The Second Epistle of Sal

On July 23rd Mr. Dean Gonzalez was harassed by “mask police” just outside the door of a Publix in North Miami Beach. The plain clothes officers gave Mr. Gonzalez a stern lecture over the “crime” of wearing his mask just below his nose. He also received a citation for a $100 fine with the threat that if he did not sign the citation he would be arrested. This is ironic in consideration of the fact that Publix employees themselves routinely are seen pulling down their masks so that they can facilitate breathing. What Mr. Gonzalez experienced was a travesty of justice and I believe Publix was substantially responsible for this outrage.

So begins Sal Fariello’s second letter to Publix in his battle against the store’s mandatory masks. In it, he warns that urging customers and employees to muzzle themselves opens the grocer to liability; he also denounces the “medical exemption” as stigmatizing those who claim it. Hear, hear! Our Rulers have long required various licenses to sell; now they have convinced retailers to “license” patrons via masks. This is such naked tyranny you’d think even Progressives could recognize it. Actually, they probably do—and approve.

Since Publix may rely on Dr. Mengele’s–sorry, Fauci’s advice for this nonsense, Sal decimates that sociopath. He demonstrates that a study Fauci cites is “junk science.” Even so, Fauci’s assertion that research proves “masks and respirators reduced the risk of infection by anywhere from 78% to 85%” is a lie: its authors actually admitted, “In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.”

If you despise Mengele as much as I do, Sal’s magnum opus will cheer and encourage you! It also provides a template for similar correspondence from you to your local merchants.


8:21 am on July 31, 2020