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SNOWDEN REVELATIONS 10-Year Anniversary: Glenn Greenwald Speaks with Snowden & Laura Poitras on the Past, Present, & Future of Their Historic Reporting

7:12 pm on June 6, 2023

‘The Durham Report Unmasks the Deep State’

4:39 pm on June 6, 2023

Rekindling the Spirit of the Classic Democrat | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. With Jordan B Peterson

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discuss his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, his thoughts on key issues such as climate change, woke ideological capture, Big Pharma’s stranglehold on Democrat campaign funding and the legacy media, and how the ideals that unite Americans are stronger than the ones which divide.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a writer, attorney, activist, and politician, who has had a career-spanning focus on clean water, environmental, and public health issues. RFK Jr. is the founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance — the world’s largest clean water advocacy group — and served as its longtime chairman and attorney. In this role, he spearheaded the New York City Watershed Agreement, which has come to be considered an international model for sustainable development and stakeholder consensus negotiation. RFK Jr. was named Time Magazine’s “Hero For The Planet” for his efforts to restore the Hudson River, which along with other achievements has led to more than 300 Waterkeeper organizations taking root across the globe. As nephew of the United States’ beloved 35th president, and having dutifully earned his own acclaim across decades of formative work, he is now running for the presidency himself in the 2024 election.

5:22 pm on June 5, 2023

‘The Rise of Nihilism’ – Ron Paul at the RPI Houston Conference

12:23 pm on June 5, 2023

The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism | Patrick Wood

In this lecture from the Sovereign Nations “Mere Simulacrity” conference that was held in Phoenix, AZ, Patrick Wood elucidates the struggle for not just preserving human autonomy and human liberty but also for preserving humanity itself.

It is the technocrat’s vision of creating “new life” or of engineering life in a purposed, strategic, and goal-oriented direction that leads inevitably to both creating “god” and creating a new, integrated, infused version of humanity 2.0 (and beyond).

Wood traces the decades-long movement of transhumanism from international think tanks to eventual international collaboration as the pursuit to alchemically deliver the operational success of a transformed, obedient, interfaced humanity became an acceptable goal of the technocratic elite.

The elites that guide our politics, our finances and our faith have determined that this is an inevitable pathway for mankind. In this lecture, Patrick Wood disagrees and proposes that the only way forward is by taking the moral high ground and encouraging men and women everywhere to gain knowledge, become informed and resist the movement to transform humanity.

The Great Reset — The Elite Technocratic Tyranny of the New World Order — A Brief History (Amazon book list)

I believe the biggest critical issue confronting the American people is the elite’s New World Order of a corporatist Social Credit economy (based upon the Chinese model) with centralized political control in a totalitarian technocratic entity, with all pervasive mass surveillance by facial recognition databases and coercive regimentation. These invasive actions are running parallel with the transition to a cashless society with all financial transactions monitored through digitalized biometric identification.

1:24 am on June 5, 2023

The Jethro Bodine Military Academy

In an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Bodine becomes infatuated with James Bond films and wants to be a spy.  He sees one of the gadgets offered to Bond is a pair of shoes where if you click your heels a switch blade pops out of the front right shoe enabling Bond to stab the bad guy.  Jethro gets the shoes but puts the blade in backwards, stabbing himself in the foot after clicking his heels.

The U.S. Air Force recently reenacted a 21st century version of this scene when an AI-controlled drone turned on its Air Force operator and killed him.

6:27 am on June 3, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on the Military Industrial Complex

1:46 pm on June 2, 2023

Mumbling, Tumbling, President Senile Dementia

Doing the Biden Two Step at the Air Force Academy.  No wonder the Demo-Bolshevik party has announced that there will be no primary debates.  They’ve got their perfect candidate in Brandon, along with perfect Senators Franken . . . er, I mean, Fein-stein and (Young Frankenstein look-alike) Fetterman.

6:29 am on June 2, 2023

Mexican Cartel Spotted With US Anti-Tank Weapons On The Texas Border!

