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Political Theatre

Mouse-House woke crisis, Irish rush to crush speech

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NY Post

Thanks, Gail Appel.


1:33 pm on December 3, 2023

Why I am now a Christian

Writes Gail Appel:

Ayaan Hirsi-Al is the most qualified deliverer of a reality check. If memory serves correctly, Geert Wilders facilitated her escape and rescue.


1:29 pm on December 3, 2023

Freenz: Emergency Update New Zealand Whistleblower Raided!!

Thanks, Odis G Ellis.

12:29 pm on December 3, 2023

Ireland Immigration

Writes Tim McGraw:

Recent riots in Dublin after a migrant stabbed children and adults on Parnell Street are in the news. Lots of blah-blah-blah. But what are the numbers? Why would the Irish be upset about migrants seeking to migrate to Ireland?

Ireland’s population is a bit above 5 million.

Here are migrant numbers:

  • Ireland immigration statistics for 2015 was 746,260.00, a 2.15% increase from 2010.
  • Ireland immigration statistics for 2010 was 730,542.00, a 24.02% increase from 2005.
  • Ireland immigration statistics for 2005 was 589,046.00, a 68.03% increase from 2000.
  • Ireland immigration statistics for 2000 was 350,552.00, a 54.5% increase from 1995.

The numbers for 2020 aren’t even listed. But the numbers above add up to around 2.3 million.

So HALF of Ireland’s population is foreign born? Is that true? Is Ireland even a country anymore?

In 2021, 27% of California’s population was foreign-born.

These are huge migrations of people and changes in demographics. There’s bound to be some friction.


4:43 am on December 3, 2023

$684 BILLION Reported by U.S Banks In Unrealized Securities Losses

1:49 pm on December 2, 2023

Laura Lee DiLorenzo Obituary

May the soul of this great lady rest in peace.

See here.


1:42 pm on December 2, 2023

Texas v. Pfizer

Writes Dom Armentano:


Texas argues, correctly, that Pfizer’s claim of a “95% efficacy” with their vaccine against Covid 19  was totally misleading and done on purpose to get compliance. As noted in the Texas brief, that 95% was actually  “relative risk reduction” and not any “absolute risk reduction” which was way, way smaller (less than 1%).  As some of you may recall,  I pointed all of this out more than two years ago (9/20/2021)  in an article right here on Lewrockwell.com.


3:33 pm on December 1, 2023

Texas Sues Pfizer for Lying about Vaccine Effectiveness and Conspiracy to Censor Discussions

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Igor Chudov


11:38 am on December 1, 2023

BLM leader asked who he’s endorsing for President, STUNS with his answer

Writes Gail Appel:

This BLM leader isn’t of the Marxist wing. He is expressing the truth about what plagues the Black communities of the US. A culture of deliberately constructed failure. Lyndon Johnson made clear his intent.


11:33 am on December 1, 2023

Tucker Talks to MTG

Thanks, Sasha Stone:

11:01 am on December 1, 2023

Re: The Government Debt Crisis: Michael Snyder

Writes Tim McGraw:

The Government Debt Crisis: Michael Snyder

Compound interest is stronger than any force in the universe. There is no escape from mathematics. I suppose the government could default on the debt, but it will probably use inflation to liquidate the debt. My guess is that the dollar loses another 60% of its value.

The Great Inflation of the 1970s.

The average cost of a home in 1970 was $17,000. In 1983 the average cost of a home was $90,000. The stock market lost half of its value.

So, here we go again. The idiots in DC never learn anything. They are crooks. They literally think that money, real money, comes from a computer in the Eccles Building (Fed). Congress believes there is a goose in there laying golden eggs (digitally).

I went through this inflation/recession in the 1970s and the Depression of 1980-82. It was no fun and I was in my twenties. Now I’m over 70 and do NOT want to go through it again but here it comes.


10:39 am on December 1, 2023


Writes Daniel Cohn:

H/t to Mark Crispin Miller’s Substack.

3:12 am on December 1, 2023

Tucker Carlson Interviews Tim Burchett on UFOs

Thanks, Sasha Stone. 

2:42 pm on November 30, 2023

Federal Judge Orders FBI To Release Seth Rich’s Laptop

Thanks, Brian Dunaway. 

1. The contents of Seth Rich’s laptop will be released.

2. No one will question whether or not the integrity of these contents has been compromised during its long possession by the FBI.

3. The laptop will contain shocking video evidence of Hillary Clinton engaged in sickening acts of national betrayal and personal malfeasance.

4. The contents will be available on the internet for all to see.

5. The contents will be vigorously ignored by legacy media.

6. Due to waves of coverage by alternative media, CNN, MSNBC, et al., will be forced to increase their level of coverup activity, noting the content while creepily and compulsively employing the phrase “the debunked conspiracy theory” seventeen times, or casually dismissing it entirely.  

7. During the various evening versions of the two-minutes hate, state sycophants Steve Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, et al., will all laugh wryly and roll their eyes at the ridiculous mouth-breathing right-wing conspiracy nutjobs that could believe such outrageous content is true. The terminally incurious will applaud the hosts on cue.

8. Politicians of all stripes will avoid talking about it, cowering behind weasel words because they are terrified their mainstreamed masochistic constituents won’t vote them back in. 

