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Tulsi Gabbard on the Last Lying Press Conference of Anthony Fauci (11.22.22)

At least for now. Masks work and the pandemic of the unvaccinated all over again.

1:29 am on November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving From Mar-A-Lago

10:44 pm on November 22, 2022

Maskholes on the Warpath

Now that the elections are over for now, a Breitbart headline reads, “Biden HHS Urges Mask Mandate.”  It’s all about justifying more vote fraud by mail in two years.


2:22 pm on November 22, 2022

War Party Rising! Incoming House Speaker McCarthy Touts Super-Neocon Agenda

1:21 pm on November 22, 2022

Remembering The November 22, 1963 Deep State Coup d’état

Today is the fifty-ninth anniversary of the brutal assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas and the subsequent regime change/cover-up of his murder. After almost six decades the final confrontation, repercussions, reconciliation, and resolution of this tragic event and its impact must be undertaken.

President Joseph R. Biden must issue the appropriate executive order in compliance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, and direct all government agencies/entities to make public and unredacted all complete files and records pertaining to the assassination of John Kennedy as directed by this Act. This information shall be transmitted to the National Archives for full public disclosure to be included in the Archives’ Collection and made available for public inspection and copying.

There is an ever-growing scholarly consensus among presidential historians, distinguished political analysts, and JFK assassination researchers that on November 22, 1963, an insidious coup d’état by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and the highest echelons of the National Security State was accomplished with the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy.

The official full 889-page report by the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known unofficially as the Warren Commission, about the assassination of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963, established the cover-up of this coup. Their landmark final report was presented to President Lyndon Johnson on September 24, 1964, and made public on September 27.

What happened on that fateful Friday in Dallas fifty-nine years ago led to perhaps the single most important series of events affecting the subsequent history of our nation. It lies at the inner most depth, the dark clotted heart, of what observers now describe as the deep state.

Here are additional authoritative evidentiary resources to assist readers in examining this seminal event —   (more…)

12:08 am on November 22, 2022

Is Washington Falling Out Of Love With Zelensky? – with Guest Phil Giraldi

12:36 pm on November 21, 2022

The Progressive Era

Until the 1890s, American history was essentially presented as the development of the Eastern seaboard states, seen as an extension overseas of English history or an episode in European overseas expansion. The origins of American ethnopolitical culture were Teutonic (or Germanic) in nature. This type of analysis focused upon the original thirteen colonies of the United States, and explained the evolution of America westward through the development of these political communities. This racist Teutonic Germ Theory of History was dominant among the academic and governing elites at the close of the Nineteenth Century in the United States and Great Britain. Senator Albert J. Beveridge spoke for this generation when he stated in support of an American Empire:

“Mr. President, this question is deeper than any question of party politics; deeper than any question of the isolated policy of our country even; deeper even than any question of constitutional power. It is elemental. It is racial. God has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle self-contemplation and self-admiration. No! He has made us the master organizers of the world to establish system where chaos reigns. He has given us the spirit of progress to overwhelm the forces of reaction throughout the earth. He has made us adepts in government that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples. Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night. And of all our race He has marked the American people as His chosen nation to finally lead in the regeneration of the world. This is the divine mission of America, and it holds for us all the profit, all the glory, all the happiness possible to man. We are trustees of the world’s progress, guardians of its righteous peace. The judgment of the Master is upon us: “Ye have been faithful over a few things; I will make you ruler over many things.”

This was a crucial time in American intellectual history. Scholars as divergent as Murray N. Rothbard and G. William Domhoff have documented the impact of thousands of key academics such as Richard T. Ely, Herbert Baxter Adams, and John W. Burgess who received their graduate training in Germany during this period, dominated by the rise of Bismarck’s welfare-warfare state. They returned home imbued with these ideas, which their apt pupils such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson transformed into hard reality.

This worship of the newly-discovered wonders of statism, combined with the influx of Darwinian evolutionary naturalism,”social imperialism,” Fabian socialism imported from Great Britain, the increasing secularization of postmillennial evangelical pietism, all provided the satanic breeding ground for the incubus that emerged as progressivism – complete with its elite notions of centralized political/economic planning, aggressive nationalism, eugenics and the idea of “race suicide.” Ideas truly have consequences.

Therefore historians have subsequently long recognized that this Progressive Era, 1900 to 1920, was a critical watershed in American political-economic and intellectual history.

