Liz Warren Surges

Three months ago, Liz Warren looked dead in the water in the Predictit market. She kept plugging away, though, and now she’s second behind Biden. She may yet win the nomination. She’s a staunch leftist/ progressive/socialist/fascist/democrat/anti-capitalist/communist, and that helps her retain the left-wing of her party. She’s female, and that helps her. Biden has many drawbacks.

It takes all the hyphenated adjectives to describe Liz’s statism because different programs fall into different categories. Perhaps more to the point is that she’s your typical power-hungry, would-be tyrant, megalomaniac, autocrat, totalitarian who has no doubt that she has all the answers and wants to impose them on her 325 million subjects if she can. The woods are full of such people and they’re all eager to run the State. They’re aspiring Maos, Stalins and Hitlers, who work within the American system, which means they paint themselves as of the people, by the people and for the people.

Liz accomplished her comeback by staying the leftist course. She apparently gathered leftist eggheads who crafted her many anti-capitalist policy proposals. She’s been releasing them in a steady stream. She may not come across as extreme personality-wise, but she’s an extremist, and enactment of her proposals would hasten America’s destruction. They are all anti-freedom. Liberty is not something she favors.

Some of her many policy proposals:

1. Green New Deal (Fascist, totalitarian, anti-capitalist)
2. Wealth tax (Socialist, anti-capitalist)
3. Medicare for All (Socialist, Fascist)
4. Anti-trust applied to Media (Progressive, fascist, anti-capitalist)
5. Student debt eliminated (Socialist, communist, anti-capitalist)
6. Eliminate electoral college (Democracy, anti-republic, anti-American)
7. Economic Patriotism (Fascist)
8. Accountable Capitalism (Anti-capitalist)
9. Reparations to black people (Racist, socialist)

Warren’s heart mainly is in being against corporations and people who’ve made a lot of money. She’s anti-capitalist. Her proposals that meddle in the economy and seek to centralize control over it, like the Green New Deal and Economic Patriotism are clearly fascist in controlling or favoring certain companies. Her heart is in that too. She also has a strong socialist streak. She’s after distributing the wealth the government grabs to favored groups. My preliminary impression, and it is only that, is that her heart is really not with black people or people with health problems or students. She mechanically stands for these as part of Democrat theology and vote-getting. Her genetic scandal showed that she’s a shyster, and that influences my impression that her love and concern act is phony.


11:51 am on June 14, 2019