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When Will The Dollar Be Dethroned? Whose Fault Is It?

Reserve currencies come and go. They usually go because the nation that issues the reserve currency abuses the situation. Delusions of world domination, endless wars and endless welfare are embraced. These terrible ideas are then financed by money that’s created out-of-thin-air. This can go on for awhile, and it usually does, but only until the rest of the world refuses to go along anymore. The U.S. fell into the empire trap a century ago, and the world is starting to say: “That’s enough.”

12:33 pm on March 31, 2023

The Demo-Bolshevik Party Playbook for 2024 . . .

. . . is textbook communism.

10:29 am on March 31, 2023

Rand SLAMS TikTok Ban!

12:44 pm on March 30, 2023

Attorneys Robert Barnes and David Freiheit Sidebar Interview with Author of “Cause Unknown” Edward Dowd

9:19 pm on March 29, 2023

No Jab? No Job! It’s Still Happening Today!

You think the COVID-19 insanity is over?

Guess again.

Today, March 27th 2023, a young family member informed me that at the very end of her 2-hour job interview this morning (that was going very well) the interviewer told her,

Oh by the way, we require all employees to be vaccinated (with a minimum of two jabs) and you must also have a recent flu shot AND be willing to get a new flu shot every year.

She told me,

They saw the look on my face. I was so disappointed. I really wanted this job and thought I had it but I told them, ‘No Thank You’.

They then told her this was an absolute requirement and they would not budge on it.

And that ended the interview.

I told her I was very proud of her – but then got busy after several minutes of blinding rage.

First, I looked at the company’s website and sure enough they had in their hiring practices the jab requirement. They also had the phrase “or have an approved exemption.”

These “approved exemptions” were not listed, so I got busier.

I contacted a non-vaxxed friend who’s a therapist working in a hospital setting and asked her how she got out of having to get jabbed.

She told me the head of her HR department privately had told her that he also was not vaxxed and all she needed to do was request a religious exemption and he would approve it.

So she did. And she got the exemption. Score one for the Normie Team.

The funny part to me, at least, was she claimed the religious exemption because she’s Catholic. I’m admittedly not current with the state of religious exemptions but – being Catholic was good enough?

Heck, whatever works!

I then contacted a retired lawyer friend to ask if he knew of anyone who could give me more information – particularly dealing with hostile or very uncooperative businesses. I’m currently waiting for that information and this whole episode has made me aware that, for me, this has been a blind spot.

But here’s my immediate thought.


3:00 pm on March 29, 2023

RFK, Jr. SUES Biden And Fauci Over Covid Censorship Pressure!

12:48 pm on March 29, 2023

Barbara Honegger on NYT Conceding 1980 “October Surprise” Reagan-Bush White House Whistleblower Vindicated—Four Decades Late

Barbara Honegger on NYT Conceding 1980 “October Surprise” Reagan-Bush White House Whistleblower Vindicated—Four Decades Late

Reagan-Bush White House whistleblower Barbara Honegger, author of the original October Surprise, discusses The New York Times’ belated admission that the “conspiracy theory” about how the 1980 Reagan campaign made a treasonous deal with Iran to keep the hostages locked up long enough to torpedo President Jimmy Carter’s candidacy…has, like so many conspiracy theories, turned out to be true. She writes:

“Barbara Honegger is the author of the pioneering first book on the October Surprise. The day it was published, May 12, 1989, then-President Bush Sr.’s Justice Dept. sued one of the sources for allegedly lying, literally making a federal case out of its claims which it then lost a year later when a federal jury in Portland, Oregon quickly found the source innocent on all 60 charges resulting in national headlines. In August 1988 Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) sponsored a press conference at the National Press Club featuring two speakers, myself on the October Surprise evidence and whistleblower Terry Reed on the Iran/Contra overt arms-and-drugs operation, attended by hundreds of national and international television and print journalists, so many that the panels on each side of the room had to be removed to expand the space. On Aug. 23, 1988, Barbara was interviewed in C-Span’s Washington studio on the October Surprise On Dec. 17, 1992, she held yet another press conference at the National Press Club sponsored by the Association of National Security Alumni rebutting, with full distributed documentation, the then just released Senate October Surprise Report (released before the House October Surprise Task Force Report) immediately following which gave requested under oath testimony to the House October Surprise Task Force. The timing of the event and Barbara’s testimony was coordinated with the former President of Iran Abolhassan Bani Sadr whose documentation was delivered to the Task Force the same day. In addition to Barbara’s book October Surprise and Gary Sick’s by the same title published 2-1/2 years later and Robert Parry’s Trick or Treason: The October Surprise Mystery published after Sick’s– other important books on the topic are Ari ben Menasche’s Profits of War from inside the Israeli IDF; Bani Sadr’s My Turn to Speak; and, most recently, Chapter 24 in Pulitzer Prize winning historian Kai Bird’s recent biography of President Carter The Outlier.”

post photo preview

post photo preview

See also The 1980 October Surprise Scandal Proven True, by Charles Burris

1:23 am on March 29, 2023

What Was Operation Paperclip?

