Virus fraud props up the rent-seeking medical dictatorship complex

Hopefully, the next house of cards to collapse will be the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex’s decades-long fraud of virology and microbe hunting. The State, by using the fearmongering powers of virus threats, has managed to build an entire kingdom of fear via lies and pseudo-science. And of course they have the masses safety-begging for a larger, more invasive government to “protect them” from these constantly-evolving boogeyman threats. Because, you see, a “virus” is something that no individual can control. That means you can’t “health your way out of it” or avoid it. Remember – you can’t hide from a virus, so the ‘Rona is gonna get you no matter what. So then, the only alternative becomes the Medical-Elite-Governmental Oligarchy that encases us in plastic, plexiglass, gloves, masks, rules, and lockdowns, that is, until the Pharmaceutical Heroes can come along and rescue us with their glorious and profitable vaccinations and pharmaceuticals.

Virus Mania Scientism, built on a one-dimensional virus theory that allows for no skepticism or detractors, has – during CovidScam – utilized the media machine to smear, discredit, “debunk”, and censor all those who should dare to offer views or questions that deviate from the standard script. Thanks to alternative media sites popping up in response to the censorship from tyrants, the truth is able to be rescued from Big Tech’s insatiable appetite for control.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to understanding the false premises of virus mania. Dr Andy Kaufman on viral isolation, genomic sequencing, and variants.



8:17 am on June 22, 2021