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Political Theatre

LA’s Homeless Surge Puts Hollywood Progressives

To the Test.

12:36 pm on January 14, 2019

White American Births Below Replacement Level

In Every State.

12:35 pm on January 14, 2019

The shutdown’s real lesson:

Government has taken hostage too much of the economy.

12:35 pm on January 14, 2019

Non-Essential Workers

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

I read the post on the Political Theatre:

“Sorry, I Don’t’ Feel Sorry For Furloughed Feds”.

I think in this day and age where many theoretically still middle class workers are struggling to get by amongst stagnate wages and ever increasing costs the government may come to regret the use of the term “non-essential workers”. It brings to mind several things over the years that have bothered me with respect to supposed hardship being experienced by government workers.

During the Air Traffic Controllers strike I was traveling on business. The local news in whatever city I was in were doing a human interest story on a local controller. The idea was to drum up sympathy for the claims of how underpaid they were by interviewing him at home with his family. The news crew, clueless as they are, made the mistake of running video as they came to his house. He was married with 2 or 3 kids, lived in a very nice house in a very nice subdivision, and had two nice cars and a nice boat in his garage and driveway. I remember at the time thinking I hoped to be that underpaid someday.

Another was a local news article after the hoax referred to as “the sequester” supposedly kicked in. Some of the defense contractors laid off employees. The article interviewed a guy who I believe was some type of computer programmer for Lockheed/Martin here in the Atlanta area. He wanted everyone to know there was a human side to the cruel cuts. He said he was earning 130K/year at Lockheed and people needed to realize he couldn’t just go out and make that much anywhere else! I’m sure this gave him no indication he might just be overpaid at taxpayer expense. I am also sure he wouldn’t consider himself a government employee.

The other two come from the last “financial collapse” of 2008-2009 and were at state level.

Georgia, being one of the more fiscally sound states only had to make modest cuts. One thing they did was to require all state employees to take two mandatory unpaid days off each year. Very cruel of course. Many state agencies decided to just close for two Fridays throughout the year. I read an article in the paper cautioning the citizenry that we wouldn’t be able to obtain our normal “services” from these agencies on whatever the upcoming Friday was. I wish I had kept a copy of the article so I could list the names of the agencies. It was virtually impossible for me to imagine anyone being affected if they had simply been shut down permanently. Anyone other than the bureaucrats they employ at least.

Lastly, during that same budget “emergency” the state started closing all the interstate rest parks and welcome centers at 7:00 every evening. This couldn’t possibly have saved much money but it goes a long way toward punishing everyday taxpayers. During that same period, where they couldn’t afford to keep rest parks open, I was driving somewhere and they were out mowing the medians and road sides on the highways!!

12:19 pm on January 14, 2019

Investigator: ‘Nearly a Dozen Young Men’ Have Come Forward on ‘Serial Predator’ Ed Buck

Dem Leader Instructed Party Members To Stay Silent.

12:18 pm on January 14, 2019

Far-Left 9th Circuit Rules Against Little Sisters of the Poor

Mandates They Pay for Contraceptives in Spite of Supreme Court Win.

12:16 pm on January 14, 2019

Planned Parenthood Instructing Pimp

Writes Luis P. Almeida:


I didn’t think I could be surprised by depravity anymore. I was wrong. Here’s a video of a Planned Parenthood employee instructing a pimp on how to get abortions for 14 year old prostitutes.

1:48 am on January 14, 2019

Congress Should Follow Trump’s Lead

More voters now think.

2:25 pm on January 13, 2019

Asylum seeker attacks pregnant woman

Unborn baby dies.

2:24 pm on January 13, 2019

Cal’s Gavin Newsom Proposes Tax

On Drinking Water in First Budget.

11:46 am on January 13, 2019

A question…

By Steve Sailer – The Unz Review.

11:43 am on January 13, 2019

The Horror of ‘Friends’

The sitcom’s characters are straight, white people.

4:27 pm on January 12, 2019

No Whites Allowed

To apply for doctor openings in South Africa.

12:33 pm on January 12, 2019

Comrade-Mayor de Blasio Says New York’s Wealth Is ‘In The Wrong Hands’

And Should Be Redistributed.

11:54 am on January 12, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard to run for president

She is the most antiwar Dem.

11:10 am on January 12, 2019

Magnetic Poles Are Moving Rapidly as Never Before

Precursor to a Pole Shift?

11:10 am on January 12, 2019

‘We Don’t Take Orders From Bolton’

US Withdrawal From Syria Begins.

2:19 pm on January 11, 2019

A Wall Stalemate as Trump Goes Factual

Democrats Illogical.

12:50 pm on January 11, 2019

Vatican releases combined cross and crescent logo

Or Pope’s trip to Morocco.

Writes Paula Deist:

“Hope” Francis is the Barack Obama of Vatican II.

12:10 pm on January 11, 2019

European court rules

Against German homeschooling family. (Thanks, Paula Deist)

12:09 pm on January 11, 2019

Uh Oh

Trump vows pathway to citizenship for high-skill ‘H1-B’ visa holders.

12:07 pm on January 11, 2019

The rise of financial blacklisting

Censorship has a new battleground. James Delingpole.

12:07 pm on January 11, 2019

Fast north magnetic pole shift

Prompts navigation update. (Thanks, Linda Taylor)

12:06 pm on January 11, 2019

CNN asks KUSI for local view on the border

Declines our reporter after finding out wall works.

12:05 pm on January 11, 2019

Sorry, I Don’t Feel Sorry For Furloughed Feds

…our friends in the Fourth Estate are approaching the project in a manner that merely highlights how divorced they are from the world beyond the Beltway. Their primary focus involves the heartrending human tragedy of … idle bureaucrats.

As to the media and their propaganda campaign, the voters have Trump’s back on this. Illegal immigration is the issue that got him elected and he’ll win this fight over “the wall.” Given a choice between border security and pampered feds, the voters will choose the former over the latter every time. No amount of propaganda about the plight of “dedicated public servants” will change that reality. There are many good people in the government, but a number are overpaid and underworked. How is a journalist to tell the difference? Leave the Beltway once in a while and ask an ordinary voter. David Catron.

12:01 pm on January 11, 2019

Using Cameras in the Hunt for Taxes

We are witnessing police being converted into tax agents. This is no longer about protecting the public. It is about exploiting the public to fund government pensions. Martin Armstrong

12:00 pm on January 11, 2019

Will the EU Cancel the €500 Note?

Martin Armstrong fears so.

11:58 am on January 11, 2019

Oxford students demand university fire famed philosophy prof

For ‘homophobia.’

1:23 am on January 11, 2019

Trump’s Die-Hard Base Is the Real ‘Resistance’

And They Love Him No Matter What: WSJ Op-Ed.

Anyone thinking of challenging Mr. Trump in the New Hampshire primary will have to show they understand, and would fight for, voters who don’t care about “the man” but care deeply about the nation’s cultural direction. Which means being willing to accept exclusion and ridicule by the media trolls. Don’t hold your breath.

It is possible Mr. Trump will personally grind down enough people to make him a one-term president. Still, we hope no one feigns shock in 2020 if, despite everything, at least half the electorate quietly opts for the incumbent over what the Democrats have come to stand for. The resistance on the right is real, with the presidency the only outlet remaining for their vote.

3:51 pm on January 10, 2019

Seattle TV Station Caught Doctoring Trump’s Face

During National Address.

3:50 pm on January 10, 2019