Another FBI Coverup

The FBI has been in possession of the original Hunter Biden computer hard drive since December of 2019. That’s 10 months ago.

The fact that there has been no FBI news about its contents and no investigation reported means, quite definitely, that the FBI has been covering up the crimes committed by Joe Biden and his family.

The one layer of crimes is the Biden family crimes. The second layer is the FBI coverup. If it is not a coverup, along the same lines as how the FBI disposed of the Hillary e-mail and server case, then it would have to entail a level of incompetence that is unbelievable.

The natural suspicion is that FBI superiors decided not to pursue the Burisma scandal casem which leads directly to candidate Biden, so as not to knock him out of the race for president. If they did this, and all appearances suggest that this is exactly what they did, then we need an investigation of the FBI people involved in this coverup.


12:39 pm on October 16, 2020