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Political Theatre

FBI Raid

Writes a friend:


After the murders of Sam and Vicki Weaver, and several dozens of children in a church in Texas and a daycare in Oklahoma City, I’m shocked, yes shocked that the FBI would conduct a political raid on a former president!

3:06 pm on August 9, 2022

Digital ID Tyranny Is Being Rolled Out Across the World

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The Expose. Thanks, John Frahm.


2:20 pm on August 9, 2022

Pay-to-Play Ball?

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Jordan Schachtel


1:54 pm on August 9, 2022

Miami Cuban, Hispanic Community Erupts In Rage Over FBI Raid On Trump Home As Dark Memories Return – Miami Independent

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Miami Independent. Thanks, Vicki Marzullo.


1:45 pm on August 9, 2022

In Defense of Liam Neeson!

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Matt Taibbi


12:29 pm on August 9, 2022


12:19 pm on August 9, 2022

Israel Moves Closer to Cashless Society

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Israel365. Thanks, Ginny Garner. 


12:02 pm on August 9, 2022

Biden Admin Run By Former Registered Foreign Agents

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The Federalist. Thanks, John Frahm.


11:59 am on August 9, 2022

Cheney’s Husband Is Partner At Firm Representing Hunter Biden

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The Federalist. Thanks, John Frahm.


11:57 am on August 9, 2022

Viral: A Review

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3:05 pm on August 8, 2022

Biden increases IRS agents to almost 170,000—70,000 will be armed—to target middle class Americans

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The Post Millennial


2:59 pm on August 8, 2022

Gates Calls Social Credit Scores An “Asset” — Are They Coming To The US?

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Activist Post


2:58 pm on August 8, 2022

The Beef Initiative

Lew, in response to this:


I interviewed a great guy who runs something called The Beef Initiative:


This is how consumers can keep good, nourishing food coming while also helping ranchers.


3:45 pm on August 7, 2022

Harbinger of evil

From John Frahm:

This massive 49 Million Alex Jones trial award is corrupt and is a harbinger against free speech of all sorts. And he had two other trials to go.    This is really serious.    Pure evil.  They declared their intent.  Free speech of every sort has just been targeted for destruction and lock down under a social credit system.    If you offend someone you can be destroyed.  If you question a narrative you can be destroyed.   




3:32 pm on August 7, 2022

Virgin Mary Apparitions and Prophecy

Writes Luis P. Almeida:


This is an amazing talk by Father Ripperger that describes the Virgin Mary’s prophecies and views of modern society through her apparitions. 

Right out of the gates Father Ripperger brings up Our Lady of Good Success who appeared in Ecuador in the 1600s. She prophesied that Freemasons would take over education and bring communism to the world. This in 1612 decades before Freemasonry taking over. Our Lady of Good Success also discussed gay marriage, desecration of the holy sacraments, and the collapse of the family.



1:58 pm on August 7, 2022

Nancy Pelosi Is 82

Rick Rozoff:

In Jonathan Swift’s 1726 satirical novel Gulliver’s Travels, the name struldbrugg (sometimes spelled struldbrug) is given to those humans in the nation of Luggnagg who are born seemingly normal, but are in fact immortal. Although struldbruggs do not die, they do continue aging. Swift’s work depicts the evil of immortality without eternal youth.

They are normal human beings until they reach the age of eighty, at which time they become dejected. Upon reaching the age of eighty they become legally dead….

“As soon as they have completed the term of eighty years, they are looked on as dead in law; their heirs immediately succeed to their estates; only a small pittance is reserved for their support; and the poor ones are maintained at the public charge. After that period, they are held incapable of any employment of trust or profit; they cannot purchase lands, or take leases; neither are they allowed to be witnesses in any cause, either civil or criminal or economic, not even for the decision of meers (metes) and bounds.”

“Otherwise, as avarice is the necessary consequence of old age, those immortals would in time become proprietors of the whole nation, and engross the civil power, which, for want of abilities to manage, must end in the ruin of the public.”


12:55 pm on August 7, 2022

What Is ESG? It’s a Leveraging Tool for the Woke Communist Takeover

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NewsWars. Thanks, John Frahm.


10:26 am on August 7, 2022

Tweets Defending Alex Jones

Writes Ginny Garner

Tweets defending Alex Jones from Robert Barnes, Jordan Schachtel, Darren Beattie, Scott Adams and others start at 22:50:

Barnes: His case is a perilous precedent to suppress speech by political dissidents that will be used against everyone else!