12:44 pm on June 1, 2023

The Continuing Cultural Marxist Demonization of UWMs

Continuing their attempts to destroy their nation’s native population, the bigwigs of Britain’s Royal Airforce have ordered their subordinates to quit recruiting and training “useless white males” (UWMs) as pilots.  You know, the sort of guys who repelled the Nazis in World War II. Transvestites and members of the Man/Boy Love Association would be a better fit.

10:54 am on June 1, 2023

EU’s Ministry of Truth Now Rules America

EU’s Internal Market Chief says he’s coming to California in June to check how social media giants are preparing to comply with EU content rules combating “disinformation” known as the Digital Services Act (DSA).

He’s demanding a stress test on the “truth”.

No, this is not The Onion.

More from Politico, HERE.

Mish Shedlock had this to say,

Say what?!

And who gets to decide the truth? Hunter Biden? Joe Biden? Dr. Anthony Fauci? Hillary Clinton and her totally discredited Russia campaign?

I guess the answer of the day is EU’s “Enforcer” who’s apparently in a unique position to understand the truth about everything. 

Are we really at the shocking point where US corporations are forced to listen to French politicians who get to tramp on the US constitution, with their determination of “The Truth”?

Big tech should tell the EU to go to hell.

It’s a sad day when US corporations take marching orders from EU politicians on what constitutes “the truth”. 

And where the hell is Biden on objecting to this?”


5:47 pm on May 31, 2023

From ‘Trans Rights’ To ‘Trans Entitlements’ – A Threat To Civil Society

1:15 pm on May 31, 2023

Common Sense Quotes from Medical Radicals

My friend and colleague, Mike Stone, of has put together dozens of quotes from medical and health radicals – most of whom were, or are today, MDs!

These timeless quotes cover 8 topic areas from the fraudulent Germ Theory and so-called “Viruses” to how dangerous Vaccinations are and how corrupt the Pharma Industry has always been.

Also, there are quotes on Healing and why it is appropriate to Question Science.

Below are a few samples.

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Viruses Do Not Exist

Big Pharma


To see the rest please go HERE.

If you take the time to read through them all you’ll gain a great education just from these simple quotes.

If you are new to this topic please go here for a Beginners Study Guide.

9:41 am on May 31, 2023

The Tragic History of USA’s Debt Ceiling

I’m guessing most Americans have no idea where the crazy idea of our “Debt Ceiling” came from.

Full Disclosure: I didn’t until this morning.

Wanna take a guess why it happened and when it got started?

If you guessed WAR you’re right – and specifically it was to allow the USA to enter WWI.

Regular readers already know the nonstop spigot of Created-Out-Of-Thin-Air-Fiat-Money directly makes possible the Welfare (unlimited promises to everyone) State and the (never ending) Warfare State – both.

But how did the perpetual LIE of a Debt Ceiling get started?

How did this idea – which forever changed America – get past the old hard money mindset of the early 1900s?

The answer is here in this article titled, “Are You 100% American? Prove it!”

Btw, you’re being sent to my dear friend Sean Ring’s daily column, Rude Awakening.

His is a free, daily, macro-economic picture of what’s happening right now. Occasionally, like today, he presents other great writers in his circle that have a particularly timely and relevant story.

I highly recommend Sean’s daily column and this one in particular.

You’re in for a treat.

4:07 pm on May 30, 2023

Escalation: Lindsey Graham Applauds ‘Dead Russians’ As Drones Hit Moscow

12:44 pm on May 30, 2023

The European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The EU is threatening to ban twitter for practicing free speech.  The EU has always been run by a pack of midget-minded totalitarians/socialist dictator wannabes.

10:48 am on May 30, 2023

“Why Aren’t They Holding Drag Queen Story Hours at Nursing Homes?”

Interesting rhetorical question I ran across on the Web.

