2021

Ivermectin and the Promotion of Pharmaceutical Mass Murder

This broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight from 9/20/21 was highly illuminating and informative.  Please pay particular notice and full attention to this segment. It focuses upon how large pharmaceutical chains such as CVS and Walgreens (which are in business to distribute life-saving drugs to their customers) are engaged in callous and mercenary interposing in the sacred doctor/patient relationship which is the bedrock of American medicine. This centuries old relationship is based on shared trust and integrity between physicians and their patients and its destruction bodes one of the most disturbing and detrimental consequences. By their active intervention in this relationship, these pharmaceutical chains (and their individual complicit and compliant pharmacists) are guilty of deliberate and systematic murder. Ivermectin has proven to be one of the safest, most efficacious, and effective treatments for COVID-19 worldwide, and by interfering in its legal prescribing and distribution by legal, licensed physicians to their patients is abhorrent and unconscionable.

5:22 am on September 21, 2021

Are You Worried That You Live in the Path of Hurricanes?

Wipe those fears away by getting vaccinated, says Senile Joe.  You will become so righteous (like Senile Joe) that the next hurricane will make a sharp right turn, far away from your home sweet home.

3:28 pm on September 20, 2021