What Is The Proper U.S. Foreign Policy Regarding Dictators Abroad?

From: R
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 3:25 AM
To: Walter Block <[email protected]>
Subject: Idlib

Dr. Block,

It seems like Assad is going to order his troops to enter Idlib within a week, maybe sooner. What if a promise is made to the Turks that the Kurds now armed and engaged will not be allowed passage through Tell Abyad? And, that so-called “refugees” would be stopped (meaning killed) before they flood Al-Hawa?

Erdogan is a scoundrel no doubt, but the 2016 election and Hillary-Neocon gambit back-stabbed him even after he had helped Israel and the Saudis by selling their ISIS stolen oil. His biggest concern politically is the Kurd problem and has been.

One thing I am sure of, victory for the Syrian government will be met with a thunderous sound of silence in the western media. I think the jig is already up on the false-flag tactic of chemical gas that would justify F-16 bombings.

What are your thoughts? What have you heard?


Dear R:

My thought is that the US should stay entirely out of this. The sole function of the US government according to the limited government version of libertarianism, is to protect US citizens, and visitors, in the domestic US (in the anarchist version of libertarianism, the US government, no government, should even exist). There are many evil dictators all around the world. In Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, Syria and many others. The position of the US government with regard to all of them should be to ignore them all. If individual US citizens want to go abroad to make the “world safe for democracy” or safe for anything else, there is nothing in the libertarian philosophy to stop them. Let them borrow a leaf from the Lincoln Brigade, a bunch of private citizens from the US, the UK, and elsewhere, who went to Spain in 1936 to fight Franco. But the US government should adopt a strict hands-off policy; it should confine itself to protecting us from foreign aggression. At the present time, there is no country, no groups of individuals with the power, or the intention, to invade us, to conquer us. (I don’t count unarmed Mexicans trying to cross our border as an invading army. Certainly, the US should not invade Mexico to stop this flow of immigrants).

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1:41 am on March 5, 2019