America’s Untold Stories — With Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert

“Operation Paperclip was a secret program conducted by the United States of America during the Cold War. It was a mission to bring German scientists, engineers and technicians from Nazi Germany to the United States. The aim was to keep these scientists from falling into the hands of the Soviet Union and to gain access to their research and technological secrets.

“The operation was highly controversial in its secrecy and the failure to properly investigate the backgrounds of the scientists and the potential use of the technology they brought with them. There were also concerns that some of the scientists may have been involved in war crimes. The United States government was quick to deny these allegations.”

The CIA and the Nazis: A Retrospective History, by Charles Burris

9:22 pm on March 28, 2023

Senate Anti-TicTok Bill Is ‘Patriot Act For Technology’

12:43 pm on March 28, 2023

What Are The Odds? – Exclusive New Poll Results – With Robert Barnes and Rich Baris

Exclusive NEW polling on the 2024 presidential primary nominations and general elections, deep diving into coalitions, views on JFK assassination and more!

3:48 pm on March 27, 2023

Janet Yellen: Iran Sanctions Not Working

12:36 pm on March 27, 2023

Debunk The Funk

I debated titling this “Debunking The Logical Fallacy Funk” and consider it an excellent Mental Inoculation Tool.

Mike Stone from powerfully arms his readers on the manipulation tricks used to perpetrate the fraudulent COVID-19 narrative.

And…I would add…these tricks are still constantly being used on the unaware public to BE AFRAID BE AFRAID!!!

This simple, brief and CLEAR article is a terrific read and an excellent resource tool to help educate those who don’t even know they’re being manipulated in the first place.

It’s vital we learn how to see what’s coming at us! Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Negotiation Theory:

A tactic perceived is a tactic disarmed.

Become better armed and mentally inoculated today. Highly Recommended.

12:10 pm on March 27, 2023


From: Lee

To: walter block <[email protected]>

Subject: please send us your articles on abortion

Hi Walter,

Can you email us all your articles and papers you have ever written on abortion? I am coming from the Ron Paul perspective on abortion but I think your arguments for abortion are the best bring made in libertarian circles. Allison is doing a debate with a pro-life advocate and think she needs to carefully read what you have written on this issue  Please send us your papers on abortion.




3:48 am on March 27, 2023

20 Undeniable Facts about PCR Tests

My fellow Iowan and investigative researcher Mike Stone whose website is published an important article listing 20 Undeniable Facts why the PCR test should never be used to diagnose disease.

Reading these you’ll become crystal clear we suffered a PCR PANDEMIC that was baseless from the beginning.

Just to give you a flavor of the deep level of fraud put upon us here’s #11 of the 20:

The Infectious Disease Society of America and the Association for Molecular Pathology released a joint statement about the PCR Test Ct Values warning healthcare providers not to rely on them.

Please take a quick look at the the complete list of these 20 Undeniable Facts HERE:

10:37 am on March 26, 2023

The Truth About PCR Tests

This video had over 400,000 views on YouTube until it was removed for breaking it’s “community guidelines.”

It gives a deep understanding why Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR Test, said it should NOT be used to diagnose diseases.

Why was he ignored?

Please watch (18 min):


To learn more about Dr. Kary Mullis, the maverick genius and Noble Prize Winner’s, background and why he came into conflict with much of the medical and scientific establishment and the entire Cancel Culture please watch this short video HERE. (15 min)

12:47 pm on March 25, 2023

The Praetorian Guard Mainstream Media Establishment

Tucker Carlson did an interview on the Full Send Podcast a couple weeks back.  If you haven’t seen it and you are interested in who Tucker is personally and professionally, you don’t want to miss it.  There are real gems here. The NSA tapped his Signal account for “national security purposes.”  He has some fascinating insights on Jeffrey Epstein and absolutely astounding information on UFOs.

“They [the mainstream media] are working for the small group of people who actually run the world. They’re their servants. They’re their praetorian guard. And we should treat them with maximum contempt because they have earned it.”

Never forget there is habitual lying, dis/misinformation and propaganda at all times.

Probably no one reading this blog will be surprised by any of this, but it’s a reminder that we currently live in a Orwellian novel.  Your cell phone is tracked, your “secure” chats are monitored, and you’re being hoodwinked and swindled perpetually by the state and its agents. The “establishment” has been bought and paid for all for the sake of keeping you in line for the Klaus Schwabs and George Soros of the world.




12:35 pm on March 25, 2023

I Am Refuted by Chatgpt! Woe Is Me!

From: Walter Block <[email protected]>

To: Don

Subject: RE: Consensus of relevant data

Dear FA:

Wow. Fascinating. One error is that this has nothing whatsoever to do with “libertarian logic.” Rather, it is an aspect of economics. Libertarianism is a theory of the proper use of violence, and has nothing at all to do with this question. The chatgpt takes a mainstream view that there is indeed such a thing as “market failure.” Austrian economics has a long bibliography refuting this claim, which chatgpt seems unaware of.

