“Calling the Church to Repentance Over Its Handling of the Covid 19 Affair”

That’s how Dr. Dan O’Roark describes the book he and two co-authors wrote, and boy, does this volume have my name on it (OK, not literally…)! Alas, due to a frenetic schedule, I haven’t progressed much beyond the foreword, but I’m already hooked—and as that preface is brief enough to reprint here, you can see for yourself why:

Regardless whether the current governmental decrees restricting, and even prohibiting, public worship by the church are viewed as warranted or unnecessary, all must agree that the decrees have impinged upon, if they have not forbidden altogether, the most important activity to which humans are called: the public worship of God, by the citizens of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus.

Is that not magnificent?! Don’t you wish you could scourge all traitorous clergy with those words?!!!!!

All Christians, therefore, ought to consider with utmost care the message of this book, that the Christian church is duty-bound, in perfect right, to disregard and disobey the illicit orders of the civil government


restricting and even forbidding the public worship of God by the entire congregation on the Lord’s Day. Uncritically to yield to the decrees of the state in the matter of public worship is indefensible.

“INDEFENSIBLE”! Take that, Parson Goat!

“We must obey God…” This book calls the hitherto compliant churches, including the most orthodox and conservative, which presently are not worshipping God, to repentance (sorrow over past disobedience) and conversion (change of behavior). …

I can’t wait to devour such chapters as “Ecclesiásticus Interrúptio or Why Has the Church Cancelled Biblical Worship?” and “Covid-19, Fear, and the Word of God.”

We’ve met Dr. O’Roark before. Those who enjoyed his Biblical defense of liberty and his medical truths then should love this new work.

If you’re as devastated as I by Parson Goat’s cowardliness and betrayal of all Christians should hold dear, if his bowing to Caesar rather than to Christ nauseates you, if you long to see these false and wavering preachers (gently and courteously) corrected, Coronavirus and the Leadership of the Christian Church: A Sacred Trust Broken is the future bestseller for you!


12:18 pm on October 16, 2020

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