Why Are Jews Socialists?

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Subject: Re: Jews May No Longer Like What the Democrats Are Selling

I’d love to understand why Jews have been so liberal for so long.  It’s never made sense to me.  Entrepreneurial, smart, successful people who are too dumb to understand the environment that nurtures success?  Just doesn’t add up.  Yet, I’ve never heard any Jew explain it.  Not Friedman, not Schiff, not Walter…


Dear John:

It is, indeed, a big mystery. Take Albert Einstein for example. He’s supposed to be pretty smart. I don’t know enough about physics or math to independently assess this claim, but I take everyone’s word for it.

And yet, he was a socialist:

Einstein, Albert. 1949. “Why Socialism?” May;

How can we account for this? The only explanation that pops up in my mind is that he was malevolent; hated mankind. Wanted to saddle us with a horrid economic system. The only problem with this hypothesis is that there’s not a scintilla of evidence for it, and lots against it.

And this explanation doesn’t account for the fact that the overwhelming majority of (non orthodox) Jews are pinkos. I’m Jewish. I know a lot of Jews. They are NOT malevolent. They honestly feel that socialism will benefit mankind.

Go figure.

However, I do think I have at least part of the explanation of why most people, Jews included, are pinkos, commies, “progressives,” socialists, lefties, liberals:

Levendis, John, Walter E. Block and Robert B. Eckhardt.  2019. “Evolutionary psychology, economic freedom, trade and benevolence.” Review of Economic Perspectives – Národohospodářský obzor; Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 73-92;; 10.2478/revecp-2019-0005; DOI:;; file:///C:/Users/WBlock/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/18LCUGME/18041663%20-%20Review%20of%20Economic%20Perspectives%20Evolutionary%20psychology%20economic%20freedom%20trade%20and%20benevolence.pdf

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3:54 am on January 5, 2023