A Nurse’s Expose

A nurse who works in a nursing home tells me that Stalin—sorry, the governor of her state has 

mandated all nursing home residents and employees be tested for COVID. The false positives on these tests are very high, then everyone the employee has contacted must be quarantined. It is a nightmare. My own employer has postponed it until July. Between that and the increased testing, they are engineering a “second wave” to justify another shutdown …

Yep. Marxists will never rest content until they have completely destroyed this country, and they don’t seem picky about how they accomplish that, whether by bankrupting every small business and family or by the Brownshirts’—sorry, by BLM’s rioting and looting.

Our heroine continued:

Healthcare is in a terrible mess. Medical and direct care people have become labor units, interchangeable cogs, to the suits that manage us. Even doctors, although they are paid more, are pretty much held in contempt…unless they bring in lots of $. Truly knowledgeable and competent nurses are not wanted by the non-medical bureaucracy. They don’t like to hear “medical jargon”, or to hear that some policy won’t work or will cause an issue. The suits want dumb, inexperienced direct care staff so they will do what they are told, follow the suits’ directives instead of what they are legally supposed to do, and then they can be scapegoated when something bad happens, while nothing happens to the upper management/non-medical management. 

When she retires, Ms. Nurse

plan[s] to avoid hospitals and nursing homes if I can help it because I have seen the decline. Healthcare is not what it used to be. It is corporate care. That is why the response to Fauci and WHO has been so accepting by medical staff who KNOW better.

I asked her, “What is your opinion of the allegations coming out of NYC that hospitals there were killing victims of COVID19? I’ve seen several exposes by nurses who flew there to help and were horrified at what they saw; were their charges legit?”

The ex-military nurse from Florida who went into the N.Y. hospital, I believe her. She was very smart and credible to me, plus she backed it up with (redacted) chart screen shots showing how they were using COVID diagnoses when the tests were negative to be able to charge the gov’t for COVID care (I’m a little surprised she’s not facing HIPPA charges for that, but maybe “whistleblower” would come into play). She was able to communicate to non-medical people, and non-ICU people like me, what was going on. The bureaucrats needed deaths, so they didn’t care how the patient outcomes were, and pushed vents for early s/s (signs and symptoms) because Cuomo was all over venting people. Most urban people are marxist/nonChristian

I can vouch for the truth of this generalization; nor is it likely to change any time soon, thanks to Parson Goat and his “non-essential” churches.

and would have no moral qualms about this, plus the removal of care liability for COVID cases was an INVITATION to ignore accepted less invasive practices or pursue alternate treatments, and do whatever they wanted to jack up COVID numbers and costs. …. “Healthcare” no longer WANTS competent, intelligent nurses and doctors; we are pains in their a$$e$. Like schools do not educate, and the “Dept of Defense” does not defend the country, the CDC does not control disease, FEMA does not prepare us or assist in disasters, government bureaucrat-driven healthcare is becoming “deathcare”, just as predicted, and is consistent with the Bill Gates-globalist-eugenicist agenda of depopulation.

From the very beginning where I work we didn’t have enough PE and were given ill fitting, hot, masks to wear, the same one ALL DAY. This flies in the face of what has been my experience for over 40 yrs in nursing … NEVER have I been told to use a homemade cloth mask, the idea would have been laughable. That is so substandard, it is 3rd world … practice, and infuriates me that we are reduced to this in the United States of America, and I am convinced that that is the real point of it.

Like Sal Fariello, this expert fears that

Masks make you accumulate germs underneath them. Wearing them continuously also robs you of enough oxygen. But this is perfectly acceptable practice now…as decided by the bureaucrats, who are just ignoring the issues with continual masking, because dysfunction is their goal, and following CDC guidelines, despite the many times [the CDC has] failed in their supposed mission. The bureaucrats’ response is to make the masks “cute,” have volunteers construct them of cloth printed with Disney characters, because we are all just overgrown infants now, and patronizingly call [nurses] “heroes”, because, “surveys show” that healthcare workers really don’t want to make money or have input into care, we just want to be RECOGNIZED (yes, I have worked a few years in nursing management beating my head against the bureaucratic borg that now makes medical decisions).

Our (job) is to screen everyone who enters the building, make sure they use hand sanitizer (?? which makes many germs go into a dormant spore form and does not kill them, C. Difficile, for example, is not killed by hand sanitizer, plus it is alcohol based and dries out and cracks the skin with much use, setting the user up for infection. Good old frequent handwashing is best), check their temps, ask questions about where they have been. If we are in lockdown for COVID, and I am screening for COVID, why am I wearing a cloth mask that MAY be 25% effective as a barrier to COVID? If I wear an N95 mask effective against COVID, I am robbed of 20% of the oxygen I normally would be breathing in, not a good idea for all day use. PLUS, during the H1N1 outbreak, I had to make sure all my staff were “fit tested” because the N95 masks came in sizes and it was vital that there be a snug fit. That has gone by the wayside, now it is “just make sure your mask fits”, no sizing. Standards are out the window, it appears to be a show of “response”, something Florida nurse also noticed about PPE use, and every week it seems the rules change.

 When I asked our educator if we should really be wearing the same N95 masks in all the isolation rooms (all new admits are isolated for 14 days) she responded, “Yeah, that doesn’t sound right”. About a month later the policy changed to assigning a mask to an employee, then that mask is saved in a paper lunch bag and used for that room, as long as it’s COVID negative. Seriously. If I didn’t realize that this whole thing is a cooked-up hoax, I would have been very concerned.

 I live in a county that has had, at last count, 3 COVID cases … Yet we still have to mask continuously at work and in the stores. People are doing it because we have to make a living and shop (although there are the fools masking in their cars and out in the fresh air). We are being held hostage.

And the Stockholm Syndrome prompts many of our fellow hostages to prattle that after all, the government has our best interests at heart, so we should obey its commands, however ludicrous or even harmful they may be.

Sal Fariello adds his testimony to Ms. Nurse’s in an email he wrote me:

I have been receiving some feedback through a friend who forwarded your articles about me to some nurses. Apparently, there are very strong and erroneous opinions from nurses who insist that I cannot prove that carbon dioxide has deleterious effects on the immune system or on human performance.

Well, for the benefit of the nurses who are so doubtful, I suggest they read the following medical/scientific papers which confirm what I have said:

 Carbon Dioxide in the Critically Ill by J. Marhong MD and Eddy Fan MD

Effects of Low Level Inhalation Exposure to Carbon Dioxide in Indoor Environments, A Short Review on Human Health and Psychomotor Performance by Kenichi Azuma et. al., Department of Environmental Medicine, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Osakasayama, Japan

Murray & Nadel’s Textbook of Respiratory Medicine, page 1536.

There is a lot more learned literature substantiating what I have previously stated. Perhaps the science could sink into doubting minds if the level of COVID  hysteria and brainwashing were not so elevated.

Oh by the way, CO2 is such a legitimate concern in connection with driver ability that at least one car manufacturer that I know of has seen fit to equip some of their cars with carbon dioxide detectors.

I remain baffled that Americans have so blithely allowed Our Rulers to invade something as complex and personal as our health and the medical care we seek—especially when Dr. Josef Mengele and the Tuskegee Experiments wreaked their horrors within living memory. Not to mention the example the VA and its hospitals offer of Leviathan’s benevolence.


5:56 pm on July 1, 2020