Spineless Republicans

I can’t speak about Republicans in any other county in Florida, but in Orange County, they are spineless. When I go into stores like Walmart (multiple locations), Home Depot, Lowes, Kohl’s, Sam’s Club (multiple locations), Publix (multiple locations), I see 99.9% mask compliance. I either don’t wear a mask as I walk in or else I put one on just to walk through the door and then immediately remove it (like at Walmart). Once inside, no employee of any of these stores has ever said one word to me about a mask. I purposely walk by managers to see if they will say anything. They don’t. I talk to them. They still don’t. You can’t tell me that only Democrats shop at these stores. It is the same with restaurants. I have had only three restaurants refuse to serve me or seat me because I refused to wear a mask to order or walk to my table. I go to other restaurants and do not wear a mask to order my food, wait on my take out order, walk to my table, go to the restroom, or exit the restaurant. No one in the restaurant, including management, says a word to me about a mask. Yet, I see 99.9% mask compliance. Again, you can’t tell me that only Democrats eat at these restaurants. Republicans are absolutely spineless. They complain about how things will be under Biden, but I see no attempt at resistance now. Orange County has a fascist mayor and has a mandatory mask ordinance. But, per the Florida governor, there are no penalties for not wearing a mask. And actually, there were no penalties to begin with in Orange County. What are Republicans in Orange County afraid of? Take off your masks!


7:59 am on November 21, 2020