It was the gestation period of the modern welfare-warfare state.

The Progressive Era was the subject of economist/historian Murray N. Rothbard’s greatest and most incisive book — The Progressive Era

So many crucial events and legislative enactments occurred in the period such as the birth of the Federal Reserve banking cartel, the Harrison Narcotics Act, the Pure Food and Drug Act, the ascendancy of the Eugenics movement and “scientific racism,” the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment and the progressive income tax, the Seventeenth Amendment and the popular election of U. S. senators, the Eighteenth Amendment and Prohibition, and the abandonment of America’s traditional non-interventionist foreign policy, first following the Spanish-American War (Cuba and the Philippine Insurrection) in Latin America and Mexico, and more decisively in the First World War in Europe.

It was a time when a new ideological rationalization of state power was being shaped.

The Progressive Era saw the birth of the cult of efficiency, with the new administrative state’s apolitical credentialed experts gingerly guiding public-policy instead of the archaic rule of political bosses and their ethnic urban political machines. Or, at least that was what was supposed to happen according to Progressives such as Herbert Croly, Walter Lippmann, Robert LaFollette, Jane Addams, Richard Ely, Lincoln Steffens, Theodore Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson.

Once upon a time there existed a scholarly consensus concerning the Progressive Era among liberal “court historians” of academia and popular history. These historians such as Richard Hofstadter, Arthur Link, George Mowry, and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., held the uniform and unshakable belief that the “progressive reforms” enacted during this era were popular efforts by the people against the elite business interests dominating American political life.

Then in the early 1960s, all Hell broke loose.

The provocative historian tossing the stick of dynamite into the staid liberal consensus was Gabriel Kolko. That incendiary was The Triumph of Conservatism: A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916.

Kolko was soon joined by other New Left colleagues under the tutelage of William Appleman Williams in challenging the reigning “corporate liberal” orthodoxy. Rather than “the people” being behind these “progressive reforms,” it was the very elite business interests themselves responsible, in an attempt to cartelize, centralize and control what was impossible due to the dynamics of a competitive and decentralized economy.

One of the first historians and economists to see the importance of Kolko’s revolutionary interpretation was Murray N. Rothbard.

In the academic jargon of a Hegelian dialectical triad, here is what happened:

First there was the reigning liberal orthodoxy (thesis), challenged by the New Left revisionist interpretation (antithesis). Rothbard, using the insights of Austrian free market economics and Libertarian class analysis, built upon the New Left critique and created a new Libertarian historiography (synthesis) that has been carried on by scholars such as Roy A. Childs, Joseph R. Stromberg, and Robert Higgs.

Rothbard also discovered the “missing link” in this whole story, the role of statist postmillennial evangelical Protestants, born around the time of the Civil War, in fomenting the Progressive Era.

These ideological change agents, many of whom became increasingly secularized, abandoned their religious faith but not their evangelical belief in statism.

They were the key to the rise of the welfare–warfare state in America.

The history of the Progressive Era has never been the same since.

2:49 am on November 20, 2022

The “Great Reset” Must Fail — The Sooner, The Better

Those who could never “structure” the world, have no chance of “restructuring” it. Those who could never “set” our world in place, have no chance of “resetting” it either. The idea that human beings (or their technologies) can control the world and everything in it, is both illogical and dangerously irrational. The problem is not in proving why ideas like the “Great Reset” cannot work. That’s the easy part. The problem is in limiting the amount of economic damage and human suffering that such reckless pursuits needlessly cause.

12:29 pm on November 18, 2022

Taiwan – Vaccine Deaths Officially Surpass Covid Deaths

7:26 pm on November 17, 2022

“This Is Unprecedented”: Enron Liquidator Overseeing FTX Bankruptcy Speechless: “I Have Never Seen Anything Like This”

Freedom, the Constitution, and the American Way of Life Have Been Saved!

I was thrilled to read this morning that one of the very first things the Republican Party did after the election was to overwhelmingly vote to reappoint Mitch McConnell as their senate minority leader and to appoint that other guy — the one who has never held anything but a government job — as the House majority leader.  It’s a Declaration-of-Independence/The-British-Have-Surrendered-at-Yorktown/The-Constitution-Has-Been Ratified kind of moment.

6:39 pm on November 17, 2022

Re: Rothbard Is Bad!

