In a Sack

Writes Jack D Douglas:

I doubt that the Kiev Junta has sent its best military and secret police forces into the E. Ukraine Sack. The “armor” is old, weak, and easily destroyed by weapons the pro-Russian freedom fighters and old lady demonstrators seem to have. The troops seem generally rag-tag and unreliable.

Russia, Kiev, and the local militias in the E. Ukraine report that “armored” units, generally said to be about eight, were peacefully taken over by the demonstrators against Kiev. The locals and Russians apparently say that they took them over with the help of the ” tank” crews, who apparently defected to avoid killing brother Ukrainians. Kiev disagrees, apparently.

In any event, it indicates the Kiev “Army” is not quite on a level with Russian special strike forces on their border. Whether the Kiev forces can slaughter the local militias and old ladies and take back police stations and city halls from determined resistance, remains unclear.

But there is no doubt that, IF the Kiev “Army” starts using fire power to attack the locals, Russia can, if Putin et al. choose to stop their slaughter,  totally envelope the Kiev “Army” in hours with helicopter and other forces, cut off their supply lines, destroy their depots of supplies, and offer amnesty to all who choose not to fight.

Some die-hard Kiev “ultra-nationalists” might choose to fire and die, but I suspect almost all of the “Army” will decide the wise choice is to live peacefully with Russia and have a much longer life.

I think Putin et al. are encouraged by the early defections to let the locals talk sense into these young men and embrace them as brother Ukrainians.

If they don’t choose the wise path of peace and life, and enough of them remain in control of their armor, artillery, and helicopter gun ships, they can kill many freedom fighters, turn the world against themselves even more, and get totally enveloped, cut off, and captured in hours.

You have probably noticed that I do not use the U.S. Empire’s propaganda terms for the freedom fighters. I use descriptive terms for them. The U.S. Big Media are now all official propaganda organs of the Empire. Most Americans now blind themselves very carefully to the real world and parrot Big Brother, even shifting their slogans and propaganda from one extreme to the other in hours. When the Kiev locals used violence to overthrow the elected, constitutional government that was pro-Russian and getting immense aid from Russia for the people, the U.S. and its puppet parrots loved “freedom fighters,” now they see freedom fighters as evil Russian invaders.

The U.S. is desperately trying to trap the Ukrainians and Russians into a terrible civil war to weaken Russia. Russia is trying to avoid that civil war trap and I suspect the locals on their side, with or without the Russian help, will manage to win over enough Kiev defectors to cut off the supplies of the others and avoid a terrible civil war such as those raging in other countries destroyed and invaded by the U.S., most obviously right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in nations where the U.S. secretly gave aid to guerrilla armies to attack the government, as in Syria (where Saudi Arabia and Qatar were the America puppets supplying much of the support for the guerrillas).


11:59 am on April 16, 2014