What Do Parson Goat and The TSA Have In Common?

Yeah, both wear masks and worship Leviathan. But they also strip us of the ability to decide things for ourselves.

That antipathy to choice characterizes everything the State does. The TSA could have offered airlines the option of hiring it, or it could have policed only certain flights each day, enabling passengers who wish to avoid its sexual assault to fly at other times, etc. (This is not to say that the Feds or other governmental entity may constitutionally supervise our travels; they haven’t a shred of such authority. If you don’t believe me, study the lawsuits that invented a governmental “interest” in aviation from whole cloth and then imposed it on the industry.) But no.

The herd that obeys government instead of God follows suit. I asked two Parsons Goat just after they closed their doors last March why we couldn’t continue having services as always, with those who were sick electing to stay home as always; neither responded. Yet just as the TSA could have sponsored a variety of approaches to groping travelers, so the Parsons could have presented many configurations to their congregations—had they kept their wits about them instead of blindly following their idol, Leviathan.

Further proof of the Parson’s allegiance to the State: even when a Goat here and there does give parishioners a “choice,” it’s fake. Clay from Illinois reports,

Apparently our congregation (avg weekly attendance 434) has 20 people who are “at-risk” and/or “desiring additional distancing and precautions” so a Brief Divine Service has been designed to accommodate them. Fine, caring for the special needs of our neighbors is what we are called to do. But it begs an obvious question, does it not? Can we expect an unabbreviated Divine Service for those who are not at-risk and/or desire a full return to normal human activity? 

Nope. Not if their god has anything to say about it.


9:53 am on February 13, 2021