Lew, I’m sorry but after 26 minutes into it I could not listen to this BS REASON interview with a liberal professor who has written a new book comparing and contrasting the old classical liberal “libertarianism” represented by Nobel Laurite F. A. Hayek to the new “libertarianism” of Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, and Murray Rothbard. He is very critical of Rothbard. What is missing and fundamental to the discussion is the insight of the essential criminal nature of the state, something completely out of depth of this professor’s limited understanding of the traditional classical liberal/Hayekian paradigm. All States originate in conquest and exploitation, and as elite oligarchies, continue to exercise this monopoly of crime over their subject peoples through war, taxation, conscription of persons and resources, and indoctrination.

Here are crucial examples of works analyzing this seminal concept: David M. Hart, Libertarian Class Analysis: A Historical Survey, Social Class and State Power: Exploring an Alternative Radical Tradition, by David M. Hart (Editor), Gary Chartier  (Editor), Ross Miller Kenyon (Editor), Roderick T. Long (Editor); Murray N. Rothbard,  Who is the State? from his book For A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto; Murray N. Rothbard, The Anatomy of the State; Murray N. Rothbard, Capitalism and Statism;  Murray N. Rothbard, The Ethics of Liberty; Albert Jay Nock, Our Enemy, The State; Gerald Casey, Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State;  Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto; Robert P. Murphy, Chaos Theory: Two Essays on Market Anarchy;  Kristopher A Borer, The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism; Robert Nisbet, Cloaking the State’s Dagger; and my own articles, Hidden History: Where Organized Crime and Government Meet, and Who Rules America: Power Elite Analysis, the Deep State, and American History.

There are the important questions which matter and should be asked of anyone who discusses “politics.” Unfortunately, most people (such as this professor) are oblivious to seeking these deeper insights. They are deferential to what they learned in school and from their peers, from their willfully ignorant parents, and from the regime media. They are extremely naïve and oblivious to the real history of state criminality not found in their public school state-mandated text books.

They are unaware of the post-WWII creation by the National Security State of synthetic “liberal” and “conservative” ideological movements which sought to rationalize the projection of power and hegemony of the American empire. The American people have been pawns on the deep state’s chessboard for seven decades.

Since after World War II, in the name of fighting the Cold War, this National Security State has been grafted covertly upon the backs of Americans, and is the primal domestic source of all the misery, devastation, and destruction of our once great and noble Republic.

Because of its clandestine nature and covert linkages to organized crime syndicates worldwide, ruthlessness, assassinations, regime change, drug trafficking, extortion and racketeering, money laundering, cyber-crime, and corruption are not aberrations or breakdowns of the deep state, but absolutely endemic to it.

The deep state, driven by the imperial presidency, an acquiescent congress and a complacent federal judiciary, has destroyed the American Republic. This parasitic welfare-warfare state, enabled by the Federal Reserve, fosters, and promotes the profligacy and dependency which is at the root of this destructive process.

The deep state is made up of the military-industrial complex comprised of pentagon profiteers, sub-contractors, the Big Tech/security state nexus, and the intelligence community of the National Security State it sustains, with seemingly endless no win wars which have murdered millions of hapless victims across the planet, generating terrorism as blowback from its decades of covert actions and preemptive wars of aggression.

One must employ what is labeled Rothbardian “Power Elite Analysis” or “Establishment Studies,” the examination of causal relationships regarding the nature and scope of political power, who has it and how it is exercised, to understanding the nexus between the State and those who profit from its machinations. This is what researcher Peter Dale Scott calls “Deep Politics,” the critical examination of the sub rosa reality behind surface events, an attempt to unmask the true face of power, exposing the elite social, economic, and financial groups and individuals who benefit from the exercise of State coercion. How is the corporatist welfare-warfare State enabled by the fractional reserve policies of the Fed?  What is the true purpose of Military Keynesianismthe War on Drugs, and the US Empire of over 900 bases stretching across the planet? How do these policies impact on the grievous loss of civil liberties at home?

1:34 pm on November 17, 2022

Was FTX A Democrat Money-Laundering Scheme?

12:45 pm on November 17, 2022

With Republicans Like This, Who Needs Democrats?