2:09 am on August 7, 2022

My Thoughts on Deep State Slams Free Speech Pioneer Alex Jones.

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Real Raw News.


2:07 am on August 7, 2022

Gonzalo Lira proved right again

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Station Gossip


2:06 am on August 7, 2022

Experts Warn Alex Jones Show Trial Sets Precedent for Silencing Independent Media

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2:05 am on August 7, 2022

Alex Jones Ordered To Pay $49.3M in Sandy Hook ‘Show Trial’

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NewsWars. Thanks, John Frahm.


2:03 am on August 7, 2022

Canada’s western premiers reject Trudeau’s plan forcing farmers to reduce fertilizer emissions

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Lifesite News. Thanks, Thundering Legion. 


1:59 am on August 7, 2022

What can we as non-farmers do about it besides pray?

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The Economic Collapse. Thanks Thundering Legion. 


1:58 am on August 7, 2022

Gov’t database reveals 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to Covid vaccines

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Lifesite News. Thanks, Thundering Legion.


1:57 am on August 7, 2022

New York Supreme Court Judge Strikes Down Covid Camps

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Umcover DC. Thanks, Ginny Garner. 


1:56 am on August 7, 2022

Doctors Criticize Fauci For Saying Covid Vaccines Induce ‘Only Temporary’ Menstrual Irregularities

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Zero Hedge. Thanks, Brian Dunaway.


1:54 am on August 7, 2022

Feminizing Homer

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IM1776. Thanks, Jeff Deist. 


1:53 am on August 7, 2022

Vacation reading

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

Hope everyone is well down in Auburn.

Every year I take a week of vacation and just ride my motorcycle across country. I generally stick to US and State highways as much as possible. It is a great reminder of just how diverse and beautiful this country is despite the efforts of so many to ruin it.

Before these trips I download and print PDF books from Mises.org to read at the motels in the evenings and while I am dining. I want to says thanks to you and everyone at the Mises Institute for making these resources available. This is a great service to education in the cause of Liberty.

This year instead of a book, I printed out several shorter essay’s. One of them was “Road to Serfdom”, by Hayek. It was a great read but I noticed one flaw in Hayek’s thinking (at least from our perspective). I noticed the same thing a few years ago reading “Economics in One Lesson”, by Hazlitt. They both do great analysis of the underlying reason’s for the negative effects of virtually any government intervention. These analysis are all well thought out and supported by examples, etc. The thing I find interesting in both cases, the flaw, is they both make arbitrary statements to the effect of government being necessary. In both cases it is the one thing they both state as fact with little or no rationale. It is just thrown out there. They then proceed to show how the coercive nature of government creates some negative effects in everything it does. I think this “flaw” in thinking is possibly one of the more difficult things for any of us to educate our selves or others to overcome. It is very common thinking among conservatives. Even having always considered myself a Libertarian I also had this intellectual flaw for a long time. It is certainly a testament to the power of propaganda. If propaganda didn’t work they wouldn’t put so many resources into it.

Reading these types of statements always reminds me of something Rothbard wrote about his own final awakening. I remember someone telling this story a few years ago during a speech at one of the Mises events also. Rothbard talks about having had his usual spirited but friendly debate with several of his liberal friends (back when that was still possible). He made the “min-archist” argument that the only “legitimate” functions of government were police, courts, etc. He said his liberal friends made the counter point that if those things were necessary because he believed they were, why weren’t social safety nets, etc. legitimate because liberals believe they are? He had no real argument to refute their position. He mentions later realizing they were actually completely correct. This led him to the conclusion that he was faced with only two choices. Become a socialist, or become an anarchist. Fortunately for all who love Liberty we know the choice he made.

In think part of the lesson is it may be time to rethink, or more deeply think through your positions, if you are faced with an argument you struggle to refute on moral, ethical, or intellectual grounds.

Again, thanks to you and all the contributors to the Mises Institute and LRC for all you do in the cause of Liberty.


1:51 am on August 7, 2022

Covid Nurse Explains Becoming A Whistleblower: ‘I Recorded Them Murdering Patients’

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Ultimate Survival. Thundering Legion. 


1:50 am on August 7, 2022