9. Those that sued the government for the release of content will be persecuted and prosecuted, their lives ruined.

10. These spiritual descendants of Prometheus are left in a dark, damp dungeon tied to Samsonite chairs for all eternity, with Gina Haspel holding a pair of pliers in one hand and a blow torch in another.

11. The focus of all Americans, regardless of their beliefs, will be directed elsewhere, in the direction of any one of a thousand tumbling tumbleweeds in a blizzard of lies.

I’ve seen this movie.

1:44 pm on November 30, 2023

Irish Villagers Erect Roadblocks To Stop Govt From Bussing Migrants Into Their Community

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Zero Hedge

Thanks, Brian Dunaway. 


1:41 pm on November 30, 2023

US-Canada Border Crisis Surging

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Capital Hill News

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1:33 pm on November 30, 2023

Israel has no plan for Gaza

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12:08 pm on November 30, 2023

Good History of FBI Informant Activity

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Surveillance & Society


11:16 am on November 30, 2023

Great Quote

Thanks, Bruce McClane.

11:01 am on November 30, 2023

‘The Fight Is On’ With Christine Anderson

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The Vigilant Fox


10:53 am on November 30, 2023

100th anniversary of the end of German hyperinflation

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew:

I saw the article commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the Weimar hyperinflation of the 1920’s. I thought LRC readers might get a kick out of seeing the below inflationary period currency. I am not sure they are all the same type of note, but as they go forward in time in addition to denomination getting bigger the printing also becomes simpler. I think I read somewhere that they eventually quit printing the back side of the notes entirely because they could run the presses faster.


9:05 am on November 29, 2023

Tucker Carlson Calls On Congress To Investigate Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: There Has Been No Accountability

Writes Gail Appel:

Epstein hanged himself, Whitey Bulger, nearly 90 yrs old, wheelchair bound, using a portable oxygen tank, was transferred from a Florida prison to an out of state facility and beaten to death, Derek Chauvin was near fatally stabbed in an Arizona prison last week.

Nothing to see here, folks.


8:52 am on November 29, 2023

Tuckers Talks to Steve Bannon

Thanks, Sasha Stone. 

4:31 am on November 28, 2023

The Incoming New Zealand Government To End All Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

Writes Gail Appel;

Argentina, Netherlands, New Zealand elected new leadership who ran on the platforms that mattered most to the citizens. Canada’s Polivievre is looking good for the win. He’s great.

Meanwhile, America is falling into the abyss with the most corrupt, hateful CommunoFascist administration ever believed possible, and the GOP is fixated on the single issue that guarantees a loss- abortion.

The GOP is cannibalizing itself. Trey Gowdy and Karl Rove have the answer. More Bush approved aparatchiks and if not, Democrats. But keep running on banning abortion. And pushing vaccines.


11:31 am on November 27, 2023

The key to freedom isn’t the vote…

Writes POINXY:

If you *really* want to castrate the Left, get rid of the federal judicial system.


12:24 pm on November 26, 2023

As we watch the ever accelerating collapse of western civilization…

Writes David Krall:

Here is a reminder of what things were like once upon a time in America. A time of excitement, enthusiasm and optimism.  Those things are now long gone.

3:45 am on November 26, 2023

Irish PM Spent Seconds Condemning Stabbings But Minutes on Protests

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Thanks, Brian Dunaway.


4:55 pm on November 25, 2023

Sen. Mike Lee Obliterated in comments after sharing Pics of him in Israel for Thanksgiving…

Writes Daniel McAdams:

Maybe the tide is actually turning…


3:02 pm on November 25, 2023

Tucker Carlson: Politicians ARE LYING TO YOU, Trust Your GUT Before Voting In 2024

Thanks Gail Appel:

2:10 pm on November 25, 2023

Thoughts on why a good investigation didn’t happen regarding JFK

Writes John Leo Keenan:

“All presidents after JFK failed to have a serious, good investigation about how the assassination really happened.  Ronald Reagan had the best opportunity to do so because the House Select Committee in ’78 or ’79 had concluded that maybe there was a conspiracy and therefore that the government’s conclusions on Lee Harvey Oswald were wrong in major ways.  One can’t say that he (Reagan) acted like he didn’t read about it because of fear.  I don’t know why he failed to do his duty.  It may be dangerous, but it is the duty of any President to make sure there is another investigation based on what the House Select Committee concluded formally.  Not to do so is highly irresponsible.  Maybe it is cowardly too; I guess only the President can know that.  If people demanded an investigation and the President didn’t want it, we would be more ready to judge his personal courage.  It is certainly bad that no one has had the wits or the courage to do what must be done because the assassination of JFK was an attack against the country like an act of war is.  It was not just that the president was killed like an animal, and for all to see on film too.  He was the people’s leader; the buoyant, loving crowds alongside the route of the motorcade showed beautifully what he meant for the United States.  Shortly before the first shot blast, Mrs. Connally said to JFK something like, “You can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you, Mr. President.”  According to both Mrs. and Mr. Connally, he replied that he couldn’t deny it (“no, I can’t”). 

Some day, because of technology, the crime will most likely be cleared up, and all involved directly in failing to do justice, including the previous generation(s), will then be criticized harshly (as we would expect such a future generation to do).  I don’t think all the stupid things are “immortal.”   Rather, it looks easy to clear up, because it must be waiting to be cleared up.”      


7:41 am on November 25, 2023