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Democrats have been worried about the Supreme Court case (Obergefell) that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide being overturned as well. Even though the Constitution doesn’t authorize the federal government to have anything to do with marriage (it is entirely a state matter), in a 62-37 vote, 12 Republicans voted with all Democrats to move forward on a bill to ensure that the federal government recognizes a same-sex marriage if it was valid in the state in which it took place and couple moved to a state that does not recognize it. Republican senators Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), Todd Young (Ind.), Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), Richard Burr (N.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio), Thom Tillis (N.C.), Mitt Romney (Utah), Roy Blunt (Mo.), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) voted with the Democrats. I note also that the House passed its same-sex marriage bill in July with support from nearly 50 Republican. I thought Republicans believed in family values, traditional values, and Judeo-Christian ethics?

7:25 pm on November 16, 2022

Is an Accountable Left Wing Emerging — or Just Leaving?

From leftiest Harvard, we have a new book out about ethics in the workplace featuring big pharma et al.  Seems like it is quite the radical tome, along the lines of ensuring there is a devil’s advocate, a tenth man whose duty it is to disagree, in order to ensure “we” don’t make uninformed, unchallengeable, stupid, and criminal decisions and mandates, you know, so we are all not just a bunch of statist sheep in Mao jackets.  Coming on the heels of an elite ask for amnesty, that shy, tentative in-house acknowledgement of the statist’s thousand days of hate, with a suggestion that it might be time to quit.   Also this week, a Democratic constitutional lawyer wins a point about the unconstitutionality of detention camps.

Is this early labor for the birth of a new liberal party, with a new embrace of civil disobedience and whistleblowing and the importance of limited government? Recognition that votes don’t matter if the people won’t obey? Chasing populism in the face of near de facto national secession?  Maybe the walk-away campaign is actually working. Now where’s the Republican version?


6:16 pm on November 16, 2022

Did Ukraine Try To Lie Us Into WWIII?

12:42 pm on November 16, 2022

So That’s Why We Have Two Arms

President Biden’s “coronavirus response coordinator” said that Americans should get an annual COVID-19 vaccine alongside a flu shot. Dr. Ashish Jha told a White House press briefing: “The good news is you can get both your flu shot and COVID shot at the same time. It’s actually a good idea. I really believe this is why God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot.”

I like what someone said in the comments: “God also gave me two middle fingers. I think it’s so you and Joe Biden can both see one at the same time.”

10:37 am on November 16, 2022

Trump and The War on Drugs

In his November 15, 2022 announcement statement of his 2024 run for the presidency, Donald Trump focused on many crucial issues and challenges facing the American people. But he chose one specific primary issue that he hoped would emotionally galvanize support for his new electoral effort in the court of public opinion:


Trump’s powerful impassioned rhetorical statement evoking horrific images of decaying, crime infested, needle-strewn urban areas of homeless encampments and squalor ignores many existential realities and consequences concerning this serious issue:

The global narcotics trade is one the biggest businesses in the world. For centuries it has been fostered and enabled by complicit governments around the world. It is fueled by the intersection of drug money, intelligence and money laundering on a vast scale by banks and financial institutions. Authoritative researchers have connected the dots linking the “underworld” of organized crime (narcotics) to the “upperworld” of the Establishment (Wall Street banks and elite connected corporations/foundations/media). Interwoven within the nexus are the covert intelligence agencies of the deep state.

Those critical concerns were recently expressed by 2022 Libertarian US Senate candidate Robert Murphy:

 The Drug War is a Racket, a Charade, a Fiction, designed to rally political support against a mystical threat to civilization in order to justify authoritarian regulation of human behavior. The threat, of course, is the use of drugs, which was said to be a source of all sorts of immoral and criminal activity. When President Nixon declared the War On Drugs in 1971, though, it was for political reasons.

To quote an aide of President Richard M. Nixon, who first declared War On Drugs: “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” John Ehrlichman, to Dan Baum for Harper’s Magazine in 1994, about President Richard Nixon’s war on drugs, declared in 1971. It was essentially a continuation of an attack on the freedom of every individual to decide for themselves what to use as medicine.

Legal prohibition of a powerful human desire always leads to corruption, and eventually catastrophe. The lesson was clear in the 1920s, when alcohol was banned, and criminal gangs rose to satisfy demand. It is working in the same way today.

There always has been, and there always will be, a certain percentage of every human population that wants to use various substances to ease their pain, stimulate their thoughts, or induce euphoria. The substances used through history have varied from the seemingly benign nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol to the seemingly dangerous such as cannabis, opiates, cocaine, methedrine, and psychedelics. The hunger for these things is never-ending.

