More Indictment of the Mistranslated Romans 13

Tyrants through time and around the globe have wielded the erroneous translation of Romans 13 (“God’s ordained the State, so shut up and obey, you Christian, you” — yep, I’m paraphrasing) as a weapon against believers. And Amerikan dictators are no exception:

In our attempts to rescue babies at abortion mills throughout America, several times civil authorities from local police to the FBI all started their interrogations by quoting Romans 13:1-4. Their basic premise for quoting this one passage was to deflect their guilt for protecting baby murder and violating God’s law “Thou shall not kill” to make us the guilty party. In the case of Roe vs. Wade, however, it is civil government that is the law breaker. Whereas, those who seek to peaceably rescue the innocent unjustly sentenced to death are the law keepers (Proverbs 24:12, 13). Our response was, “That is interesting you should mention this passage. Hitler quoted it often to condemn Christians who opposed his bloody atrocities as well.” Immediately, their tactics of investigation changed.

Oh, I’ll bet they did. They probably charged this courageous brother who dared compare them to Adolf with “resisting arrest” and “disturbing the peace” in addition to whatever other “crimes” they’d invented.


11:49 am on April 16, 2014