10:55 am on May 29, 2023

Sixty Two Million Roman Catholic Americans…

Demand to Know If “Catholic” Joe Biden and Democrat Leaders Will Denounce the Scurrilous Anti-Catholicism Attacks Once Again Running Rampant Throughout America? Once These Vicious Assaults Were By Southern KKK Democrats and Northern Protestant Bigots and Anti-Clerical Secularists. Now Flamboyant Faggots and Drag Queen Queers Are Leading the Charge

CatholicVote launches $1M campaign calling for LA Dodgers boycott over anti-Catholic drag queens, by Timothy Nerozzi

One of the nation’s largest Catholic advocacy organizations has issued a letter to the Los Angeles Dodgers announcing an upcoming ad campaign calling for a boycott of the baseball club.

CatholicVote President Brian Burch addressed the letter to Dodgers principal owner Mark Walter and CEO Stan Kasten.

“I represent the nation’s largest lay Catholic advocacy organization,” Burch wrote. “We are supported by millions of devoted Catholics across America who believe that the time-honored values of life, family, and freedom — which the Dodgers used to celebrate — are demonstrably good for America, and worthy of respect, not ridicule.”

“We wrote to you last week with a reasonable ask: Please do not honor this anti-Catholic hate group,” Burch told the Dodgers’ administrators. “There is no place for anti-Catholic bigotry, mocking of religious sisters, or celebrating a perverse activist group whose identity is marked by blasphemy and mockery of Catholics.”

Biden admin hired former leader of anti-Catholic group at center of LA Dodgers Pride Night controversy

Sam Brinton — the embattled former Biden administration official charged with multiple airport thefts — previously led the Washington, D.C., chapter of the anti-Catholic group invited to a “Pride Night” hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Brinton was the D.C. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s principal officer from its founding in 2016 until 2018, according to tax filings reviewed by Fox News Digital. The group is part of the San Francisco-based Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag queen group that regularly mocks the Catholic Church and made headlines after it was uninvited then re-invited to the upcoming Dodgers Pride Night.

“When we are asked, ‘Why are you mocking nuns?’ we answer: ‘We are nuns!’ We do all that traditional nuns have done for centuries,” the D.C. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence website states.

It adds that the group is dedicated to the “promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt” and that its ministry is “one of public manifestation and habitual perpetration.”

Meanwhile, Brinton — who made headlines last year after being appointed to the position that oversees nuclear waste policy at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy as a non-binary gender-fluid person — has faced a series of legal troubles in recent months stemming from three alleged thefts of baggage at multiple airports nationwide.

Police charged Brinton in October with stealing a traveler’s baggage worth a total of $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport after flying in from Ronald Reagan Washington Airport on Sept. 16.

Then, in early December, Las Vegas prosecutors charged Brinton with grand larceny of an item valued between $1,200 and $5,000. Police accused Brinton of stealing a suitcase with a total estimated worth of $3,670 on July 6 at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. The bag contained jewelry valued at $1,700, clothing worth $850 and makeup valued at $500.

And earlier this month, Brinton was arrested in Maryland as a “fugitive from justice.” Police later confirmed the arrest was related to a 2018 theft at Ronald Reagan Washington Airport. A lawyer for a Tanzanian fashion designer said the theft was related to his client’s baggage that contained custom designs.

Anti-Catholicism Has Always Been the Pornography of Protestant Zealots and Sanctimonious Secularists

From the tiresome progressives at HuffPo we have Sex, Mischief And Witches: Dark Side Of Life Discovered In A Medieval Oxford Nunnery. The article puts forth its purported archeological findings in the most oh-so antiseptic and scientistic manner. But the agenda of contemporary anti-Catholicism is ever-present between the lines of the text. It reads like the same scurrilous and salacious attack on Roman Catholic religious found in the Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, or, The Hidden Secrets of a Nun’s Life in a Convent Exposed, which was published in January 1836. Monk’s book, which was a complete hoax, was published in an American atmosphere of pronounced anti-Catholic hostility (partly fueled by early 19th-century Irish and German Catholic immigration to the U.S.) and followed the 1834 Ursuline Convent Riots near Boston. It was the most popular best-selling book in America next to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Such lurid Anti-Catholicism has always been the pornography of Protestant zealots and sanctimonious secularists. That hostility, fear, and bigotry had gone back centuries in the making.

