Obamacare is Working . . .

. . . just as planned.  Premiums will increase by an average of 25% on Nov. 1 and Aetna and United Health insurance companies have recently dropped out entirely. Deductions will increase by thousands of dollars as well on Nov. 1.

Perfect.  Millions of people will realize that they simply cannot afford it; in some states so many insurance companies have dropped out that there is only one choice; and the “private” (but extremely heavily regulated for decades) insurance industry is going down the tubes.  I guess we’ll just have to have full-blown medical care socialism with 100% taxpayer funding of everything.

As Thomas Sowell has said, the fundamental assumption behind “Obamacare” is that we cannot afford doctors and hospitals, but we can afford doctors and hospitals with a gigantic new government bureaucracy piled on top of it all.


7:41 am on October 25, 2016