Investigate the Election. Find the truth of the Election. It’s Necessary for National Security.

When a nation’s entire way of life, its root laws and principles are threatened, when its form of government and its economy are under the threat of a radical, undesired and undesirable change forced upon it by hidden forces and people working in the dead of night secretly, then it just may be time to be thinking about national security for real, and not just as a figment of the imaginations of the warmongers among us.

A fraudulent election that installs a losing team as winner, and a team that begins seizing power even before it has been duly and correctly certified as winner is just such an occasion for thinking about national security and taking steps to assure it and hold on to it. The Biden-Harris ticket lies under heavy suspicion of having stolen this election. It’s essential to investigate the election thoroughly in order to determine who actually won.

Trump’s team of lawyers can only go so far on their own collecting evidence and looking into election fraud. They require investigators to investigate, to gather evidence, to follow up leads. Investigation of this election requires subpoenas to be issued and that requires the activity of judges. It requires local, state and federal investigating powers.

Considering that the election may have been sabotaged by coordinated actions and communications, authority to examine phone calls and e-mails has to be obtained and employed. Considering that the effects of election fraud undermine the state, this is a case that actually does involve national security. This means that a case may legally be made to employ powerful intelligence tools to ascertain the now-hidden fraud activities that may have stolen a major election.

The leaders of both major parties should be loudly seeking this kind of thorough investigation, and if they decline to do so, that’s suspicious. If they were so suspicious of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, when there was no real and significant evidence of any hanky-panky involving Trump’s associates, then why would they not fully support the investigation of this possible attack on national security? Of an election fraud operation on a giant scale? Where are Romney, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and many others now? Where are their voices now? Where is their patriotism now? Where is their love of country now? Are they really uninterested in national security of which an honest election is a large component? Were they just full of hot air for the past 4 years? Are they in on this fraud themselves? Do they have knowledge that they are concealing? And where are the media voices that joined the Russian collusion bandwagon? Where are they now?

As president and sworn supporter of national security, Trump has every reason to challenge us to find and secure the election’s truth. The truth of this election is a highly valuable goal. No one can say it is not. No one can claim we now know this truth. No one can claim that finding the truth is not worth every penny it will cost to find it. The nature of the country’s existence hinges on knowing the truth of this election. Every true American should want to see investigations occur that are thorough, detailed, unbiased and truthful. We all should be committed to abiding by the results.

The moral high ground is to investigate thoroughly even if one’s own ox gets gored, and that’s the problem. That’s the obstacle. The finger of guilt points toward one side primarily, and that side resists investigation. That side is acting as if it’s the clear winner, when it is not. The country cannot overcome this problem without a great deal of moral engagement from a great many people committed to something beyond their own immediate interests, namely, the truth of an election and the survival of a nation and its ideals and principles. This is not a time for censorship. It’s a time for the very opposite, if we are to get to the truth of the election. Everyone has to rise above themselves and commit to finding the truth, without having to worry about being personally attacked or doxxed.

There is more than enough evidence at this time to make a prima facie case. Investigation is absolutely required and essential. There should be several investigations launched in Congress, by the Department of Justice, and in many other locales of public justice at state and local levels. Trump’s lawyers cannot investigate without also hiring investigators and stimulating government investigations.

Too many suspicious voting events occurred during this election. They cannot be disposed of by charging that they amount to an empty conspiracy theory. There are too many affidavits to say that. There is too much already known about the voting machines and their problems and algorithmic capabilities to dismiss the necessity for investigations top to bottom.

The heavy weight and responsibility for finding the election truth should not fall upon Trump’s lawyer team alone. We should assume that weight ourselves through public and official bodies and through those of us who have specific knowledge that needs to be revealed if the truth is ever to be known. Lots and lots of individual Americans know parts of the truth and they should come forward and tell us what they know. The time for doing this is now. If wrongs were done, there are people who know they were done.


9:19 am on November 21, 2020

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