The Power of Propaganda: State Control of the Press and Media Will Be the Death Knell of Freedom

“Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.”

Evita Ochel

Once again, black is white and white is black. We are all living in a state-created inversion. The press, as has been noted in this country and others since the beginning, was charged with the noble role of informing the people about what is actually going on around them. The freedom of the press has been lauded as necessary for any free society to exist. America’s own so-called ‘Bill of Rights’ in the first amendment states that Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, but all government ‘guarantees,’ as has been exposed, are as worthless as the paper on which they are printed. If all this is true, then why is the entirety of all mainstream and major press and media so corrupt, dishonest, colluding, state-supporting, evil, and essentially controlled by the CIA? Why are virtually all ‘news’ reporting entities owned by the same small group of individuals and companies, or the state itself? Why is most all the ‘reporting’ just propaganda, regardless of the venue?

The only sane position to take in this day and age is to understand that every word coming from the whores in the press, the politicians, and the media are absolute lies. Everything should be considered a falsehood, and should be ignored until and unless it is completely verified and supported by fact.

We are living in madness; we are living in total absurdity. There is no other way to explain our current situation. So why does the bulk of society, not just in this country, but around the world, still cling to every word coming from the state and its minions in the press and media? Why do people believe whatever they are told to believe, without the benefit of any facts or logic; even to the point of voluntarily destroying their own life’s work, their families and loved ones, their communities, and their very souls? Can this ever be legitimately explained?

All this boils down to the sad truth that the people at large desire a master/slave relationship in order to function, without putting forth the effort necessary to live as free men. This is of course pathetic, but it is a fact of life in modern times. Because of this dependent nature, humanity is facing hell on earth, and even possible extinction. That is quite a price to pay for being too lazy, stupid, and gullible to function as responsible individuals. Instead of relying on one’s own abilities, one’s own moral compass; most rely on government to tell them how to act, how to think, what to believe and not believe, and what to condemn or accept.

One major example of this current behavior is brutally evident, and is a very dangerous risk to all. That is the plotted and planned U.S, NATO, Russia, and Ukraine, debacle that is playing out in front of us. There are no ‘good guys’ here, only evil tyrants and government stooges without the capability to see the fatal risk in the games they play, or any soul to care about the outcome. Of course, the masses are tricked by their masters and media into picking a side. As is always the case, another nefarious coup is turned into one of each side hating the other; each supporting the evil intent of both, without the ability to ascertain the truth, which is that they are being played as fools by those holding power over them. Once sides are taken, the ability to control all increases dramatically, just as was planned all along by the state actors.

In this case, those siding with the West against Russia, scream for protection and war to protect poor, ‘innocent’ Ukraine, a country steeped in total corruption, and controlled by the U.S. through a puppet put in power by the same U.S in 2014. Those siding with Russia, especially in the alternative media, due to U.S. aggression against them for decades, falsely assume that Putin is some sort of innocent patriot who is only prosecuting a war that he said he would never do, just because he was pushed to the limit by the U.S. and NATO, and had to protect ‘his’ country. This is total nonsense. The complete idiocy of both sides is beyond astounding. The proletariat hordes are doing exactly as they were coached to do by their state masters, while the mainstream and much of the alternative media take sides in a no-win contest of ignorance and planned chaos.

U.S. aggression, brutality, corruption, warmongering, arrogant interference in other countries, and mass murder are evident, and have been ongoing for nearly the entirety of its existence, but what about the evil Putin and his Russian government? Putin has a very checkered background; from his time in the KGB, to his political rise with support from the U.S., his criminal methods to gain power, and his treatment of those opposing him. He, like the rest of the world rulers, was fully engaged in terror against the Russian people concerning the fake ‘virus pandemic’ labeled as ‘Covid.’ No tracking system for deaths from ‘vaccine’ is allowed by the Russian government, and that website was completely shut down. Putin praised AsrtraZeneca and signed a fast-track deal to get poisonous bio-weapon injections into the population, no different than the evil Trump and Biden. He set up biometric tracking and tagging of school children through a corrupt banking system with strong ties to the World Economic Forum, all under the guise of ‘child safety.’ The same bank is also in charge of launching state-sponsored digital Cryptocurrency, and with the likes of JP Morgan, so as to control the currency and monetary system of Russia.

This is just an extremely brief list of some of the things done by or with the blessing of Putin, who is no innocent saint, but a pure ruling globalist, not different than all the others. He is likely no better or no worse than the rest of the globalist cabal, but in this arena, all are evil. To take sides with any of the ruling class is not only a terrible and possible fatal mistake, but one that guarantees siding with malevolent monsters whose own ambitions always run completely counter to the best interests of the people.

In the midst of all this, the falsely claimed scourge of the earth called ‘Covid-19, that which was said to threaten every man, woman, and child on this planet, temporarily disappeared overnight in favor of the next media narrative; this without a shred of explanation or comment. At the same time, economic turmoil in the realm of major monetary disruption, was an obvious play to continue the drive to eliminate cash and privacy in order for central bank control of currency. This continued plot is now fully underway.

What will be the next narrative change? What new supposed threat will emerge when this one has played out its use? There will always be another emergency, another threat, and another false flag waiting to be released by the powerful globalists and their ilk. Will it be war, another fake virus, a monetary collapse, a bio-weapon release, a targeted nuclear attack, a bogus climate change’ disaster,’ another warning that China may side with Russia, or another U.S./NATO plot meant to stoke more unrest and fear among the commoners?

So long as the people continue to blindly obey and believe the propaganda, there will always be another threat, another emergency, another plot, or another scam meant to subdue and control them.

“One of the greatest responsibilities for the people of our time is to accept everything that he hears in the pro-government media as a lie and to investigate the truth from independent sources personally!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

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