Next Great American Novel Now Available!

Thanks to all of you who’ve asked about my second novel, Abducting Arnold, a new take on General Benedict Arnold and his “treason.” Every writer hopes that readers eagerly await her next work, and many of you have very graciously given me that impression. An e-copy of Abducting Arnold is now available on Amazon; a paperback version will join it soon, which event I’ll announce here as well (email me if you’d also like personal notification).

Forget everything mainstream historians claim about Arnold: they merely recycle propaganda from his political enemies, statists who were furious when the general thwarted their grab for power. My research revealed Arnold for a staunch lover of liberty trying to return America to “the rule of one tyrant 3000 miles away rather than that of 1000 tyrants three miles away.”

I present that analysis in a cloak-and-dagger novel about George Washington’s attempt to kidnap Arnold from his new command in the British Army for trial and execution. Don’t miss this fascinating thriller about America’s most infamous traitor – and glorious hero!

(Both Abducting Arnold and my first novel, Halestorm, will delight the book-lovers on your Christmas list. Or for Kwanzaa, as the case may be. Also set during the American Revolution, Halestorm is a prequel of sorts for Abducting Arnold that fictionalizes the life — and intensely dramatic death — of Nathan Hale. In its pages, you’ll meet the anarchic hero who never uttered the legendary line, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”)


11:05 am on December 9, 2013