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Political Theatre

Jimmy Dore, Candace Owens: 0% chance killer could scale building with rifle without detection

Thanks, Rick Rizoff.

12:17 pm on July 15, 2024

Police encountered killer/would-be assassin, walked away from him

Thanks, Rick Rozoff.

12:14 pm on July 15, 2024

Clear Signs This Was A Set Up!

12:07 pm on July 15, 2024

A few days earlier, assassination was demanded by prominent government journalist

Writes John McKerrow:

Dear Lew,

I know you will be shocked…shocked to know that David Aaronovitch is the son of a prominent communist. Aaronovitch also supported the Iraq War, Tony Blair, the bombings of Iraq, Syria and Libya (2013) and the Remain camp on Brexit. I know you will also be shocked to learn he was a big critic of Glenn Greenwald’s work with Edward Snowden. 

 Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Best regards


12:03 pm on July 15, 2024

Crooks Identified

Writes Mark Seiler:

Hi Lew,

The Associated Press ran a story at 1:45AM July 14 that identified Crooks as the assassin. The BBC has reported that “Special Agent Kevin Rojek said Crooks had not been carrying ID and that investigators used DNA to identify him.”.

This means they identified Crooks via DNA in less than eight hours after the shooting. Who had Crooks’ DNA on file and why? Assuming they actually ID’d him in that way.

This opens up another whole can of  worms.

In Liberty & The Prince of Peace


11:53 am on July 15, 2024

Fury unleashed on secret service after ‘catastrophic failure’ to protect Donald Trump

Thanks, Johnny Kramer. 

11:09 am on July 15, 2024

The Tim Dillon Show – Trump Assassination Attempt with Alex Jones

Thanks, Johnny Kramer. 

11:06 am on July 15, 2024

Trump Shooter’s Blackrock Connection

Writes David Martin:



11:03 am on July 15, 2024

Essay by the great EvKL

Writes J.K. Baltzersen:

Dear Sir:

In the aftermath of the tragic incident of violence in Pennsylvania, it is also Bastille Day.

An essay that should be read on that occasion.


8:07 am on July 15, 2024

Megyn Kelly: when you dehumanize, demonize half the country….

Writes Rick Rozoff:

 don’t be surprised when someone tries to kill them.

Only about three minutes (until Prager comes on).

4:28 pm on July 14, 2024

A few days earlier, assassination was demanded by prominent government journalist

Writes Rick Rozoff:

Aaronovitch, now a BBC presenter, was formerly a columnist with The Independent, The Guardian and The Times of London.

There’s no evidence that he’s faced any consequences for posting this on X.

Aaronovitch, the voice behind the British state broadcaster’s Radio 4 program ‘The Briefing Room’, tweeted on Monday: “If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security.”



4:18 pm on July 14, 2024

As though this hadn’t been the plan all along

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RT News

Thanks, Rick Rozoff.


4:03 pm on July 14, 2024

Antifa supporter Thomas Matthew Crooks: I hate Republicans, I hate Trump

Thanks, Rick Rozoff.

3:46 pm on July 14, 2024

Strange Questions About the Trump Assassination Attempt

Thanks, Johnny Kramer. 

3:39 pm on July 14, 2024

Russian Foreign Ministry: U.S. inciting hatred against political opponents, praising previous assassins

Thanks, Rick Rozoff.


July 14, 2024

US fostering hatred toward political opponents — Russian MFA after Trump rally shooting

 “Two months ago, I paid attention to the fact that the US was literally fostering hatred toward political opponents, as well as provided examples of the American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates,” Maria Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel

MOSCOW, July 14. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted after the attempted assassination of former US President Donald Trump that Washington encourages fostering of hatred toward its political opponents.

“Two months ago, I paid attention to the fact that the US was literally fostering hatred toward political opponents, as well as provided examples of the American tradition of attempts and assassinations of presidents and presidential candidates,” she wrote on her Telegram channel citing her post about the history of attempted assassinations of American politicians.

There was a shooting at a rally of Trump in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The Republican was wounded. According to recent reports, he is safe, the injury was minor – the bullet pierced his right ear. The shooter was killed by members of the US Secret Service, which is responsible, in particular, for protecting the top officials of the state. The Associated Press reported that authorities were investigating the incident as an assassination attempt on Trump.

The shooting left one person killed and two injured. The Republican National Committee has stressed that its convention in Milwaukee, which was set to open on Monday and was expected to nominate Trump as its presidential candidate in the November election, would not be canceled or postponed. Trump will attend the convention, the committee confirmed.


3:28 pm on July 14, 2024

Would-be assassin contributed to Democrat, leftist causes

Writes Rick Rozoff:

(I recommend you mute the audio. The comment about being a registered Republican simply means he voted in a Republican primary. Democrats routinely do that to vote against Republicans they want to see defeated in the primary.)

2:08 pm on July 14, 2024

Elon Musk: Assassination attempt was either extreme incompetence or deliberate

Thanks, Rick Rozoff.

2:06 pm on July 14, 2024

Illegal Invaders To Sway 2024 Election: Dems CONSPIRE With Foreign INVADERS To DESTROY America

Thanks, Maureen McKerracher.

11:46 am on July 14, 2024

Trump Assassination Attempt: Security Lapses, Manipulating Public Perception

10:56 am on July 14, 2024

A fundamental security failure’: How did a gunman open fire on a Trump rally?

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Too suspicious.  Numerous witnesses pointed him out to no avail. No social media record.  


10:53 am on July 14, 2024

The CIA is running global coups and assassinations to try to stop BRICS

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Natural News

Thanks, John Frahm.


