The U.S. Self-Checkmate

The result of this vast U.S. War Against the Muslim World is now so vastly complex, explosive and convulsive every day in new catastrophes that no one can possibly understand where it is all headed or what new cataclysms will erupt today or tomorrow or any time in the foreseeable future.

There are only a few patterns to this World of U.S. Chaos that are so huge, so consistent and startling that they are vividly clear and seem likely to continue to grow for a long time.

The most obvious pattern is that increased, direct U.S. involvement in anything in the Muslim World leads quickly to more eruptions of a catastrophic nature for most of those involved, most obviously the U.S.

The most Important reason for this is obvious to anyone with a smattering of knowledge and understanding of the Muslim World today.

The Muslim World loathes the U.S. for all the secret, totalitarian, imperialist, murderous, insane things it does to the Muslim World every day over vast regions from Palestine and North Africa to murdering Muslim women and children eating breakfast in their homes with Helfire Missiles from Somalia to Yemen to Afghanistan and Pakistan and…

The basic rule of all effective winning of the peace, nation building, and selling lemonade on the street corner is YOU MUST WIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE PEOPLE.

Since Muslims now must secretly loathe the Great Satan, as the U.S. is often called, and totally distrust everything it does, and reasonably assume it is to destroy Muslims, when the U.S. does anything in their World they see it as evil, no matter how bright and shiny it looks on the surface.

The U.S. assumes absolutely that whatever it does is perfectly good and Godly, so it is, or pretends to be, totally blind to this simple, obvious pattern and its primary cause.

No matter what the U.S. does in a major way in the Muslim World, the results are awful for the U.S. and almost everyone else in the long run, because the U.S. is operating in a vast and complex ocean it has poisoned totally and anyone who gets in it gets poisoned sooner or later.

The U.S. has earned the total distrust and loathing of the vast Muslim World. It has check-mated itself in its relations with the Muslim World and anything it does of a major nation in that World will be a no-winner for the U.S. early or later.

The U.S. is doing much the same kind of self-defeating things worldwide, worse in some places and times than other, but almost always in a self-defeating, self-destructive way.

You can see this very clearly in Asia, especially in the relations with China which the U.S. is poisoning more and more. Some times the U.S. makes the people of a small nation like the Philippines happier than they did when the nation was a colony of the U.S., but all those other nations of Asia add up to about one third the size of China and are a huge, net drain on the  U.S. while China benefits the  U.S. by buying two to three trillion dollars of Treasuries and other assets and making U.S. consumers happier.

You can see it in the Middle East and  South Central Asia where the U.S. has been creating ever  more vast and catastrophic wars and chaos.

You can see it even in Europe where the U.S is more and more hated secretly for its undeclared WWIV against Russia and China and Iran. Germany, half the EU economy, is coming out more and more openly and saying “NO!” to the U.S, wars and chaos. Just yesterday Angel Merkel said Germans would not go to war against Iraq guerrillas or in Syria as the U.S. demands Europe do. Turkey is furious at the U.S. for arming the Kurds more and more because they will use the weapons in secret wars with Turkey.

You can see it even in Latin America where almost every nation is quietly enraged at the  U.S. Drug Wars and wars against “wet backs” and the dollar inflation and on and on.

The U.S. is like a suicidal drug addict rushing to the bottom by taking more and more of the drug to stop the horrors of the earlier drugs and trying desperately to get one more high before the final self-checkmate and crash.