The Kiss of Death

Various reports have it that Ted Cruz has announced his foreign policy team, led by Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney, and Elliott Abrams.

This indicates that Cruz is indeed desperate… perhaps, by publicly engaging Jeb!’s supporters, he expects to get what’s left of that $100 million that the establishment raised for W’s little brother’s accession to the throne.

Here we have two faded stars from Iran-Contra, one a convicted liar and the other a fruit loop (remember the Bible in the cake?), whose antics thirty years ago disgraced the president who trusted them and caused a historic scandal that tarnished the Reagan Administration, and their own reputations, forever.

Heckuva job, team!

And they’re still around? Good grief, after a scandal of much smaller proportions, John Profumo retired from public life and cleaned toilets and washed dishes for thirty years. These guys just come back and cause more cataclysmic damage.

And to top it off they’re joined by the one-man Boeing subsidiary,  to constitute a trio of cheerleaders for war, war, and more war (and don’t forget the plunder).

A convicted liar? A disgraced foreign-policy “expert”? A hired hand of the Warfare State? And these are TrustTed’s foreign policy advisers?

Back to the Senate, Ted. Game over.



6:06 pm on March 19, 2016