Four Arrows is my co-author of this book:

Four Arrows and Walter E. Block. 2010. Differing Worldviews: Two Scholars Argue Cooperatively about Justice Education; Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers;[email protected][email protected]

Best regards,



3:42 am on March 25, 2023

Would You Steal A Penny To Save The World?

From: Brandon

To: Walter Block <[email protected]>

Dear Walter,

I’ve been hearing from a lot of libertarians online that if they were given the option of stealing a penny to save the world, they would not steal the penny. Although I absolutely understand the ethics behind it, the scenario seems extremely discomforting. Although I understand stealing a penny to save the world is unjust, it seems like one of those things you’d do either way out of fear. But some of the people I’ve spoken to not only regard stealing a penny to save the world unjust, but they’ve even said they would refuse to steal the penny if the scenario was real. Could you imagine any line of reasoning that could possibly justify stealing a penny to save the world or is it the case of it being unjust clear cut? Also, would you steal a penny to save the world?

Thank you.

Yours truly,


Dear Brandon:

Of course I’d steal a penny to save the world. I’d steal a lot more than that to save the world.


3:40 am on March 25, 2023

The US Government is investigating the Origins of COVID-19 ….BUT….

But how do you investigate something that’s never been properly proven to exist in the first place?

Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey are just two of many medical doctors and research scientists who’ve been alerting the world about the fundamental flaws in the virologists’ methodologies for several years – some even decades.

Here’s a short video providing a quick review of the most essential points.

And please pay close attention between 18:45 to 24:25 to learn How The PCR Pandemic Began:

The Origins of COVID-19 

3:13 pm on March 24, 2023

Fractional Reserve Banking Is Legalized Counterfeit

With bank failures occurring once again, the topic of “fractional reserve banking” is getting some much needed attention. How do banks work in the current “system”? Is it how banks should work? Banking is a legitimate and valuable service. However, when banks work in collusion with government, it produces nothing but trouble. Business and government must be kept separate. Banking is certainly not an exception.

12:36 pm on March 24, 2023

Hersh Strikes Back! CIA Planted Bogus Nord Stream Sabotage Story.

12:45 pm on March 23, 2023

Fictional Reserve Banking – Part 2

Here’s an ASTOUNDING headline:

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Wonders “How Did Bank Failures Happen?

In this excellent piece Mish Shedlock lists 12 Reasons This Happened.

The 12th being, “The Fed reduced reserve requirements on deposits to ZERO.

Even now, after the clear facts, the Fed wonders “What Happened?

This is a must read. Please share widely.


12:13 pm on March 23, 2023

Fictional Reserve Banking – Part 1

Your money in the bank that you think is 100% available to you on demand is in fact NOT payable on demand.

Here’s the Reality: “It’s like leasing your car to two people simultaneously, banking on the notion one will not show up.”

In this two-part series Mish Shedlock gets to the heart of why our Banking and entire Financial System is systemically flawed and fragile.

I encourage you to immediately read this: Fed Policy: It’s Not Fractional Reserve Banking, It’s ZERO Reserve Banking

Amazingly, very few people have any idea their money in the bank is at risk – that they don’t own it EXCLUSIVELY.

This should be taught to all kids in High School. The good news is that this Mystery of Banking can be easily understood.

Armed with Knowledge you can take the appropriate steps to navigate the reality of the world.

Without this Knowledge you, and those you care about, are unnecessarily blind and vulnerable.

12:12 pm on March 23, 2023

The Latest Head Fake: Raccoon Dogs Started COVID-19. Really?

Here’s the latest head fake, er excuse me, headline from the Atlantic:

The Strongest Evidence Yet That an Animal Started the Pandemic

Now it’s proposed this furry friend is the source of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Alex Berenson responds with:

Please Stop With The Raccoon Dogs (A Must Read, here)

This also brings up another question:

How long before this animal, and it’s butt-er-fly effluences will be blamed – next? 

7:37 pm on March 22, 2023

Cluster Bombs And Abrams Tanks: US Moving Closer To Hot War With Russia

1:26 pm on March 22, 2023

Twitter? Indifference?

From: Teyo

To: [email protected]

Subject: Hoppe’s Response to Your Response & Walter Block Video Account

Hello Dr. Block,

I asked at AERC if you had made a response to Hoppe’s paper, Two Notes on Preference and Indifference, particularly the second section titled II. Further Notes on Preferences and Indifference: Rejoinder to Block, originally published in the QJAE 3, no. 4

The second thing I asked was if you had ever heard of the Twitter account “Water Block No Context”

The account isn’t trying to smear you, it’s more so meant to show various funny things you have said.




2:37 pm on March 21, 2023

Bungling Biden Pushes China Into Russia’s Arms

12:49 pm on March 21, 2023

Birth of Wokeness

You Will be Required to Wear a Mask and Show Proof of Covid “Vaccination” . . .

. . . if you attend Satancon 2023, the “largest satanic gathering in history,” in Boston, April 28-30.  Will Fauci be the keynote speaker?  “Progressives” just keep getting nuttier and nuttier, day by day.

8:07 pm on March 20, 2023

Best Bank Bust Explanation 2min