Christmas in July

M.K. Sheeler warns of the following analogy:

Proceed with caution; stop reading when less than 6’ from your delusions.

 On, then, to his winter’s tale: 

In the beginning everyone believes the story [about Santa Claus]. Things happen as if by magic, and since we can’t prove it wrong, we go along. Then the conspiracy theorist … [tells] us the story is false. We listen, to a point, then consider him a fool.

He persists … We cling to our belief, seeking like-minded people for comfort, but doubt has begun. … The older we get, the more the story seems false. Decision time! Do we admit we were duped by a pathetically bogus story … ? Or, for fear of looking foolish, do we hang on with a death grip to the original story, denying the most obvious falsehoods? At some point, our parents explain the relative harmlessness of the story. … But, how would we feel if they kept insisting on the veracity of the original story? Would we keep our childlike faith, or have we grown up enough to figure it out for ourselves?

 Government does this constantly, playing us for fools with the lamest explanations of current (and past…) events. We don’t have to oblige their insults to our intelligence. We can use the smallest amount of critical thinking ability, grow up, realize, and admit, we’re being lied to constantly. Not for innocent purposes, as in the Santa Claus story, but for genuinely evil, dastardly reasons, to the benefit of government power, alone.

Time to grow up and admit the obvious truth. Unless you want to look even more foolish, keep wearing your masks, keep up your dufus distancing. Hold tightly, the latest government version of Santa Claus. Conspiracy theorists will eventually give up on you for the brain dead that you are. HO, HO, HO!



5:32 pm on July 1, 2020