Just as there have been those who want to use various substances, there have been those who, for moral or political reasons – or simple envy –  are determined to stop them. The crusade against alcohol began with the Post-Millennial Pietist Christian movement of the 19th century – mainly Puritanical Protestants- when many Evangelicals thought it was justified to use the Law to prohibit bad moral behavior. Their zeal was well intentioned, but was soon hijacked by Progressive politicians eager to use the Law to control many more aspects of human behavior – economic, social, and global. They have led us into a morass of corruption, pain, and wasted lives.

Coffee was banned in many countries when it first became popular in the 15th century. Coffee houses throughout Europe were often seen as sources of political subversion by caffeine-agitated hooligans.

One of the more cruel Ottoman Sultans – Murad IV – used to take great delight in wandering the streets of Istanbul at night with his bodyguards, eagerly slicing off the heads of those he caught smoking tobacco.

Here is a brief list of some of the negative consequences of the Drug War:

– Because drugs are illegal, the prices are many times what they would be in a free market.

– Because drugs are illegal, there are profits to be made financing the demand for drugs in underground markets..

– Because drugs are illegal,  the growers, manufacturers, and suppliers who satisfy popular demand must rely on extra-legal means to enforce their contracts – too often involving violence, just like Al Capone’s gang in the 1920s.

– The vast profits to be had often lead to the corruption of policejudges, and politicians.

– Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Mexico from the warring gangs competing to satisfy the appetite for drugs.

– Asset Forfeiture laws have turned cops into robbers, seizing money and property from travelers on our highways, often enough without ever charging them with a crime.

– The Medical/Mental Health Establishment benefits with steady employment in Rehab Centers and Counseling for penitent convicted users.

– The CIA has used the trade in both heroin and crack cocaine to finance illegal underground wars and black operations.

– Because the most popular drugs are illegal, there’s a market for new experimental ways to get high, like Bath Salts, or Salvia, or Beladonna, with unpredictable and often tragic results.

– Most of the thousands of deaths from the “opioid epidemic” were caused by contamination. Fentanyl is the main contaminant – a cheaply-made painkiller that can kill in small amounts.

Too often, laws passed with the best of intentions lead to tragic unintended consequences. So it is with the Drug War and Drug Prohibition. Those in the lower economic classes suffer the worst. Those who use drugs to assuage the pains of their wretched lives are under constant threat of arrest and imprisonment, while those among the upper classes are too often allowed to enjoy their various stimulants with impunity.

A Better Way

If those who are determined to use drugs to alter their physical or emotional state are allowed access to pure unadulterated forms of their chosen drugs, cheaply and without undue restriction, most of the problems of drug use would be lessened. Please notice the I’m saying most drug use problems, and that they may not be solved, but would certainly be lessened.

Fewer people would die from Fentanyl overdose from contaminated opiates, and they could predictably  regulate their dosage – as long as the drugs were produced under regulated conditions and subject to testing for impurities.

Fewer Speed Freaks would lose their teeth or their senses due to homemade Meth, when Ritalin and Adderal – approved and pure forms of Meth – are freely available.

The relative success of the use of psychedelic drugs to treat various psychological or substance-dependent maladies is well-documented. Their legalization could be a major contribution to mental health.

The criminal gangs like the Bloods, the Crips, and the rich Mexican cartels would be deprived of their markets, their money, and their political influence, and the remaining criminals among them would be reduced to the traditional crimes of thievery, robbery, and extortion, all of which are more easily combated than the lucrative drug trade.

People would be free to determine for themselves whether or not to choose to use various drugs when the effects and consequences of occasional use versus habituation are published truthfully and are well known. This renewed sense of freedom would promote the idea of individual choice and individual responsibility – a prerequisite for a free society.

There will always be some who are so emotionally damaged that they will willingly risk death rather than face the real world, and they may too often shun the world with the use of drugs – usually physical depressants such as opiates, but often things like alcohol, Valium, or other physiologically active substances. We must help them if we can, but we must recognize free choice.

But we must also recognize that most of us use conscious discretion when choosing which drugs to use.

Usually when we’re young, we hear of various things – Pot, LSD, Ecstasy, Oxycontin, or lots of other pills that will make you think better, sleep better, or enter you into mystical realms a la Timothy Leary, Sgt. Pepper, or Carlos Castanada. We may have experimented – usually beginning with alcohol – but we soon decided what we liked – whether through a good meal, a good drink, a good smoke, or even a drink of pure water – and we stuck with that, for better or worse.