4:35 am on July 14, 2024

First Do No Harm — the Hope Accord

Writes Doug Fuda:

Hi Lew,

Have you heard about the Hope Accord?

It is an effort by doctors to encourage society to come to grips with the extreme ethical failures that accompanied the Covid “Emergency.” Pandemic measures taken by governments and institutions were in many cases an attack on the family and parents’ rights and duties to protect their children. The Hope Accord statement addresses this issue directly:

“Fundamental and cherished principles of medical ethics were disregarded on the premise of an emergency. These included: ‘first do no harm’, informed consent, bodily autonomy and the notion that adults protect children – not the other way around. [my emphasis] The precautionary principle was inverted… The consequence was exposing the public, especially healthy young people – including children – to unacceptable risks of harm.”

I have signed the Hope Accord statement and I encourage others to do so. It is written deliberately to be “inclusive,” that is, it avoids any sensational arguments or extremist demands or calls for vengeance or punishment. Many reasonable people of differing viewpoints should feel comfortable with signing. 

Please consider signing and spreading the word especially to doctors and other health care professionals that you might know. I think it would be great to ask clergy to sign as well.



4:32 am on July 14, 2024

Eucharistic Hyper-Devotionalism

Writes Mark Higdon:

Lew, WRT to this excellent LRC essay and related developments, I offer the following.

IMO. the campaign for Eucharistic devotion by the USCCB is just that: a campaign. IOW, marketing. IOW, a strategy to fatten the proceeds from Bishops’ Appeals. At least, to a great extent. What other conclusion makes sense, given the half-century+ degradingby prelature and clergy–of affirming the Real Presence, accompanied by the “faithful’s” all-time low belief thereof?

The USCCB has taken not one step toward redeeming itself from its appalling, shameful complicity with the 2020-2024 (and continuing) government COVIDespotism. Ergo, my well-developed spiritual reflexes find this bishops’ “conference’s” latest initiative automatically suspect. That–along with the Bergoglio regime’s spurious excommunication of Abp. Vigano–has pushed me over a long-straddled fence.

The resolution for me, is this: It is the Bergoglio tyranny and all of its obedient quislings who are the schismatics. “Roman” was never an essential part of the “One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” meme of the ages. Rome is a place. The Church is everywhere. Righteous seekers will make the effort to find Her. Ifor oneam confident of where to look, even in these unprecedented times.

-Mark Higdon-


4:29 am on July 14, 2024

Part of a con and we knew it”: Josh Hawley cites Alexander Cockburn on SPLC

Thanks, Rick Rozoff.

4:19 am on July 14, 2024

Transcript of Vera Sharav’s Speech at Nuremberg 75, August 20th 2022

Writes Gail Appel:

Vera Shara  is unparalleled in moral clarity,courage,strength, integrity and honor. Her intellect is astonishing.She doesn’t seek pity or celebrity. Without pointing fingers, she makes me realize how small I am. How petty.

Ms. Sharpav lays out the Nazi Technocracy parallels of the Great Reset/Agenda 2030 in detail. Not only are the details horrifying, but the language and terminology are identical to that of the genocidal Nazi regime. “ Useless eaters”! Same as outlined in “ The Great Reset”, this time, we’re all “ useless eaters”, but for the megalomaniacal psychopathic cabal of elites.

Ms. Shapav isn’t afraid to call out the nightmare we’ve entered willfully. Because 90% of our population is unaware of it.Why would they be? The corporate media, left nor right, dares mention it. Our vaunted “ elected representatives “ utter not a peep. The effing “ Conservatives”, with their “ religious freedom( whatever that means)”, their “Pro-Life” chest beating and moral righteousness making a fertilized egg a “ child”, but a living child is worth very little when sending them to die fighting foreign wars that we’ve instigated. Paid for with our dollars and their lives. An automatic mandatory draft, sons and daughters on their eighteenth birthday. Who the hell wants to have children, only to be sacrificed by the war profiteers? We have a nine month old grandson and my pour daughter and son in law are agonizing since this was made “ quitely” public.

Why aren’t our “ righteous” Conservative tent pitchers speaking out? The judgmental zealots? Because they’re full of Maine lobster, Alaskan salmon,pate’de foie gras, haricot verts, Dom Perignon ,Mousse a’ Chocolat, Black Label, illegal Cuban cigar smoke and shit. Paid for by the “ worthless eaters” struggling to put store brand Hamburger Helper and.canned green beans on the table. Those who actually practice what the fraudulent “morally righteous” Conservative Christian politicians preach.Pence,DeWine,Hawley,Cruz,Kellyanne,Roy,Raffensberger,Lee,Kennedy,Reynolds,Huckabee Sanders,Pompeo,Mr. Outsider,Trump

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4:16 am on July 14, 2024


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Thanks, Ray & Roberta. 


4:14 am on July 14, 2024

Britain’s Leftist Prime Minister Green Lights Use of British Missiles to Strike Russian Mainland

Writes Gail Appel:

How exciting!


1:09 pm on July 12, 2024

Watch “Jaw-Dropping Vatican Financial and Sexual Corruption EXPOSED” on YouTube

Thanks, Maureen McKerracher. 

12:42 pm on July 12, 2024

Italy’s Prime Minister Georgia Meloni caught doing a Joe Biden impression at NATO summit

Thanks, Jay Stephenson. 

4:10 pm on July 11, 2024

Insanity is On the Table55

Writes Andy Thomss:

“Clown World actively seeks the destruction of Christendom, which means eliminating both Christians and the European peoples of the world.”

See here.


2:14 pm on July 11, 2024