Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attempt

The deep state plays for keeps. I believe that this assassination attempt was done to silence long-time Trump confidant and author Roger Stone, his possible congressional testimony, and his new book (which I have already ordered). I also believe it was a warning to Trump that they can do anything, the gloves are off, everything is permitted. I believe that anything over the next four years is possible, beginning with the Inauguration ceremony on Friday. The deadly joker is out of the deck, the evil genii out of the bottle. Will someone be so brazen to assassinate Trump or impair him physically? Will the hordes of agitators and disrupters on Friday create a chaotic situation with lasting on-going consequences? Will the lying Fake News regime media and their duplicitous cohorts in political and entertainment circles continue the demonization and vilification of Trump?  Will tragic impending (yet at this time unknown) events play out leading to internecine civil strife verging on civil war? I believe that we are facing some of the most momentous and serious times in the history of the Republic.


12:15 am on January 18, 2017