Every Small Town Mayor and City Councilman Seems to be Putting His Inner-Stalin on Dispay

This is an image of two seats at a park about six feet from the intracoastal waterway in Delray Beach, Florida, two blocks from my house.  To protect us from ourselves the police wrapped snow fencing around all of them along with police crime scene tape.  I took the picture from six feet away, sitting on the seawall, with about 20-25 people sitting side by side to my right enjoying the 80 degree evening on the water, while others were sitting on their own chairs, fishing from the seawall, etc.  The new Hitlers are not all in the big cities.  Every small town mayor and city councilman seems to be reveling in declarations of “emergency” to become a mini-Mussolini.



7:19 pm on March 28, 2020