The Mentality of Some Christian Warmongers

Is so low that it is an embarrassment to all true red-state, reich-wing fascist Christian warmongers. In a late “response” to my article titled “Military Bibles,” I was just told:

“No Military and the Muslims chop our heads off….hopefully your first and then the rest of your anti American liberal friends ….what does Jesus use in the BATTLE of armageddon….? The cheer squad or a bunch of community organizers? Without our military your praying to Allah everyday so think about it….”

I fear that this is not some “lone nut.” There are probably hundreds of Christians who share this opinion (hopefully not the grammar and spelling) in America’s many warvangelical churches.

The solution? I don’t know that there is one. This may sound simplistic, but if we could get more pastors to read LRC and expose themselves to something other than Fox News and Sean Hannity, then they could have much influence in these churches when they get their head cleared.


8:31 am on December 14, 2014