“Variants.” A last ditch effort save the pyramid of lies. You know you have arrived at the crowning moment of “science” when you are told that these “variants” are going to “find you” and “pick you off.”

At a Monday news conference, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, said Delta has the potential “to be more lethal because it’s more efficient in the way it transmits between humans,” according to CNBC.

He said the Delta variant “will eventually find those vulnerable individuals who will become severely ill, have to be hospitalized and potentially die.”

“This particular delta variant is faster, it is fitter, it will pick off the more vulnerable more efficiently than previous variants, and therefore if there are people left without vaccination, they remain even at further risk,” Ryan added, according to CNBC.


8:31 am on June 22, 2021

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