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Bass Pro Masking

Blind Masking inspired the following report from Anthony Powell:

Ah, the sissies making up [Bass Pro Shop’s] marketing department!    I killed a deer a week ago today, and, no, I wasn’t wearing a face diaper!   I can pretty much guarantee you no deer hunters in southeast Mississippi wear a mask  while hunting, or for the occasional trip to the grocery store.

On a ‘mask-related’ note:  our family was scheduled to go to Monroe LA this weekend for a homeschool basketball tournament.   Alas, we received word that the venue, the University of Louisiana – Monroe is requiring masks of all spectators at the two-day tournament.  We informed the coach yesterday we won’t be going, and we just cancelled the motel reservations.  I wish our group of homeschooling families would cancel en masse, but unfortunately, that is not happening.

Parents who diaper their children merely to attend an event recall those who continued to fly with their offspring when the TSA was groping little kids. You might think at least these craven guardians would have clocked the deviants molesting little Sally. Nope. The most any of them did was photograph the abuse and post it to social media. 

Which did nothing to ameliorate the trauma Mom had just forced her daughter to endure. 

Certainly, trips and tournaments make wonderful memories. But one memory Mr. and Mrs. Go-Along aren’t instilling is far more important: that they took a consistent and unwavering stand for righteous principles. 

Contrast that with the Powells, and thank God for such Patriots! 

Meanwhile, James S. recounts, 

Sometime I think later in 2020, shortly after a new more restrictive mask edict had been imposed by our (Rethuglican) governor, I visited my local [Bass Pro Shop].  Unmasked, of course.  They had posted some unfortunate hourly workers at the entrance to remind everyone of the mask thing.  As I ignored them & breezed right past I overheard one of them turn to the other and whine “They’re not listening to us!”  Indeed, there were a fair number of other customers in the store, unmasked like myself, and I saw an older customer adjust his mask downward below his nose when I walked past.

Today almost no one, even the employees, wears a face diaper in that store.  I still can’t find any .30-30 there, but that’s a separate issue.

On masking while hunting…Some people do, mainly if they go for turkeys, especially if they don’t want to apply camo face paint “makeup.”  This is because turkeys have incredibly good eyesight, incredibly good color vision, and spook easily.  

Who knew?

But you need something to cover your entire face for that, and it’s not the same thing or for the same reason.  Some of them fit rather loosely.  But I’ll guarantee you that part of the reason these guys like to go into the woods is to get away from all the crap for a while, and the whole corona thing provides yet another thing to escape from.  Dressing game is not for the squeamish.

Sounds as if it’s good practice for the upcoming Revolution. 

5:14 pm on January 20, 2022

“A Future Politician…”

Watch these Canadian children parrot the totalitarian adults as they are groomed for fascism.  It’s creepy.  Yes, indeed, a “future politician” there – which is the entire purpose.  Or just a “Rolf” from “The Sound of Music” trying to arrest normal families.  Sick.

1:45 pm on January 20, 2022

Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack On Ukraine For Political Gain?

12:43 pm on January 20, 2022

Fascinating Discussion on Hidden History, Conspiracies, and Other Deep State Intrigue

Join four of my favorite celebrated wits, raconteurs and delvers into uncharted waters of little known hidden history in this Sidebar episode of

11:52 pm on January 19, 2022

Narrative Collapse! From England To Israel, Governments Race To Abandon Vaccine Passports!

12:20 pm on January 19, 2022

Israeli Bombshell: Fourth Shot ‘Not Good Enough’

12:48 pm on January 18, 2022

Blind Masking

I’m indulging in a shameless bit of broad-brush painting here: hunters, fishers, and those who populate the Great Outdoors in general are he-men. They eat commies for breakfast, laugh at weather that sends lesser folks scurrying inside, and subsist on really gross food as they track Moby Dick through the woods. Or water. Whatever.

I don’t see any of these dudes cowering in fear of COVIDCon. Indeed, I imagine them on the front lines, fighting the Marxists in the upcoming Revolution. 

So an ad for masks that John forwarded from Bass Pro Shops seems not only tone-deaf but vastly amusing. “Stay Covered for All Your Adventures. Hunting. Fishing. Shop Now,” it urges as it pushes diapers in camouflage, I kid you not. 

