Mr. President!

Writes Vicki Marzullo:

Mr. President, requiring a test for the American people to leave their homes or go back to work is a No Go!  And just how are people to prove they’ve been tested?  Papers, please?  We are not Stalinist Russia and that type of thing does not go down well here at all.  I’m sure Bill Gates is grinning and rubbing his hands together with glee.

So whose bright idea was this?  And how many millions do they plan to make by talking you into this?  It appears to be just another money-making scheme that will reflect terribly on you.

There have been people working throughout this shutdown that haven’t been tested, from the delivery driver at UPS to the pizza guy, from grocery store and convenience-store cashiers to janitors.  Will they be required to be tested and show their papers before continuing to work?  It makes absolutely no sense.

You really need to re-think this strategy.  People who have to show papers or get tested in order to work will not be coming out to vote, and that includes a lot of Republicans.  If you ever look at comments under news articles, you will understand why I say that.  And why bother to vote when you now live in the USSR with a bunch of tin-pot dictators in every state?  And guess who will be blamed?  You apparently don’t realize how many pissed-off people are out there.