Later in the 20th Century, filmmakers carried on these same base sacrilegious attacks with two movies.

From Wikipedia:

The Devils is a 1971 British historical drama horror film directed by Ken Russell and starring Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave. Russell’s screenplay is based partially on the 1952 book The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley, and partially on the 1960 play The Devils by John Whiting, also based on Huxley’s book. The film is a dramatized historical account of the rise and fall of Urbain Grandier, a 17th-century Roman Catholic priest executed for witchcraft following the supposed possessions in Loudun, France. Reed plays Grandier in the film and Vanessa Redgrave plays a sexually repressed nun who finds herself inadvertently responsible for the accusations.

Agnes of God is a 1985 American film starring Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly, about a novice nun who gives birth and insists that the dead child was the result of a virgin conception. A psychiatrist (Fonda) and the mother superior (Bancroft) of the convent clash during the resulting investigation. It was adapted by John Pielmeier from his own play of the same name, and directed by Norman Jewison. The film was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Bancroft), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Tilly) and Best Music, Original Score.

12:02 pm on May 28, 2023

Find Out About ‘The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers’

Find Out About ‘The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers’, by Charles Burris

6:28 pm on May 27, 2023

Beginner’s Guide to Germ Theory with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Andrew Kaufman gives a simple breakdown of the erroneous nature of the Germ theory of disease by answering some of the common questions people have in defense of it.

* What is isolation?

* What about the countless images of “viruses?”

* What about smallpox?

* What even is “disease?”

Find out in this great interview! (1:12:30)

4:47 pm on May 27, 2023

WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” Will Devastate Individual Freedom – All Over the World

This institution should be nowhere near any decisions related to health.

Please hear the words of Professor Karol Sikora, former director of the WHO cancer program:

Read More Here

Special Thanks to Mike Stone @

10:51 am on May 27, 2023

What Does The Velocity of Money Have To Do With High Inflation?

All individuals, based on their own circumstances, decide whether to save, invest, or spend their money. What each person expects to happen in the future plays an important part of the decision. This is the prime reason why trying to treat the economy as a mechanical process is fundamentally wrong. Central planners, and their use of “tools” and “models” to manipulate money always ends up in failure. Life is far too complex, and their “models” can never account for all of variables involved in each individual decision. We need sound money and free markets; not The Fed.

12:30 pm on May 26, 2023

A Clarion Call For A Solemn Declaration

In an historic declaration of unpresented bipartisan unity, national healing and societal restoration I strongly urge that presidential candidates Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. issue a joint resolution of determination and solemn purpose in declaring that the central focus of their respective 2024 campaigns will be to both root out and enviserate the corrupting cancerous vestiges of the malignant deep state within American governance.

The recently released Durham Report once again demonstrates the abundance of hard documentary evidence of its evil and pernicious nature.

Both Trump and Kennedy remain the principal targets of the deep state and its insidious adjuncts, the complaisant and compliant pressitutes of the regime media. They are under the thrall of the intelligence community. The spooks have pulled their strings since the birth of the National Security State in 1947.

The American people, who for decades have counted on the news profession to provide them with accurate, independent information about domestic and foreign affairs, are the ultimate victims of this corrupt and duplicitous process. The presidential campaign of 2024 will be the clarion call for the end of this erosion of the Republic.

4:46 am on May 26, 2023

Brain Implants Help Paralyzed Man To Walk Again

There’s now hope for people with severe spinal cord injuries who’ve been told they’ll never walk again.

In this report , the doctor of a 40-year-old man who’d been paralyzed for the last 10 years said,

He received the implant 10 years after his accident.

“Imagine when we apply our brain-spine interface a few weeks after the injury.

The potential for recovery is tremendous.

This new development is going to greatly expand what people think is possible.

Fifty years ago Dr Robert Becker wrote a fantastic book The Body Electric on his early research in bioelectricity.

His book chronicles his research and tells the story how he was vilified and marginalized for 20 years while he was trying to bring this science breakthrough to the world.

Now we have this. A real breakthrough based on Becker’s early work.

The Lesson:

Don’t let your doctors diagnosis be a sentence to you.