I suspect and hope such fear-mongering fails big-time. Meanwhile, the Marxist media last fall laid the groundwork for this newest anxiety: “Deer in several states have tested positive for COVID-19, according to multiple studies,” it warned. The article grudgingly added, “there is no evidence that humans can become infected by deer,” but as facts seldom bother the COVIDiots, don’t expect that to soothe them.

9:15 am on January 18, 2022

The American Ruling Class was Bamboozled by a Nineteen-Year-Old Girl . . .

. . . who imitated Steve Jobs by wearing black turtle necks, “dated” her boss who was nineteen years her senior, and whose “revolutionary” business plan that she sold them sounded like valley girl gibberish.  And these are the people who decide whether “we” go to war, “manage” the economy, order us to stay home, wear a mask, don’t go to school, inject mysterious chemicals into our bodies, quarantine, keep six feet apart, bla, bla, bla, bla, because they are smarter than any of us. (Thanks to Graham Dugas).

7:14 pm on January 17, 2022

“Why is Lincoln So Much Bigger than Lenin or Stalin?”

Asks Jerome B. when he shows this picture of the Communist Party USA tenth convention in Chicago in 1938 to Lincoln worshippers.

2:37 pm on January 17, 2022

Shock Poll: Half Of Dems Support Prison For Questioning Shots

12:47 pm on January 17, 2022

re: In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day . . .

I would add to Charles Burris’s Reading list a few things by Civil War historian and Lincoln cultist Eric Foner, a longtime professor at Columbia University, past president of the American Historical Association, and self-described Marxist.  He was an apologist for Soviet communism for decades.  In 1989 a Moscow display of the Soviet gulag system drew a bitter denunciation by Foner who complained of “the obsessive need to fill in the blank pages in the history of the Soviet era” (In John Haynes and Harvey Klehr, In Denial: Historians, Communism, and Espionage, Encounter Books, 2003, p. 40). Here you have a “historian” arguing to not study history because it made communism look bad.

In his 1988 book The Story of American Freedom Foner lavishly praised the Communist Party U.S.A. as a “cultural front that helped to redraw the boundaries of American freedom.”  He also argued that opposition to communism was tyranny.  In a February 11, 1991 article in The Nation magazine entitled “Lincoln’s Lesson” Foner railed against the peaceful secession movements in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Georgia and urged Mikhail Gorbachev to deal with them in the same brutal, waging-war-on-civilians/war-criminal manner that Lincoln did in relation to Southern secessionists in 1861-1865.

He called the impending break-up of the Soviet Union a “crisis” that could destroy the “laudable goal” of Soviet communism.  Such a government, he said was desirable and demanded “overreaching loyalty to the Soviet Union” by Latvians, Lithuanians, etc. just as Lincoln “demanded” overreaching loyalty to himself and his regime.  “No leader of a powerful nation,” wrote Comrade Foner, should allow such a thing as “the dismemberment of the Soviet Union.”  Lincoln created the “consolidation of national authority in the United States,” said Foner, creating a union that was “a permanent government.”  He hoped that “Gorbachev would surely agree” and follow in Lincoln’s footsteps.  (Those footsteps included murdering one-fourth of the adult male population of the Southern states in four years).

I recall reading one of Foner’s speeches in which he regretted that his earlier research was not Marxist enough.

11:23 am on January 17, 2022

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Explore the History of Blacks and Reds

In our perilous, chaotic times of Black Lives Matter and George Floyd, it is essential to know the deep background story of the history of Communist apparats/fronts and African-Americans, from the beginning of the Communist Party (and other Marxist-Leninist ideological instrumentalities) attempts to capture and engage the allegiance of Black Americans from 1919 to the present.  Black Lives Matter, Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA)

Here are several items below to explore:


9:54 am on January 17, 2022

Laurence Vance Update

Our friend Laurence Vance is now out of the hospital and back at home.  He says he hopes to get back to work by the end of the week after “being held prisoner” the past three days in the hospital.  His wife Amanda said it “warmed his heart” to receive so many prayers and well wishes from LRC readers a week or so ago.

3:48 pm on January 16, 2022

To My LRC Family

I am finally out of the hospital and recovering at home. Thank you for your prayers and emails. I regret that I am unable to individually respond to emails at this time.

