Warren Surges Again, Gun Proposals

Overnight, Warren drew even with Biden on Predictit. Each is 28 cents. Certainty of nomination is $1.

Warren’s politics are anti-individual freedom, anti-property rights and anti-capitalism. She is against these bedrock American principles. Does she even ever pay them lip service? She’s ever willing to ignore them as she heralds her new proposals. Warren would “save” America by destroying her further.

The brunt of Warren’s attack on America is to be on business, and this offensive will, if enacted, set us and our prosperity back enormously. Her program will hurt workers, wage-earners, employees and the salaried, all of whom depend on business for employment. The bad effects won’t be restricted to business owners. As consumers, everyone will suffer from worse products that we do not want for which we pay more.

Her proposals draw eclectically from traditions of government control and totalitarian states known as fascism, socialism and communism. Other terms to describe her are progressive and leftist. And, of course, she’s a Democrat.

Today Warren made several gun control proposals. All impose severe obstacles on the exercise of one’s inherent right to self-defense. All make a mockery of the Second Amendment.

None of them should be legislated, and, if they were, they wouldn’t bring mass killings down. They’d make peaceful Americans more vulnerable to being slaughtered.

All of her proposals would lead to even more severe steps to destroy completely the right to self-defense and the right to bear arms. Upon the failure of her policies to succeed, new and more draconian steps would be called for. The War on Drugs followed this scenario, and so would a War on Guns.

Even if guns became more difficult to obtain through gun dealers or private sales, mass killers would seek out other means of mass destruction or other means of making weapons. Ordinary peace-loving people would be further discouraged than they already are from obtaining means of self-defense.

Warren’s proposals won’t reduce the population of killers because they do not address the genesis of mass killers.


2:45 pm on August 10, 2019