U.S. Congress Goes to War in Ukraine

This is momentous news: “WASHINGTON: The US Congress on Saturday (Dec 13) unanimously approved fresh economic sanctions against Russia and lethal weapons for Kiev, defying President Barack Obama and hardening American lawmakers’ response to a Kremlin-backed insurgency in Ukraine.

“Identical texts of the Ukraine Freedom Support Act passed both the Senate and House of Representatives on Thursday…”

It’s hard to believe that no voices in Congress said “NO” to such madness and insanity as this, based on huge errors in judgment about Russia and about the proper role of the U.S. government and Americans with respect to both Ukraine and Russia. What errors, you ask? Let me quote the words of one Congressman, Bradley Byrne of Alabama prior to this congressional action

“Like you, I am concerned about the violence in the region, and Russia’s annexation of Crimea shows that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not interested in a democratic solution to the problem. I find very concerning similarities between Putin’s Russia and Germany in the mid-1930’s, when Hitler began his takeover of Europe by re-arming the Rhineland in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. In addition to annexing Crimea, Putin also moved 80,000 troops within his own country to his western border with Ukraine. He’s arming Russian separatist groups and providing them the necessary means to shoot down commercial airliners. I am extremely troubled by the current events happening in Ukraine, and I think we must take a hard look at all of our options. Ukraine is a sovereign nation whose people have demonstrated a strong desire to align with the West, which is why I voted for House Resolution 447. This legislation expresses the House’s support of the Democratic and European aspirations of the people of Ukraine.”


8:02 am on December 14, 2014