Writes Bill Madden:

This: is from: 5/10/2024 and it discusses Covid.  Chris Cuomo claims the reason that Ivermectin was not allowed for treatment involved the profit motive.  While partially true, I feel that the major reason for Covid and the vaccine was to reduce world population with the more effective killer being the vaccine. 

I’m sure that you remember that the primary testing device was declared unsuitable by its inventor.  The device produced an overload of false positives and we were treated to joint government and health care B.S. that one could have Covid, not have any symptoms and still infect others with the virus.  This big lie induced more people than normal to accept the untested, emergency-use only vaccine which has harmed more people than the virus itself.

I have been in the military and worked for a few government contractors.  One of the primary reasons for my avoiding the vaccine was that the government was marketing it so aggressively.  Those controlling the world use governments to influence and control the masses.

If I’m correct and depopulation is the goal, we are enjoying a small period of calm between pandemics.  Get ready for the next health crisis and heavy loads of B.S.