Your Vote Can Actually Count for Something Good

Every GOP member of Congress except for Thomas Massie has what he calls an “AIPAC Babysitter,” an AIPAC lobbyist who is assigned to each individual member.  No other country does this, my friend Pastor Chuck Baldwin points out in his latest column. readers are familiar with Chuck Baldwin because Lew frequently reprints his columns, and has said to me that Chuck is a great man.  Pastor Chuck’s Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana is not tax exempt so that he doesn’t have to worry about being harassed by the IRS for speaking out against government tyranny, especially all of the state’s unjust, aggressive wars.  You can view his sermons at every Sunday and read his columns at

Pastor Chuck battles the pro-war “evangelical” Christian churches in Montana — and everywhere else — and could use our help.  Near the bottom of his latest column in the above link are links that allow you to vote for Pastor Chuck and his Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell’s annual “Best Of” competition.  There is also a link to vote for my friend Dr. Annie Bukacek, a member of Liberty Fellowship, who was the very first doctor in America to speak out publicly, online, against the covid lies and tyrannies.  For that her hospital dropped her privileges so that she had to refer her patients to another doctor first before they could be admitted.  Pandering to the state took precedent over the well-being of the hospital’s patient/customers.

The statist, pro-war “evangelical” churches are relentless political networkers and have far more members than Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, but Chuck nevertheless usually comes in a close second in this annual voting.  Let’s give these people a well-deserved stick in the eye (figuratively speaking!) with our votes!




6:58 am on June 14, 2024