Yet Again With Romans 13. >SIGH<

I endured yet another exhortation this past Sunday from a godly pastor that “good” Christians file “honest” tax returns, per Romans 13. I wonder whether preachers in 1930’s Germany emphasized this passage as much as their brothers in 2010’s America do – and do we “honest” Christians bear any responsibility for the gate-rape, murder, thievery, kidnappings and torture Our Rulers purchase with the money we hand them? I also wonder why otherwise devout Christians so eagerly embrace this one Pauline passage – a mistranslated one at that, as Paul Green has ably shown – while ignoring the rest of the Bible (Judges 9; I Samuel 8 – so far as I recall, I have never in my life heard a sermon on either of these chapters –; the Ten Commandments that exempt no one, even a guy with a badge, from the prohibitions against stealing, lying and killing; the Golden Rule that similarly exempts no one, etc)?

I’m still stewing about the pastor’s remarks lo these many days later. Thank God, Joshua Bennett came to my rescue: he’s honored me with a chance to vent my spleen on his radio show, Patriot’s Lament, tomorrow at 9 AM Alaska time, 10 Pacific, and 1 PM Eastern (KFAR 660 AM – listen online here). Our chat will likely include Romans 13 but extend beyond that to “Christianity and the State.” Which is sorta like discussing Mozart and maggots, chocolate and sewage, or an athlete at the height of his strength vs. a rotting corpse. Joshua tells me we’ll take comments in the second hour, so listen up and call in!


10:29 am on April 4, 2014