Look for other opinions and exhaust all possibilities because new ones are coming every day, faster than ever before.

For those more technically inclined here’s the research study that presents this particular research in spinal cord injury:

Walking naturally after spinal cord injury using a brain–spine interface

9:03 pm on May 25, 2023

The Lost Veterans . . .

. . . that almost nobody remembers.  But they should.

6:55 pm on May 25, 2023

Gnosticism: The Enduring Heresy and Menace to Western Civilization

When people discuss the core foundations of Western Civilization they usually point to two primary contributions which are labeled Athens (Greek philosophy and the idea of cognition and rationality) and Jerusalem (Judeo-Christianity and the monotheistic faith in a transcendent creator God as opposed to pagan pantheism).

“The tradition of the West is embodied in the Great Conversation that began in the dawn of history and that continues to the present day. Whatever the merits of other civilizations in other respects, no civilization is like that of the West in this respect. No other civilization can claim that its defining characteristic is a dialogue of this sort. No dialogue in any other civilization can compare with that of the West in the number of great works of the mind that have contributed to this Dialogue. The Spirit of Western Civilization is the spirit of inquiry. Its dominant element is the Logos. Nothing is to remain undiscussed. Everyone is to speak his mind. No proposition is to be left unexamined.”

Robert Maynard Hutchins, The Great Conversation: The Substance of a Liberal Education.

Logos is an ancient Greek term. It means reason as expressed in human speech. The Greeks believed reason to be the controlling principle in an orderly, harmonious universe (cosmos).

The faculties of reason (conceptual thought) and language (propositional speech) are what distinguish human beings from other creatures.

Accordingly, man is described as “the rational animal.” As philosopher Mortimer Adler points out in his book, The Difference of Man and the Difference It Makes:

“. . . man is the only talking, the only naming, declaring or questioning, affirming or denying, the only arguing, agreeing or disagreeing, the only discursive animal.”

Philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand develops this idea further in her book, For the New Intellectual:

“Man’s mind is his basic tool of survival. Life is given to him, survival is not. His body is given to him, its content is not. To remain alive, he must act, and before he can act he must know the nature and purpose of his action. He cannot obtain his food without a knowledge of food, and the way to obtain it. He cannot dig a ditch – or build a cyclotron – without a knowledge of his aim and of the means to achieve it. To remain alive, he must think.

“But to think is an act of choice . . . Reason does not work automatically; thinking is not a mechanical process; the connections of logic are not made by instinct. The function of your stomach, lungs, or heart is automatic; the function of your mind is not. In any hour and issue of your life, you are free to escape from your nature, from the fact that reason is your means of survival – so that for you, who are a human being, the question ‘to be or not to be’ is the question ‘to think or not to think.’

“Thinking is man’s only basic virtue, from which all the others proceed. And his basic vice, the source of all his evils, is that nameless act which all of you practice, but struggle never to admit: the act of blanking out, the willful suspension of one’s consciousness, the refusal to think – not blindness, but the refusal to see; not ignorance, but the refusal to know. It is the act of unfocusing your mind and inducing an inner fog to escape the responsibility of judgment . . . Non-thinking is an act of annihilation, a wish to negate existence, an attempt to wipe out reality.”

Human beings are capable of abstract thought, the transcendence of their immediate environment, and the emancipation from the perpetual present.

In one of the most important books of the 20th Century, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, historian Carroll Quigley elaborates on this crucial idea of abstraction:

“Both man and universe are dynamic, or changeable in time, and the chief additional complexity is that both are changing in a continuum of abstraction, as well as in the more familiar continuum of space-time. The continuum of abstraction simply means that the reality in which man and the universe function exists in five dimensions; of these the dimension of abstraction covers a range from the most concrete and material end of reality to, at the opposite extreme, the most abstract and spiritual end of reality, with every possible gradation between these two ends along the intervening dimensions that determine reality, including the three dimensions of space, the fourth of time, and this fifth of abstraction. This means that man is concrete and material at one end of his person, is abstract and spiritual at the other end, and covers all the gradations between, with a large central zone concerned with his chaos of emotional experiences and feelings.