2:46 pm on January 16, 2022

Autopsy Confirms 26-Year-Old’s Death From Myocarditis Directly Caused by Pfizer Covid Vaxx

Click Here:

Children’s Health Defense


10:48 am on January 16, 2022

Native Land -The Pinnacle of Old Left AgitProp

Today everyone is cognizant of the ubiquitous pervasiveness of virulent leftwing propaganda in the media, whether it is on MSNBC, CNN, Democracy Now, NPR, and a wide variety of Woke feature films. But it has not always been that way.

Take a look at this this video version of Native Land (1942) made in the midst of WWII, perhaps the finest (and most insidious) example of Old Left agitprop (agitation/propaganda) of the period. Purportedly the film is a resounding retrospective on the enduring value of freedom and treasured civil liberties but something else is lying beneath the powerful surface visuals and text. Nativist racist bigots, mercenary capitalists and their thuggish strike-breakers are allied in a widespread, clandestine, elaborately organized, sinister conspiracy to install domestic fascism and brutal repression in America. Sound familiar?

Associated with this cinematic production, which Wikipedia described as

“A combination of a documentary format and staged reenactments, the film depicted the struggle of trade unions against union-busting corporations, their spies and contractors. It was based on the 1938 report of the La Follette Committee’s investigation of the repression of labor organizing.”

are among the most noted (and notorious) cavalcade of left-wing talent before and behind the screen, many who were later blacklisted. They include the famous African-American singer, actor, unrepentant Stalinist (and secret CPUSA member) Paul Robeson as narrator and vocalist; Communist Party balladeers Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie; filmmakers Paul Strand and Leo Hurwitz (also associated with The Plow That Broke the Plains); screenwriter Ben Maddow; the American composer, lyricist, and librettist Marc Blitzstein; and the noted character actor (and CPUSA party member) Howard Da Silva.

12:00 am on January 16, 2022

What’s The Difference Between Democracy & Mobocracy

4:59 pm on January 14, 2022

Black-Robed Deities Ignore the Constitution Again

Reading about the supreme court’s ruling that Senile Joe’s attempt to dictate injections of unknown chemical substances into the bodies of all employees of businesses with more than 100 employees (Repeat after me:  “Our Bodies, Our Choice!”) is a no go, one thing stood out.  According to news reports, the court’s argument was that yes, Congress has given OSHA vast regulatory powers, but not this one.

This suggests that anything is “constitutional” as long as a majority of Congress says so and the current president agrees.  So all Congress now has to do, as long as the Pelosi/Schumer crime families are in charge, is to add a rider to say, a farm bill, that gives OSHA the power to administer forced injections of mysterious, unknown chemicals into every resident of the U.S.  One wonders what James Madison would think of this.

8:07 am on January 14, 2022

The Smithsonian Institution’s Hate-Whitey Manifesto

This is what the cultural Marxists really mean by “white supremacy.”

7:12 am on January 14, 2022

Are You A ‘Domestic Extremist’? It’s Easier Than You Think!

12:45 pm on January 13, 2022

If You Like Being Ruled by a Smug, Arrogant, Sanctimonious, Entitled, Imperious, Corrupt, Lying Sociopath Like the Bureaucratic Weasel Anthony Fauci . . .

. . . then you’ll LOVE being ruled by Hillary Clinton, who is the talk of the Lying Media Scum after hinting that she wants a rematch with Trump.  She’s apparently very confident now that the Democrats have the whole vote fraud thing figured out.   Tucker Carlson thinks she’s dead serious.

7:51 am on January 13, 2022

Best Books on the Folly of Socialism

Best Books on the Folly of Socialism, by Williamson M. Evers

What Everyone Should Know About the Practical and Moral Failures of the Socialist Project

6:32 pm on January 12, 2022

New Evidence: Lee Harvey Oswald Was Trained by the CIA

New Evidence: Lee Harvey Oswald Was Trained by the CIA, by Emerald Robinson

A new source says: Oswald learned Russian at a secret CIA base before his “defection” to the USSR.

See my earlier related article, The “Legend” of Lee Harvey Oswald.


5:23 pm on January 12, 2022

My Thomas Sowell Story

I was asked if I knew Thomas Sowell. Here is my answer to that question:

Yes I know him. I’m an editor of his:

Sowell, Thomas. 1982. “Weber and Bakke and the presuppositions of ‘Affirmative Action,'” Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Walter E. Block and Michael Walker, eds., Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, pp. 37-63

Here’s my Thomas Sowell story.

