Ralph Nader: 200,000+ Palestinians Have Died Since October 7

Writes Ginny Garner:


Ralph Nader, now 90, posted this on X:

Over 200,000 Palestinians—not 35,000—have already died since October. This is based on nearly 100,000 bombs and missiles directly on civilians, without food, water, medicine, electricity, healthcare and World Health casualty projections starting last October. The 35,000 official fatality count is absurd. No human beings could endure those massacres and related untreated diseases since October 7th.

Why the vast undercount of Palestinian fatalities, kept at 35,000? Hamas keeps their figures low to avoid being further accused of inability to protect their own people and provide shelters, while Netanyahu blocks U.S., western and Israeli journalists from finding out the true scope of the slaughter by free reporting in the Gaza enclave. Over 200,000 dead—the rest of the population sick, injured or dying.

Biden’s own humanitarian aid envoy stated weeks ago: “There is an imminent risk of starvation for the majority, if not all, the 2.2 million population of Gaza. This is not a point in debate. It is an established fact, which the United States, its experts, the international community, its experts, assess and believe is real.”

“Ultimately, unless something changes, the world faces the prospect of almost a quarter of Gaza’s 2 million population – close to half- a million human beings – dying within a year. These would be largely deaths from preventable health causes and the collapse of the medical system. It’s a crude estimate, but one that is data-driven, using the terrifyingly real numbers of deaths in previous and comparable conflicts.” – Professor Devi Sridhar, Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. Source: The Guardian.