“In order to think about himself or the universe with the more abstract and rational end of his being, man has to categorize and to conceptualize both his nature and the nature of reality, while, in order to act and to feel on the less abstract end of his being, he must function more directly, outside the limits of categories, without the buffer of concepts. Thus man might look at his own being as divided into three levels of body, emotions, and reason. The body, functioning directly in space-time-abstraction, is much concerned with concrete situations, individual and unique events, at a specific time and place. The middle levels of his being are concerned with himself and his reactions to reality in terms of feelings and emotions as determined by endocrine and neurological reactions. The upper levels of his being are concerned with his neurological analysis and manipulation of conceptualized abstractions. The three corresponding operations of his being are sensual, emotional or intuitive, and rational.

“The sequence of intellectual history is concerned with the sequence of styles or fads that have been prevalent, one after another, as to what emphasis or combinations of man’s three levels of operations would be used in his efforts to experience life and to cope with the universe.”

Early Christianity, influenced by Greek philosophy, borrowed the term “Logos” as a symbolic representation for Jesus Christ. Logos was the divine wisdom manifest in the creation, governance, and redemption of the world. It was identified with the Second Person of the Trinity.

“In the beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was with God; and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him was made nothing that has been made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness; and the darkness grasped it not. There was a man, one sent from God, whose name was John. This man came as a witness concerning the light, that all might believe through him. He was not himself the light, but was to bear witness to the light. It was the true light that enlightens every man who comes into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made through him, and the world knew Him not. He came unto His own, and His own received Him not. But to as many as received Him He gave the power of becoming sons of God; to those who believe in His name; who were born not of blood, nor the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. And we saw His glory – glory as of the Only-begotten of the Father – full of grace and truth.”

The Gospel of John 1, 1-14

With this Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian intellectual inheritance (in addition to the various elements offered by the barbarian Germanic tribes and the Muslim world) Western civilization has developed as “logocentric” or reasoned speech-centered.

From the time of the Protestant Reformation, particular emphasis has been placed upon the written word as a means of transmitting and recording knowledge, away from the earlier “art of memory” or oral tradition of classic Greek and Roman antiquity.

But there has been a third constant element, sometimes hidden or underground and considered “heretical” or unorthodox, that has existed as a component of Western Civilization which we may label as Egypt (in reference to the Nag Hammadi Gnostic manuscripts found there in 1945). This is the esoteric set of occult belief systems described as “the perennial philosophy” primarily encompassing variations of Gnosticism and Hermeticism emphasising a special form of “knowledge” or Gnosis known only to a select elite of initiates.

These arcane subjects of Gnosticism and Hermeticism are some of the most important and impactful areas of study in world history, with tremendous consequences both ancient and modern few non-initiates can fathom. It has fascinated a wide range of dedicated scholars with which many readers are familiar such as Eric Voegelin, Frances Yates, D. P. Walker, Norman Cohn, James Billington, James Lindsey, Stephen McKnight, Michael Burleigh, Murray Rothbard, Norman Cohn, Henri de Lubac, Thomas Molnar, John Gray, Glenn Alexander Magee, Terry Melanson, and F. A. Hayek who have documented the emergence of ersatz gnostic political religions and this elitist scientism as outgrowths of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

Over two years ago I sat and reflected very hard after almost fifty years of intense thought, observation and reading about politics what the Left was really all about. I wanted to go beyond the superficial labels and rhetoric to the ultimate ontological reality — that which deals with the nature of being.

Leftists, ultimately can be traced back to ancient pagans, particularly the Gnostics, who did not believe the Universe was created by a transcendent Other (which we call God). They are in total revolt and total denial of the very facts of Creatology and Cosmology. Like their Gnostic forebears, they hate the material creation of the Universe by this false “God” (whom the Gnostics called the Demiurge.)

This is most profoundly found in the writing of Karl Marx, who was a militant atheist who hated and was envious of “God” for creating the Universe. Marx, in his unfathomable, maniacal megalomania, wanted to destroy “God” and the world in which he lived and recreate a new world in his image.

