Trump’s Acceptance Speech Last Night

Writes Jack D. Douglas:

I rarely watch any of America’s Republicrat Media BS. But last night I watched the primary projections and the speeches by Hillary and Donald.

Hillary was wildly self-congratulatory. She can deal with issues impromptu much better. She did not last night. She was bombastic. Strange. Just rousing her campaign troops I guess. She’ll regroup.

I’ve seen Trump talk briefly many times over the years. Last night he did what I never thought possible for him. The Gov. of New Jersey introduced him as the next president and Trump gave a brilliant, rapid fire, factual and personal acceptance speech.

I know he knows finance and business and the top business elites from a life at the top inside. I had no idea he was capable of such a sudden, sustained, rapid-fire, no teleprompter speech which was positive, inspiring in low key ways, very detailed but analytical, friendly and healing.

I don’t know if it’s all showmanship, but it was remarkable to watch it.

He even dealt briefly with the vital needs to save America financially, economically, politically, and globally by working with China and the world, though he did not as usual mention Putin in this way. And he tried to come down from his high pitch “illegal immigrant scare” tactics. He really does love Latin Americans and he needs to show this love and stop the know-nothing attacks.

He is bringing out millions of voters across the spectrum. He has a chance now of leading a Movement as he and the governor call it. I think they gained millions last night in that Movement to rebuild America.

If they sustain that high level of political commitment and keep winning, he obviously runs grave dangers from the leftist, racist, militarist, Republicrats and, above all, the vast cadres of secret police diehards.

The one president who really sought detente with the Soviets and Chinese while trying to get out of a lost war was JFK. He got murdered for his efforts.

I think Trump’s powerful enemies will be enraged by his successful appeal to the great American middle class. George F. Will and the assassins at the Washington Post and New York Times will fire more fierce volleys of lies, smut, and BS.

The military leaders mostly want to pull back, regroup, and stop losing wars. The secret police are practicing secret attacks.

I still have major questions about Trump and the Movement, but now I’m watching to find out much more about what they are up to. I think their Movement is now getting fired up and growing very fast nationwide. We’ll see if Trump and his supporters can rise to the political challenge of saving a once great nation and setting it on the path to a greater future or if they are in fact just more of the same Republicrat demagogues destroying America. And we’ll see if the secret police or other hate groups dispose of his threat to their vast powers.

My guesstimate is that America has passed the tipping point and is falling fast into a terminal Great Crisis and Implosion. But I certainly hope I’m wrong in this queasy guesstimate.


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