Textbook Demo-Bolshevikism

Demo-Bolshevik New York City Mayor Eric Adams has committed a grave sin against the Demo-Bolshevik party.  He has harshly criticized his party’s policy of 100% open borders to import millions of Third World peasants (aka undocumented Demo-Bolshevik voters).

To punish Eric for his sin the Brandonites sent the FBI to raid the home of his top political fundraiser.  They claim that she was suspected of doing what Brandon himself is most famous for:  Accepting money from “foreign sources.”  There were no charges (so far), but she — and everyone else — got the message.  Eric apparently wasn’t sufficiently censored by this, however, so guess what?  Out of the blue comes an anonymous accusation that he raped an unnamed and anonymous woman thirty years ago.  Textbook Demo-Bolshevikism.  (It is also part of the text of the book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, said to be Hillary Clinton’s political “Bible”).


6:46 am on November 24, 2023