From the seductive serpent in the Biblical Garden of Eden to Marx and his delusional followers, the essential message of the Left to humanity is believe in and follow us in our path of destruction and “You shall be as gods,” and create an athesied paradise of a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is the goal of the neopagan pantheist Left and its syncretistic, egalitarian vision of a Sophianic Millennium — the deification of humanity.

Murray Rothbard’s Karl Marx: Communist as Religious Eschatologist, recognizes all this and is therefore the most definitive analysis and destructive weapon against the ideas of Marx and the Left. Rothbard traces the malevolent historic legacy of the Left as no one before. Particular note his brilliant discussion of Reabsorption Theology.

Christianity and the West have been at war for hundreds of years with a succession of gnostic political religions and mass movements seeking to impose brutal elite rule and mastery of their subject peoples. These sinister efforts have been responsible for untold death, destruction, and misery. Over one hundred million persons alone perished in the 20th Century as a result of these murderous totalitarian gnostic regimes.

The study of the construction of pseudo-secular gnostic religions has been one of the principal obsessions of my life since I heard Gerhart Niemeyer of Notre Dame lecture on it in 1975 at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Western Summer School at Thomas Aquinas College. Niemeyer was a keen student of Eric Voegelin on these matters, as was Murray Rothbard. Today the leading popularized scholar in this area is the great James Lindsey.

I believe understanding this 2000 year battle between orthodox Roman Catholic Christianity and Gnosticism is the ultimate key to unlocking the history of the previous two millennia.

This is the penultimate menace that Western Civilization, and especially the United States, faces today. This is what has motivated the destructive riotous mobs of thugs and looters in the streets, the craven willfully ignorant “cancel culture” corporatists, the seditious professoriat in court academia, and the prestitutes in the establishment regime media.

post photo preview

5:04 pm on May 25, 2023

A New Bacterial Disease? No, It’s Just More Fearmongering

There is a constant attempt to make us fear Bacteria – of which we have Pounds of inside our body and on our skin – at all times!

Why do we not need to be afraid?

We all know that bacteria are on every piece of FRESH fruit, meat, cheese, or veges we put in our refrigerator every day.

However, what happens when these same bacteria have a chance to sit there for 2 or 3 weeks?…we say “they” made the food “go bad.”

What happened?

Bacteria have an important job, to break down tissues when tissues are starting to die off and lose their viability.

Bacteria accelerate the decomposition process – but wait until the tissues cannot maintain their liveliness, and for food, their value to us.

In other words, we humans NEED bacteria to digest our food, etc and to warn us when food is no longer good for us to eat.

We have a harmonious relationship with these billions of bacteria in our bodies – as long as we keep our bodily condition – our Terrain – healthy

Many diseases are blamed on Bacteria but in reality bacteria are not a problem – as long as we keep our bodies healthy.

Bacteria are no more to blame for disease than Non-Existent Viruses, even though bacteria definitely exist and can be observed.

For anyone new to the idea that bacteria and ‘viruses’ are not pathogenic please read this HERE.

And please consider learning the deeper layers to this Reality Health Paradigm by reading this excellent book by Dawn Lester and David Parker, What Really Makes You Ill?

You and your family will be very glad you did.

4:16 pm on May 25, 2023

WHO: New Pathogens Coming ‘Even Deadlier’ than Covid-19

In their never ending Fear Porn efforts the WHO has just issued a warning that we should be very afraid for the next coming pandemic will be something Brand New and will certainly be even more deadly.

Here’s their announcement .

Take a look at this list of new diseases we should fear…Note EspeciallyDISEASE X

No kidding! They’re making this up as they go along!

To skip this nonsense and learn why you should not be afraid please review this excellent article by Mike Stone, Planning the Next Pandemic.

1:19 pm on May 25, 2023

Zelensky’s Hit List: Kiev Pledges To Assassinate Putin And Other ‘Enemies’

12:39 pm on May 25, 2023

Planning the Next Pandemic

Look what’s up their sleeves… Next.


9:56 am on May 25, 2023