The Blockian Proviso

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Subject: Blockean Proviso

Dear Dr Block,

I have a question regarding the “Blockean Proviso”, your view on homesteading. If for example, a person owns a donut of property and others happen to live in the circle in the donut, you believe that they would be trapped if not let out, and hence the person who owns the donut must let them through if they want to get out. If you accept this position, wouldn’t you also accept that if all roads were privatized, people living in their houses are “trapped” and should hence be given free access to the roads. Even if those who can afford to pay should be forced to do so, then what would happen to those who can’t afford to pay? If we are “trapped”, wouldn’t that then give us the right to walk on anyone’s property to escape from being “trapped”?

Thank you!

I try to deal with the problem of being “trapped” in this book on pp. 264-269:

Block, Walter E. 2009. The Privatization of Roads and Highways: Human and Economic Factors; Auburn, AL: The Mises Institute;; available for free here:; audio:

here is my pub on the donut or bagel issue:

Kinsella, Stephan. 2007. “The Blockean Proviso.” September 11;

Block’s Proviso:

Block, Walter E. 2016. “Forestalling, positive obligations and the Lockean and Blockian provisos: Rejoinder to Stephan Kinsella.” Ekonomia Wroclaw Economic Review.

Block, Walter E. 2004. “Libertarianism, Positive Obligations and Property Abandonment: Children’s Rights,” International Journal of Social Economics; Vol. 31, No. 3, pp 275-286;;;


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