Freedom Is the Cure for the Homelessness Problem (and Everything Else!) in America

According to Reason, Los Angeles is considering following New York and several other cities in banning feeding homeless people. That is, they want to forcibly ban private charities from voluntarily feeding people who for whatever reason are not feeding themselves (or have no place to call “home”). The article mentions that in the early 2000s Los Angeles attempted to ban homelessness outright, and a judge ruled the homelessness ban to be unconstitutional.

Actually, the city of Columbia, South Carolina recently enacted a ban on homelessness, according to Fox News.

As usual, the statist answers to these societal problems are to ban harmless activities or states of being, violate civil liberties and impose more fascist controls and sic more police on the people.

But how about freedom as the answer to all this? Why doesn’t anyone ever suggest that freedom might actually solve these issues?

For example, why are these people homeless? Why can’t they feed themselves, or afford to feed themselves? Some people would answer that these people have been conditioned to become dependent on government or because they are just irresponsible. But look at the conditions that they and many others who are not homeless must face in our government-controlled prison society now. There are so many laws and restrictions on everything, so many regulations, taxes, fees and fines for not obeying stupid bureaucrats’ orders — no wonder so many people have so many problems now.

In contrast, freedom is really the only rational answer. And that means not interfering with people doing what they want with their own lives, their own property and their own bodies and their own labor, as long as they don’t violate any other individual’s person or property.

And make it illegal for any government agent or bureaucrat to get in the way, period. THAT’s freedom!

And by real freedom, I mean repeal all economic controls, all price and wage controls, all regulations which interfere with the individual’s right to work, trade and make a living.

And not just some things, but everything. For example, if you repeal the minimum wage, then business owners and employers can once again hire people for entry level jobs and at a wage that is compatible with the worker’s level of skills and what his labor is actually worth, according to the employer‘s judgment and the consumers.

A free society should not tolerate those who would interfere with such a relationship and such contracts between employers and workers, whether the intruders and trespassers are union corporatists or non-productive government bureaucrats.

Repeal ALL regulations on economic activities and transactions. For instance, if someone wants to use his car to give people rides and for pay, then let him do that. No medallion, no reporting of such commerce and no fees to non-productive government bureaucrats. Just the freedom to make a living and provide consumers with the transportation they need under mutually-beneficial contracts.

In fact, such a good society ought to specifically make it a crime for anyone to interfere with such peaceful economic activities. In other words, if city council members pass a bill which the mayor signs into “law” interfering with the transportation providers’ right to do business and serve consumers (a foreign concept to non-productive government bureaucrats, I know), especially if the extortion demand of city-issued taxi medallions are ordered, then those public “servants” should be arrested and charged with interference with commerce by threats or violence. I would also impose the RICO Act, as the city councilors threatening non-medallioned drivers with unlawful arrest or detainment as a means to protect the established drivers’ profits is an act of racketeering, in my opinion.

And such freedom should apply to ALL other areas, such as housing. Get government bureaucrats out of the housing business, and let the people build, own, buy, finance and sell homes and other buildings in whatever way they, the freed people, want to do.

When you restore the people’s freedom to engage in trade in the housing area, prices will fall dramatically, and homeless people (now freed to make a living however they want without politicians criminally intruding themselves) will then be able to afford to live in an actual home, or pay rent.

But the other part of all that is to restore freedom of exchange. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, repeal legal tender laws, and criminalize third-party interference with the individual’s right to trade with whatever media of exchange one wants. Those media of exchange which will be deemed the most useful and popular will be determined by the traders and consumers, not by some central-planning robot in Washington.

Even in foreign affairs, central planners have destroyed more than they have “protected” or “defended.” They caused great damage to Vietnam, they ruined Iraq, they ruined Afghanistan, and now they want to ruin Iran.

In fact, the domestic economic regulations these bureaucrats impose on their fellow Americans are just as strangling and crippling as the criminal sanctions they have imposed on Iranians. And shame on them for doing so!

And the national security central planners have now directed their protection racket and surveillance apparatus against their own people. These central planners not only need to be fired, but they really need to be brought to justice. They are criminals.

And there is also the government-imposed, central planner-committed crime called inflation. Homeless people (and others) would be able to afford things again if the Rulers weren’t manipulating and conniving in their inflation covetousness.

Thus, repealing those government bureaucracies and monopolies in exchange, finance and banking will also free the people. And perhaps the monetary central planners can be brought to justice as well.

So morally and economically there should be no central bank controlled by apparatchiks and monetary commissars. Central planners ruin everything they touch. They have almost completely ruined the dollar, and they continuously ruin economic prosperity for millions. The people need to be freed from the chains imposed by these mobsters.

And such freedom should apply to ALL economic activities in all areas of life and trade.

For one further example, take ObamaCare. Please.

Rather than repeal all the costly and stagnating medical regulations and intrusions, the control freaks pushed even more draconian bureaucracies onto the people to make the situation even worse.

But if the people were to get rid of medical licensure and all other regulatory intrusions against makers of medical devices and equipment, and get rid of the fascist intrusions against insurers imposed by politicians, the quality of medical care and the availability of doctors and insurance would skyrocket, and prices would drop. The consumers would decide which doctors are best by the consumers’ own judgments and through word of mouth, and not by some board of licensed doctors.

After all, it was the government-licensed “doctors” of the AMA who endorsed ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act.

And speaking of ObamaCare, we now know that this Obama in the White House intentionally and repeatedly lied that people would keep their doctor and their health insurance plan under ObamaCare. We now know that he and his flunkies knew all along that millions of people would lose their health plans and their doctors, as is already happening, and with more to come. Forget “impeachment,” why has Obama not yet been criminally charged with fraud?

Morally and economically, the people need to be freed from the bureaucratic and dictatorial grip of these central planning fraudsters and all their little minions throughout America.

Repeal everything, not just ObamaCare, but everything!

Alas, to some people the thought of such freedom is so overwhelming and frightening, they fear that it would cause rampant criminality by the masses who presumably need government restrictions on activities to control them.

But we already HAVE rampant criminality being committed against us, by corrupt and covetous, greedy politicians and bureaucrats, banksters and other corporatists, police, prosecutors and judges. Let’s take away their legislative and weaponized means of committing such criminality, frauds and extortions, and such violence against so many millions of innocent people, I say.

To conclude, the real and honest way to help the homeless (and everyone else) in America is by restoring the freedom which actually existed in the earlier years of America.

The people really need to demand their freedom back.