Why Jeb Bush Suspended His Presidential Campaign

New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone’s powerful new book, Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family, was released this week on Amazon and hit bookstore shelves all across the nation. It is a devastating, thoroughly documented, no-holds-barred indictment of the true history and gross hypocrisy of Jeb Bush and his family dynasty of evil, detailing their treasonous support of the rise of Hitler and the German arms industry, eugenics and genocide, complicity in wars and assassinations, the international narcotics trade, Wall Street financial thievery and the gutting of America’s savings and loans, and generations of Bush greed, lies, elite deviance, arrogant special privilege, and crony capitalist corruption.

After his poor showing in Iowa and New Hampshire, Bush knew his days were numbered until the release of this searing volume, destined to shoot up the NYT and Amazon bestsellers lists. South Carolina was the final handwriting on the wall. We can hope that wall will be his prison cell, where he can join his compatriot in crime Hillary Clinton, the despicable subject of Stone’s earlier book released this year, The Clinton’s War on Women.

With his distinguished body of work, Roger Stone joins the premier pantheon of power elite analysts Richard F. PettigrewJohn McConaughy, Ferdinand LundbergC. Wright Mills, Carroll QuigleyMurray N. Rothbard, Peter Dale Scott, Jim Hougan, David Talbot, and Russ Baker.


2:14 am on February 21, 2016