Tucker Carlson’s Election Prediction

Last night after mocking the idea that Brandon is the most popular politician in all of American history according to vote count, Tucker Carlson predicted that “Young Frankenstein” look-alike John Fetterman will be elected” to the senate from Pennsylvania.  He will probably also be hailed by the Lying Media Scum as the most popular Pennsylvania politician in all of American history according to the rigged vote count, and a possible presidential candidate in 2024.  Move over, Benjamin Franklin.

You know — the guy who had a stroke and a heart attack; who cannot speak or understand conversations; who must be interviewed with a video monitor because of his inability to comprehend sentences; the self-described socialist (aka communist) who is a trust fund baby who wears work boots and a hoodie to bamboozle the morons in Pennsylvania, especially the union goons; who wants to let all the convicted murderers out of prison and defund the police; who never had a job until in his 40s when his family money got him elected mayor of the tiny, broken down, impoverished, drug- and and crime-ridden town of Braddock, PA, which he made infinitely worse.

If you think there was election fraud in 2020, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as Carlson suggested.  Demo-Bolshevik party lawyers are openly bragging today about how they have won so many court cases to water down or eliminate election integrity in state after state.


5:48 am on November 8, 2022