As the Country Circles the Drain, Are You Wondering What You Can Do?

If so, Rod Peet has an answer. He believes that the “objective” of Patriots who ask this question

is usually to convince the federal government to leave us alone. But it was the states that created that monster, and so it is up to the states to rein it in.

Secession has been tried and it didn’t turn out so well.

Nullification seems to be growing in popularity. It can be done piecemeal and is less likely to lead to violence.

North Dakota, Missouri, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas all have current nullification efforts.

By appealing to our Reprehensibles in Washington we are asking them to give up power. Why would they do that? Power is why they are there.

But by appealing to our Reprehensibles at the state level we are asking them to take back their power. I am sure they would love to do that. They are still reprehensible but at a lower, more controllable level. And they have competition from other states, which would ensure that at least some of them would be a desirable place to live.

Instead of pushing Washington to do the right thing I think we should be putting more effort into getting the states to reclaim their rightful role in our lives. Use our local masters’ lust for power against our more distant masters’ lust for power. Sort of political jujitsu.

And a tactic the Founding Fathers built into the Constitution with its checks and balances. Endorsements don’t come much higher than that!


11:51 am on February 12, 2021

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