Fighting Fire With Facts

When I last offered a pamphlet from Daniel O’Roark, a Christian medical doctor who marshalled facts against the shamdemic and its closing of our churches, y’all stampeded me. Dr. O’Roark took pity on me this time and posted a follow-up in his account with Drop Box (Part I is also available, in case you missed it.)

Here a few of my favorite points from Part II; let me know yours:

…it should be evident that arbitrary quarantine of the multitude of a healthy and asymptomatic populace by a central authority (centralization is strongly frowned upon in God’s word [Genesis 11:1-9]) without due process is absolutely unbiblical and unlawful. (Pg. 11)

“Absolutely unbiblical and unlawful”!!! AMEN!!!!

The larger proportion of civil magistrates have unlawfully to greater or lesser degrees (biblically and constitutionally) interfered with the public worship of Christ. Even if COVID 19 were the “plague of all plagues”, the civil magistrates cannot in any manner interfere with the ecclesiastical authority of the church, through her lawfully ordained officers, to decide as to what she should do in that circumstance. (Pg 12)

Romans 13:2 is often misunderstood. …

I vote that for “Understatement of the Month.”

…We see here that it is the very sinful actions of the magistrates themselves in this COVID-19 debacle that illustrates what biblically condemned resistance to lawful authority looks like. (Pg. 12)


I know by personal medical experience, that many infirm and aged people fear social isolation much more than they fear any risk to themselves by an infectious agent. (P. 14)

And yet politicians and bureaucrats force the elderly to hibernate. May God show them all the mercy they’ve extended to our vulnerable grandparents.

Here’s a paragraph you may want to print and hand to Masked Morons hyperventilating at your defiance of nonsense:

Studies of influenza viruses have revealed that infectivity is related to the degree of viral shedding which in turn tightly corresponds to clinical severity (high fever, etc.). Sick people shed a logarithmically higher volume of virus than asymptomatic persons during coughing and/or sneezing. “The sicker you are the more virus you will shed”. COVID 19 appears to behave similarly. Asymptomatic COVID carriers (infected persons during the incubation period, many of whom will never develop symptoms), by definition are not coughing/sneezing to excess and by simply covering any cough or sneeze they have coincidentally will greatly mitigate any potential spread. (P. 15)

Would that mitigating any potential spread of government were that easy!


10:32 am on April 30, 2020