Is Biden’s Bungling Intentional?

From the outside, Biden’s ForPol seems totally clueless, designed to fail, and pompous to boot. He’s stumbling – careening, actually – towards a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

Is that why he’s making his “new” military as weak and incompetent as possible?

Right now the U.S. could never win a conventional war. Wars aren’t popular with the home folks (see reelection campaigns of Wilson 1916 and FDR 1940: “We want peace, we don’t want war!” “Again, and again, and again” – no foreign wars.

We haven’t had a constitutional war since 1945, and we haven’t won one either. But war is still the health of the state, and it’s also the only shot – fair shot, anyway – that Bumbling Joe has at victory in November.

Remember October 1962: Dems were losing across the board, when JFK stared down Khrushchev and got those dangerous missiles out of Cuba.

A week lates, Dem House losses were minimal (mid-October the estimate was they’d lose ~40) and they actually gained seats in the Senate. The 88th Congress went on to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and LBJ’s “Great Society” legislation.

All because JFK had gotten those missiles out of Cuba.

But did Khrushchev actually remove them?

In January 1988, the Senate Armed Services Committee held hearings on the INF treaty. The CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) was testifying, and a senator asked him a simple question:

“Admiral, President Reagan has always said ‘trust, but verify.’ Did you ever verify that those missiles had left Cuba?”

“No, Senator.”

Well, as James Carville taught us, “Hey, so what??!! That’s old news!”

Yes it is: but Joe has reduced our military to a level that could never win a conventional war. In order to get reelected with the boost that might come from the threat of  a war, he’d have to make it nuclear.

That’s the dire situation. Was it intentional?



11:02 am on June 15, 2024