CDC Libertarians Have a Warped View of Libertarianism

CDC libertarians, who never tire of telling us that private businesses have the right to require that their customers wear masks, social distance, and get the Covid-19 vaccine, have a warped view of libertarianism. When we denounce these things, their refrain over and over again is: private businesses have the right to set the rules for entrance to their property. Yes, they certainly do. No one is disputing that. But just because we denounce masks, distancing, plexiglass shields, and the vaccine doesn’t mean that we want the state to prevent businesses from requiring these things. There is nothing unlibertarian about pointing out the folly of these things, trying to get businesses to change their policies, or refusing to patronize businesses that require these things. And there is certainly nothing unlibertarian about pointing out that it is only because of government propaganda that businesses even think about requiring these things in areas where there are no mandates for any of these things anymore. This is something that CDC libertarians are strangely silent on.


9:23 am on June 22, 2021