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Political Theatre

CBS News Caught Using Footage From an Italian Hospital To Describe Conditions in NYC

Gateway Pundit.

10:46 am on March 30, 2020

Harry And Meghan Would Have To Ask Trump To Have U.S. Foot Security Bills

Trump Gives Them Their Answer Before They Ask.

10:26 am on March 30, 2020

Japanese Data Show Indoor Coronavirus Transmission 18.7 Times Likelier

As Garcetti Moves L.A. Homeless to Rec Centers.

2:25 am on March 30, 2020

Warmongers Hate Thomas Massie

Another reason to support him.

4:12 pm on March 29, 2020

Massie on mousetraps

Thanks, Paula Deist.

3:25 pm on March 29, 2020

Snowden warns government surveillance amid COVID-19 could be long lasting


11:11 am on March 29, 2020

French Official Says Quarantine Should Not Be Enforced In Migrant Areas To Avoid Riots

Zero Hedge

10:58 am on March 29, 2020

West Faces ‘Social Bomb’ as Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest

Zero Hedge

10:58 am on March 29, 2020

LRC ‘Influential’

The Media Navigator

“The Media Navigator classifies 72 influential media outlets based on their political stance and their relationship to power. In many cases, the latter is more significant.”

Thanks, Dan Eble.

10:57 am on March 29, 2020

US-Led Coalition Departs K1 Air Base in Kirkuk, Iraq

Here’s the real reason why NYC hospital at epicenter of virus outbreak is overwhelmed

New York Post reports defiant ‘corona potlucks’ and residents visiting ‘speakeasies’

BizPac Review. Thanks, Vicki Marzullo.

10:29 am on March 29, 2020

Re: Trump Executive Order

Writes Roger Young:


Gary Barnett’s post about military reservists will soon be a reality in Dallas County.

They’ll be on a “medical mission,” knocking on people’s doors.

For now.

It will be interesting to see how many of these individuals are aware that not all of the “City of Dallas is in “Dallas County.” How many will “accidentally” prowl into neighboring counties?

If I find them in my county (which has not authorized such an invasion), I have vowed to politely notify them of their egregious navigation error and offer to escort them to the county line!


10:28 am on March 29, 2020

Rhode Island hunting down New Yorkers

Fox News

5:29 pm on March 28, 2020


Writes a friend:

Lew, when will the “You Are Here” space be relabeled “V For Vendetta”?

I think we need to start buying and wearing these:

5:28 pm on March 28, 2020


Thanks, Vinnie Terranova.

3:17 pm on March 28, 2020

Trump Executive Order

Writes Gary Barnett:


Trump has called up military reservists by this executive order, to “fight the virus,” or so he says. An armed military under direction of the federal government, or paid for by the federal government with direction to the the states, does not fight viruses, it fights people. This is akin to heavily armed U.S. troops forcibly flooding a country under the auspices of a “peace” mission. This is being treated as no big deal, but when this government-created virus abomination gets more ugly, it will be a very big deal. This is a major step in preparation for martial law, when one’s once neighbors that went on weekend drills, will be let loose on the streets of America with orders to do whatever is necessary to enforce state and federal lockdown mandates. This is the new America that the people are accepting almost without question.

3:15 pm on March 28, 2020

Oh No: US Navy Can’t Attack China

Daily Mail.

1:18 pm on March 28, 2020

Corona Creeps

UK Stasi Create Website To Inform on Neighbours.

1:17 pm on March 28, 2020

Congressman Massie denied, $2 trillion coronavirus bill passed without a recorded vote

Just the News.

1:17 pm on March 28, 2020

Rep Thomas Massie Stands Up For The Constitution

Trump Calls For Him to Be ‘Thrown Out’ Of GOP.

1:16 pm on March 28, 2020

‘If Getting Us Into $6 Trillion More Debt Doesn’t Matter, Then Why Not $350 Trillion?’

Zero Hedge

1:15 pm on March 28, 2020

In 2009 UK government experts wildly over-hyped dangers of swine flu

Is history repeating with Covid-19? — RT

1:15 pm on March 28, 2020

“I Don’t Care for A Second About the Coronavirus” – gloria.tv

Gloria.TV News. Thanks, Chris Sullivan.

3:54 am on March 28, 2020

Uh-Oh, the FDIC Exhorts Us Not To Hit the (Bank) Panic Button

Joseph T. Salerno | Mises Institute

5:48 pm on March 27, 2020


Writes Vicki Marzullo:

Should U.S. state government tyrants be afraid of when the lockdowns are lifted?  If China is an example, yes.

5:00 pm on March 27, 2020

On public schools…

Writes Jim Lloyd:

Hi Lew,

After reading the PT post on public schools, I wanted to share something the superintendent for the area district said regarding students (and parents) while Iowa “leaders” fumble-freak their way through flu season by closing the schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, et cetera.

“We know that parents and children do not have the resources, the access and the know-how to move our curriculum forward like our professionals would,”

Translation: Despite paying for the materials, manpower and space to “educate” the next generation, we know taxpayers lack the intellectual acumen to understand what we are doing…that is why we are still being paid, even though we aren’t working. We made your parents obedient, we made you ignorant and we will turn your children into mindless box-tickers that won’t care about you until it’s time to cry at the funeral and read the will.  Trust me, I’m a professional.

4:59 pm on March 27, 2020

Experts Wrong About Masks?

Writes Bob Wooldridge:


Take a look at this video:

3:48 pm on March 27, 2020

Closed gyms

Writes Greg Privette;

Hi Lew,

First of all, thanks for providing a source for voices of reason.

I read the post from Roger Young about the gym owner working out a customer in a dead end. Our VP works out (used to) at a gym down the street. Like many gyms it is a small business. It was started and is owned by two guys who have regular jobs and started the gym with hopes that maybe one day it would become a full time occupation for them. It has of course now been forced closed. Right after it was forced closed our VP played a video for me that was posted by the woman who pretty much managed the gym for the owners. She was talking about missing the customers and having no idea what she was going to do. She was of course in tears. Very heart wrenching, at least to anyone who is not a politician. Our VP had become somewhat friends with one of the owners and called him just to see how he is doing and what is going on. The guy was pretty agitated. He said he had just attended a meeting called by county officials who requested the attendance of gym owners, hair dressers, and some others to make sure they were up to date and allow questions. The guy said he was very disappointed because most everyone seemed to be simply going along. He also said he kept waiting for someone to bring up a very obvious issue. He said no one else was so he finally brought it up himself. It turns out at the county officials request there were about 80 people attending the meeting all in the same room! The officials or course struggled to come up with an answer as to why when it’s their request it was OK to have way more than 10 people together and at far less than 6’ spacing.

I would also mention our VP is continuing to pay his gym membership. I would suggest to anyone who picks up carry out or orders in please tip the workers who remain on the job as generously as is prudent for your individual financial situation. It is a small way to poke the establishment in the eye, reward the real heroes of the “crises”, So far the people I have done this with have all been genuinely very appreciative.

3:44 pm on March 27, 2020

Who better to explain what is happening

Writes Bill Sardi:

The US is nationalizing the markets and exploding the size of government. Who better than Lenin to explain what is happening:

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

3:03 pm on March 27, 2020