Mormons, and maybe the Amish, as I understand, reject the use of both caffeine and alcohol as spiritually debilitating – and I’m pretty sure they don’t approve of tobacco. They may be right. I don’t know. I tend to think that the key to a good life is “moderation in all things”.

What, after all, are the problems of drug use? Sometimes it’s an accident caused by someone intoxicated. Sometimes, someone dies from an overdose. Most often, it’s a robbery or murder committed because of high drug prices or Gang competition in drug sales. Inevitably, the problem comes down to a lack of an affordable and legal pure supply.

A century of anti-drug propaganda has painted drug users as a danger to society when they are no such thing. Most drug users are passive people merely trying to enjoy life. They are not a threat to anyone.

Most of the people who become habituated to things like alcohol, opioids, or cocaine eventually grow out of it. All attempts to stop drug use through law and punishment are futile and misguided. The Cure must be allowed to proceed organically.

It is time to legalize all drugs, recognizing that individuals must be considered competent to make their own decisions about what to use as medicine and should be free to do so. Their purity and consequences should be advertised and controlled, but they should be freely available without prescription. Doing so would eliminate the devastating influence of criminal gangs, Deep State Actors, and reinstate individual choice and individual responsibility as the main thrust of the American Ideal. It is time to make a better world.

9:22 am on November 16, 2022

Walter Block’s talk on abortion at the Libertarian Scholars Conference. Nashville, Tennessee

Walter Block Interview on Jewish – Gentile relations, misunderstandings

Walter Block Interview on Jewish – Gentile relations, misunderstandings;;

Walter E. Block, Ph.D.

2:26 am on November 16, 2022

Lecture on Privatizing Oceans, Rivers, Lakes

Lecture on Privatizing Oceans, Rivers, Lakes

On October 13, 2022 I gave a lecture to The 10th Annual World Congress of the Ocean in Japan.

See it here (it starts at 4 minutes and 15 seconds):

Passcode:  !xTN8qG%

Walter E. Block, Ph.D.

2:22 am on November 16, 2022

Walter Block’s Presentation to “Ask an Austrian”

2:20 am on November 16, 2022

Behold: My Newly Published Intro Econ Textbook:

The Duran: After Midterms, What Comes Next? w/Robert Barnes

Incomparable in-depth post-2022 Midterm election analysis with the great Robert Barnes and the geopolitical experts of Realpolitik at The Duran – Alex Christoforou, and  Alexander Mercouris

2:32 pm on November 15, 2022

Which Party Won The Elections? The War Party, Of Course!

12:41 pm on November 15, 2022

This is The Most Egregious and Willfully Malicious BS I Have Read in Years

(This is the most egregious and willfully malicious bullshit I have read in years. Notice the tired, trite clichéd terminology this cretin uses to describe his opponents such as “right-wing extremists,” “white racist conspiracy theories,” “advocated transphobia,” “an election denier who was revealed during the primary earlier this year to have longstanding ties to white supremacists and holocaust deniers.” Truly unintentionally comical and reminiscent of a lazy eighth grader struggling with composing a composition to please his woke English teacher in order to remain on the eligibility list for Friday’s football game).

Ex-Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Signs With Fox News After Endorsing Several Election Deniers in 2022 Midterms

10:15 am on November 15, 2022

It Takes Days or Weeks to Count Republican Votes . . .

. . . but pop Marxist ideologue Demo-Bolsheviks like Warnock in Georgia and Fetterman in Pennsylvania, or that woman in Arizona who didn’t even campaign for governor (like Biden) benefit from sudden “spikes” of 100,000 votes or more that are instantly counted and registered and never questioned.  Nothing to see here; move along.


8:50 am on November 15, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard: The Democratic Party is Trying To Erase God

“Today’s Democrat Party has become hostile, openly, outwardly hostile towards people of faith and spirituality, actually trying to remove God from every facet of our public life.”

Also see this brief video on how Democrats are purposely and deliberately DELETING GOD From Congressional Proceedings.

For more detailed authoritative documentation, see David Horowitz, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

“Read this disturbing but vital book.”— Tucker Carlson

1:01 pm on November 14, 2022

As ‘Election Day’ Becomes ‘Election Week,’ Something Has Broken In ‘Our Democracy’

12:35 pm on November 14, 2022

“. . . Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”

8:45 am on November 13, 2022