STUNNING: Trump Now Has a 3¢ Lead on Biden at PredictIt (11.25.23)

UPDATE (11/28/23): now down to 1¢ again.  Stay tuned.

They were tied at 40¢ each on November 12, then Biden quickly took the usual lead again.  Then on November 20 Trump took his first lead, 39¢ to 38¢, but it was no very-temporary fluke.  Now Trump leads Biden 40¢ to 37¢.  They’ve switched their usual places.  No wonder Morning Schmuck on MSNBC started predicting this week that Trump is going to form a literal firing squad for enemies if he’s re-elected.  It would actually be shocking if he didn’t pick Nikki Haley as his VP candidate (under recommendation from Jared and Ivanka, of course).



4:23 pm on November 25, 2023