Candace Owen’s Husband Inyerviewed

Thanks, Luis P. Almeida..

Hi Lew,

Thought you might be interested in this interview of Candace Owen’s husband.

Some snippets:

My father often says that “being a Christian is an unfair advantage”. We have the sacraments, we have the rosary, we have God.

I used to be very political, but now I see a nation’s spiritual life as significantly more important. In the West, if you look at the degradation of Western civilisation and Western culture, it is because we have lost faith.

If you look at Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, if you look at the great Enlightenment period, it sent us straight back into a world where the human being was at the centre. The result of this has been the untold suffering and deaths of hundreds of millions in the 20th century in the greatest genocides across the world.