I wrote him asking that he send me an unpublished article or an essay for my forthcoming edited book: Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity

He said he would. But then, when he sent it to me, he said that if I changed even one single word of it, he would not allow me to publish it. (I later learned that he had been burned by editors changing the meaning of what he wrote 180 degrees. He didn’t realize I was a big fan of his, and would never do anything like that. Heck, I wouldn’t do that even to an author of mine with whom I disagreed. When I edit books, sometimes I include people with whom I sharply disagree).

In any case I read his essay with great care. Heck, my editorial dander was up. I found, oh, to my best recollection, maybe a half dozen typographical errors. I wrote him back saying I’d publish what he sent me with the typos remaining in it, but, I’ll really like to correct his typos. Would that be ok? He ok’d that. Whew.

He really deserves a Nobel Prize in economics. He’d have long ago been awarded it were there any justice in the world. But this will not likely ever occur, since his views are not exactly politically correct.

Walter E. Block, Ph.D.

2:35 pm on January 12, 2022

Sparks Fly In Latest Rand/Fauci Face-Off

12:45 pm on January 12, 2022

The 233rd Year of Hamilton’s Curse

Tom Mullen and I discuss it on his new podcast.  Hamilton’s curse, bottomed on cronyism, imperialism, and economic myths and superstitions never goes away; it only waxes and wanes.  Remember, the purpose of government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not.

10:49 am on January 12, 2022

Nothing To “Gain Back” Since We Never Relinquished It

Could we please dispense with the idea and phrasing that The Jab—or anything else, including masks and anti-social distancing—is the “key to gain back our freedoms”? (Thanks to Vinnie Terranova for this link; you may want to investigate the study at it because it demonstrates yet again “an increase of both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment.”)

First, I didn’t relinquish my freedoms—and no one else should have, either. Patriots from the beginning of this plandemic have rejected the totalitarian agenda: we don’t diaper ourselves; we hug old friends and shake hands when meeting new ones; we traveled as we pleased instead of cowering in our homes during “lockdowns.” Those who owned businesses kept them open; those who pastored churches refused to close their doors. So we’ve nothing to “gain back.”

Second, the State neither grants nor revokes our liberties: they are inherent to each of us by virtue of our humanity. Patriots do not cringe in a corner, waiting for that halcyon moment when generous rulers allow us our rights. No, we boldly exercise our liberties every day.

Third, tactically speaking, neither bullies nor totalitarians (but I repeat myself) retire satisfied when their victims kowtow to them. They interpret such subservience as weakness and vulnerability and immediately demand even more.

Alas, we are approaching the point at which Leviathan does forcibly steal our freedom. And we Patriots must stomp the beast as we would any thief robbing us of our most precious jewel.

9:21 am on January 12, 2022

Another Professional Explains “Why Masks Cannot and Do Not Work”

A chemical engineer who enjoys the technical details adds to Herman Mayfarth’s observations on masks with this video by Stephen Petty, a professional industrial hygienist. He adds, “It’s the best presentation I have seen so far.”

9:15 am on January 12, 2022

We’re All Anti-Semites Now

One of New York City’s rulers has shrilled that implicitly comparing the apartheid of the Jab’s “passports” and Leviathan’s official persecution of the unJabbed to the holy Holocaust is “anti-semitic.”

Call me fanciful, but yeah, the parallels between the Nazis’ marginalizing of Jews—and Gypsies, and dissidents, and the physically and mentally handicapped, and a host of other “undesirables”; wherefore the myth that Hitler unleashed his atrocities only on Jews?—are as obvious as Uncle Joe Brandon’s senility.

At any rate, New York’s leech  had nothing better to do than excoriate a comedy club in Manhattan for posting an Instagram whose hashtags included “#Fmandate” and “#nurenberg” [sic]. Mind you, the body of the post didn’t say, “No Jews wanted in our club” or “Jews are pushing the plandemic.” Nope, you must go to the hashtags and hunt assiduously for two words you can twist to your own sick purposes.


9:09 am on January 12, 2022

“Stay in School. Don’t Play with Guns. Don’t Rob People. Work for What You Want”

So said a man who shot a young punk who was trying to carjack him at gunpoint.  You’ll never hear the self-described “trained Marxists” at BWE (Blame Whitey for Everything), aka “Black Lives Matter,” give advice like this to black youth.  Or Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for that matter.

7:24 am on January 12, 2022