Nullifying Nullification

Marc Davis responded to As the Country Circles the Drain, Are You Wondering What You Can Do? by observing,

Nullification is within our right and I hope it will be used in the coming days. I will say, however, there will be a massive push back by the federal government if this catches on. The media will brand it insurrection and the people who support it, insurrectionists. In other words, if this is tried to any extent there will be a moment of truth. It’s unavoidable.

 And Mike Carroll also spots some flaws:

Nice idea of pitting the States against the Swamp. But there is some trouble there, since the Swamp extends into every State government. And seeking political answers to our problem is sleeping with the enemy.

It’s very unlikely to me that anything will come of attempts in that political direction. Look how meaningless the Free State Project became, after starting with the best of intentions and expectations. Look at the current Convention of States. How long has that organization been trying to move thirty-four States to convene an Article 5 Convention? I’m not following State nullification attempts but a small light I see at the end of the political tunnel is Texas’ introduction of a Secession Bill into its Legislature this term.

BUT, using the States AND the Counties in another way might be a better option in terms of success. Three in ten, or approximately 100,000,000 American adults own guns. … In my estimation, the actual number is even greater, and is growing by the month.

Thank you, BLM, Antifa and Uncle Joe! Like Obummer, you’ve done more to persuade Americans of the Second Amendment’s indispensability than all of liberty’s lovers put together!

Those Americans own an estimated 500,000,000 guns with some estimates reaching 600,000,000. 

The total military size including active duty and reserve at home and abroad, including the national guard, is approximately 2,384,000. There are another 200,000-plus non-military armed, federal employees. In addition, the combined States have about 700,000 armed cops.

The entire military, abroad and stateside, all the States’ Patrol, County Deputies, and local police plus all the armed feds in suits total roughly 3,284,000. I did not find data on the number of armed contractors working for the Swamp. Collectively, those organizations have an estimated 5,500,000 guns. Yeah, they also have the techy laser and sonic stuff, plus grenade launchers, mortar, and armed drones and helicopters.

It is clear We have the power, even if an effort would only organize ten percent of gun owners. We need to let the Swamp know who has the power, at both State and federal levels. It is past time for the unorganized militia to assemble themselves at the County and State levels. That militia needs to be THE instrument behind any and all actions taken by the people, through political avenues or otherwise, to mandate nullification, secession, and complete disassembly of the Swamp.

…The big point to me is the power of the People to assemble the unorganized militia. We are America’s strength, not the political hacks and uniforms that represent the USA Incorporated. We need to shout that loudly and clearly from every rooftop in America.

In the days preceding the first American Revolution, the militia drilled openly on village greens; spies carried word of the colonists’ determination to defend their liberty to the relevant British authorities.

What would it say to Our Rulers if militias began forming and marching on Main Street? I know, I know: it’s illegal. But what if millions of us suddenly took to such exercises at once? Or what if we carried only wooden replicas of weapons while practicing military maneuvers?


6:30 pm on February 13, 2021