Endless Virology Clownery: RSV takes the Stage

Surge” … “Overwhelming hospitals” … and “rising cases.” Gee, where have we heard that before?

I can’t imagine any young person pondering a career in medicine with a specialty in virology so they can make a career out of pretending to hunt down invisible, undetectable, unprovable things that float around looking for grandmas and children to kill.

When you can no longer sell the C-19 hysteria door-to-door, ya gotta find another product to hawk to the masses. This month’s blue light special is RSV, a so-called respiratory syncytial virus. Of course, the grand savior is, guess what? A vaccine. Pfizer wants to jab your baby in the womb under the premise that your child won’t get sick, but of course, when the child does get sick from numerous environmental, seasonal factors, they won’t call it RSV because the child was vaxxed.

Add to Pfizer the endless train of Big Pharma’s potential RSV vaccine pushers, including, of course, Moderna. Moderna “quietly” received a fast track designation from the FDA for its mRNA RSV vaccine in 2021 while the US government was pushing its “jab or job” mandates for the C-19.

Here’s the ‘conspiracy theory’ turned fact: Bill Gates has been throwing millions to develop these vaccines, too.

Let us not forget the 1960s, when Pharma sickened and killed children with their quackery and arrogance via RSV vaccines that poisoned their bodies.


7:00 am on November 8, 2022